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  1. Thanks. It is a nice city, and the ground-zero surrounding area is very well kept, with lots of interesting spots.
  2. I think there is very little than can be added... 74 years and 12 days later, I was there...
  3. A classic in 1/1000 scale, This time, with some additional lights. Anda different colouring approach, Just grey and red is so 90's Thanks for watching!
  4. Hi guys A few weeks ago, I received a big surprise from a friend: Holly mackerel!!! :icon_surprised: :icon_surprised: :icon_surprised: After sorting everything out,... So the big question was: where to start??? And the answer was simple: get all those 1/100 Opel Blitz trucks and make some variants! That's pretty much what I have been doing on and off between other projects for the last 2 month, give or take a week. And I came up with 6 different models. Some totally real, some totally invented, and some 50/50 :smiley: 1. Radar unit (the one that started this craziness) 2. SAM missile (totally invented but based on the Rheintochter - at least in my head ;) ) 3. Crane (nothing fantastic but a good scratchbuilding exercise) 4. Snow Plow (after watching the Simpsons's "Snow Plow King" episode ;D ) 5. Ambulance (makes perfect sense, in these dire times, and it was interesting to build) 6. Fire Truck (my favorite and the one I invested more time and effort, just to test my 1/100 scratchbuilding patience) Jut to remind you how tiny these things are... Now all I need to do is finish these 6 mini-dioramas (terrain, figures, vegetation, etc.....). When. is another matter ;) Thanks for watching!
  5. Dear All The title says it all! First impressions by moonlight... With primer and a scratched base: The result: And the traditional final comparison shot: In memory of those who lost their lives in the Pacific Theater of WW2. Thanks for watching!
  6. Thanks for all the tips, guys! Shapeways is probably the best way to go, but the SR-71 and U2 crews are really cool!
  7. Awesome! A mighty impressive modelling "tour de force"! Thanks for sharing the time, the pictures and the techniques involved!
  8. Hi guys Do you have any idea where to find astronaut figures @ 1/35 and 1/48? Or cosmonaut ones! Thanks! Antonio
  9. Hi folks One of my latest projects. As usual, no commercial kit involved. Just an empty modest humble correcting tape machine. With a few bits of plasticard attached... And the final result... Thanks for watching! Any questions, please feel free to ask, and a happy New Year to you all!!!
  10. Hi guys This was a “very-fast-kind-of-weekend” modeling project. Actually call it a project is an abuse, since it was just a feeble excuse to test the metallizing powders from Uschi Van der Rosten (www.uschivdr.com). To start with, a cheap, simple, old and rather weak kit of a really beautiful and well known airplane: Oddly enough most of the parts did not fit properly, so I had to convince them the hard way After some additional fitting, the basic work was done: A distant relative to the original DH88, this one goes by the name of Comet 2K, the fastest airplane of the universe and beyond... The base was rather simple. Half of a chocolate egg for kids filled with sand, to add weight, and the handle of a plastic brush bent with hot air: After some putty and sanding: Just for fun, I added a minimal interior: After painted: With the canopy in place, there is not much to see, but that’s the modeler’s curse! After some more putty and sanding, I finished with a coat of Alclad Black Primer, according to the instructions: After drying, I polished it with an old sock, and it was ready to receive the metallizing powder. In the meanwhile, the base was painted in a “naive” style: Back to the plane, I applied the Uschi powder all over the plane with a cotton q-tip and afterwards I polished it with some more clean q-tips, finishing with my faithful old sock. To finish it, just a hint of markings, with some Portuguese Air Force decals. Final photos taken outside, to try to better portrait the metal finish and also to let it roam and wander freely! New nickname? “Silver Surfer” For any questions, just ask! Thanks for watching!
  11. Thanks for the comments. I bought my Wall-E from a sale at my local Toys´R´Us store, around 2 or 3 years ago, I cannot remember exactly. It was packed inside a plastic blister.
  12. SOBRAL-E … An WALL-E evil alter ego Part 1 – The concept We all know the Disney movie “Wall-E”, with that cute little gizmo, right? Well, if those guys at Disney had real guts, they would have made instead the: SOBRAL-E : Special Ordnance Battlefield Robot (with) Augmented Lethality - Excessive Class And that, ladies and gentlemen, would be the proper thing to do! A diabolic killing machine with no conscience or remorse to get in its way… (and, in case of need, also being able to produce a very decent cup of expresso coffee). But enough of worthless chitchat, and behold the Behemoth (in a broad sense of the word, not literally the biblical monster): I know that these are really shocking images that can hurt the more susceptible viewers, so parental advisory is strongly suggested And now it is time to arrange the surrounding scenario… Part 2 – The Terrain The terrain was made with the usual roofmate covered with Vallejo fine pumice stone paste. No vegetation required. The figures are 1/72 in plastic from Preiser and the resin one is produced by Francisco Bexiga (http://fbminis.blogspot.pt/). The rest is just scraps of metal and plastic picked here and there… To make thing more interesting I will also use some basic electronics to make a flashing light… It is really simple, using the electronics of a birthday card, with the loudspeaker removed, and a push button added to start the flashing routine. Everything hidden under the terrain as you can see. Part III - Transformation The evil look. A small alteration to the head, to make it even more fearfull and menacing: The command terminal was also completed with some assorted stuff: And the construction is done. Time for some paint!. Part IV - Painting It's primer time! E after some thought regarding colors and camo schemes: After some work to cut all those tiny little squares made of Tamiya masking tape and 4 different paint layers, I think the final result is OK. Part 5 – Weathering Oil drying time madness… After some preliminar weathering: Almost done! Part 6 – Conclusion Some more weathering and detail retouching later, the work is finally done: Just for size comparison here is a photo with a 1/35 Panzer II Ausf F: Not too shabby for a 5 Euro Toys-R-Us on-sale toy, right? Thanks for watching!
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