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  1. Cheers guys! I have another two Hurris in build (Airfix MkIIc and Airfix MkI early) and a Airfix Spitfire and Lanc, not sure what will appear next. The acrylics are really making things much better though.
  2. Another completed build from myself and again (I apologise for so many of them!) its another Hurricane. Again this is another brush painted effort, my airbrushing times are a bit of a way off at the moment, but I'm enjoying the brush painting. It is a fictional effort, depicting Hurricane 'KZ335' in Russian service (this aircraft was really used in Greece according to some sources). MkIIc's seems less common in Russian service compared with the MkIIb. This was the Revell kit again, it went together really nicely again and this time I managed to get all four cannons off the sprues without break
  3. I've got this kit to the painting stage now however I have come across one thing I can't figure out. I have gone for the two blade prop and although it fits into the hole provided, it doesn't spin as it would come back out. Is it meant to be glued on? That would be a shame if so but want to confirm before I do anything like that. Thanks.
  4. Cheers, your Hurri looks great! The Airfix builds quite nicely but it has some short falls compared to the Revell one in my opinion. I am probably going to airbrush the Gladiator I have on the go so excited to see how it turns out.
  5. Hi all, I used to do a bit of modelling 5+ years ago when I was a bit younger with mixed results, I still have some stuff half built that now might get finished. I have loads of kits knocking about that I've bought over the years and have recently really wanted to get back into it. To start off, I went for brush painting (although I have an airbrush, I am just bedding myself back in). My first three models are all of my favourite type, the Hawker Hurricane, they all happen to be the MkIIc varient too although I do have the latest Airfix MkI ready to go at some point. Sorry about the photos, t
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