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  1. Hopefully we get to see the reintroduction of Darth Maul after his brief glimpse in Solo.
  2. Simply stunning, have one in the proverbial stash and just hope mine will turn out as good as yours. Look forward to seeing the M23 thread.
  3. Fantastic build of a beautiful car. As mentioned by others your finish is top notch.
  4. Stunning build, as mentioned by someone earlier it's the best tread on the site. Keep up the fantastic work. Regards John
  5. Been out of the loop for a while and saddened to hear of Paul's passing, my heart goes out to he's beloved wife and family. I only had the pleasure discussing each others work on a few builds but he's knowledge and skill was exceptional, he is a sad loss to our community. Total respect to you guys in finishing the Eagle, it will be a great epitaph to Paul and his immense talent. Kind Regards John
  6. Stunning work so far, that's a great looking engine.
  7. Such a shame but we all do it and it always lands on the side that does the most damage. It was and can still be a great build so don'tlet it defeat you. On another note these 1/43 models are crazy, Christ knows how you do it, 1/20's bad enough. My hat comes off to you but your bloody mad. Regards John
  8. Stunning! I love watching a true craftsman at work.
  9. Cheers Pete, Unfortunately I know exactly what you mean, this may well be the first and last 1/12 MFH, they are expensive but when you look at the hundreds (thousands for me) of hours of enjoyment making the bloody thing it doesn't seem as costly. It doesn't help with their latest releases though. I'm envious already Tweeky, I love the MP4/8 with its smooth lines and great livery. I'll be looking forward to your WIP shortly then! Back to the Build, the bank holiday came and passed with spraying the inside faces of the panels first using Zero JPS black which is a bit thick and slow but goes on well and gives a great finish. I left it a couple of days before the painful task of masking up and once that was done prepared for apply the top coat. The last few photos were taken after a couple of coats, it's now been given a good last coat and being left for a week before top coating, the consistency of the red was a lot thinner than the JPS black and went on a lot quicker, no issues though and still got a good finish. I've purchased Zero's Diamond Finish - 2 Pack GLOSS Clearcoat System, I've never used this before so will try on a test piece first obviously but a little worried about being too glossy for the era. On a disappointing note, on first real inspection of the vacuum formed windscreen I found a nasty crack down it, so I will be emailing Japan again very shortly. Thanks for looking. John
  10. That's a really nice looking bike Lee and the paintworkis stunning. Been looking at your SIP, so impressive. How did you get the gradient on the two tone paintwork, I'm not used to this type of scale but I presume you would have had to raise any masking off the surface to get the gradual colour change and even so using a rattle can would need a lot of control. My hat comes off to you! John
  11. Thanks for the nice words gents! Jo, your 1/43 looks awesome, when you think of the actual size the level of detail is superb. I've always said 1/43 is to small for me (getting old and the eyesight is on it's way) but I really wish the produced F1 models in 1/32, always was a scalextric nut and love that scale. I one of my earlier posts I mentioned the broken section of side pod that was broken, I mentioned previously I was certain (as I can be) that I didn't do it but thought I'd repair it none the less. I chased out a section from the underside of the part to allow a thin section of poly card to be glued then applied a thin section of the fine Milliput and worked on it from there. So far, so good, needs a little more work to it. To be honest the photo shows so much more detail, I will increase the depth of the recess prior to applying the top coat. Which brings me up to date, all the body work is all primed awaiting the Zero 'Rosso Formula 1 1970's -1980's' top coat, hopefully during the Bank Holiday Weekend! Fingers Crossed John
  12. Sorry PC, had a bit of an impasse, work and family partly preventing me to get my teeth into progressing any further. I'm still dithering about the CF decals but with a bit of luck I'll make some headway onto the CF shortly. I have made some progress with the seat, the model comes with a self adhesive sheet but I wasn't keen on using this as I thought shaping into all areas would be an problem, there's also a similar tread on F1M where the modeler stretched and shaped a fine layer of leather over the seat which looks really good, it looked good but too much hassle for something I wasnt experienced in and wasn't sure I'd get the 'scale' of the finish right so I decided to experiment with a method I have used on 1/20 scale models previously and use a stipple paint finish. I primed using Halfords grey plastic primer then started using a number of shades of Tamiya browns, leaving until tacky the using an old Citadel flat brush stipple the paint, repeating each time with a slightly darker shade until using a dark grey/black the when dry a light grey/white dry brush to external edges. I think it came out pretty well, although thinking about it, using this method I should have tried to reduce the strap slot widths on the seat but I can live with it. Just a couple of snaps with the seat in place, I need to adjust the straps slightly, few more wires and weather some of the metalwork and it'll be done. Bear with me, I seem to be having an issue with attaching my Flickr images using the quick copy and paste method so am going back to the old method. Cross fingers and hope for the best. Thanks for looking! Regards John
  13. Great looking build. Your right, were always learning with each build, long may it continue! Regards John
  14. Great Model and a history lesson at the same time! Win win! Regards John
  15. Looks good to me, subtle but just the job. Would never have thought of using tea, it seems so obvious really, old school. Regards John
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