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Hugh Jampton

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  1. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Thanks for the nice words gents! Jo, your 1/43 looks awesome, when you think of the actual size the level of detail is superb. I've always said 1/43 is to small for me (getting old and the eyesight is on it's way) but I really wish the produced F1 models in 1/32, always was a scalextric nut and love that scale. I one of my earlier posts I mentioned the broken section of side pod that was broken, I mentioned previously I was certain (as I can be) that I didn't do it but thought I'd repair it none the less. I chased out a section from the underside of the part to allow a thin section of poly card to be glued then applied a thin section of the fine Milliput and worked on it from there. So far, so good, needs a little more work to it. To be honest the photo shows so much more detail, I will increase the depth of the recess prior to applying the top coat. Which brings me up to date, all the body work is all primed awaiting the Zero 'Rosso Formula 1 1970's -1980's' top coat, hopefully during the Bank Holiday Weekend! Fingers Crossed John
  2. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Sorry PC, had a bit of an impasse, work and family partly preventing me to get my teeth into progressing any further. I'm still dithering about the CF decals but with a bit of luck I'll make some headway onto the CF shortly. I have made some progress with the seat, the model comes with a self adhesive sheet but I wasn't keen on using this as I thought shaping into all areas would be an problem, there's also a similar tread on F1M where the modeler stretched and shaped a fine layer of leather over the seat which looks really good, it looked good but too much hassle for something I wasnt experienced in and wasn't sure I'd get the 'scale' of the finish right so I decided to experiment with a method I have used on 1/20 scale models previously and use a stipple paint finish. I primed using Halfords grey plastic primer then started using a number of shades of Tamiya browns, leaving until tacky the using an old Citadel flat brush stipple the paint, repeating each time with a slightly darker shade until using a dark grey/black the when dry a light grey/white dry brush to external edges. I think it came out pretty well, although thinking about it, using this method I should have tried to reduce the strap slot widths on the seat but I can live with it. Just a couple of snaps with the seat in place, I need to adjust the straps slightly, few more wires and weather some of the metalwork and it'll be done. Bear with me, I seem to be having an issue with attaching my Flickr images using the quick copy and paste method so am going back to the old method. Cross fingers and hope for the best. Thanks for looking! Regards John
  3. Hugh Jampton

    Ebbro Tyrrell 1/20

    Great looking build. Your right, were always learning with each build, long may it continue! Regards John
  4. Hugh Jampton

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    Great Model and a history lesson at the same time! Win win! Regards John
  5. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 McLaren Mp4/5b 1990 Monaco

    Looks good to me, subtle but just the job. Would never have thought of using tea, it seems so obvious really, old school. Regards John
  6. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Thanks PC, I was thinking the same, never tried it before and will Youtube it shortly for tips. I'm dubious about the CF decals though and will try with a couple of parts for the Version B rear wing. It's been a worry but will bore you with it later. General progression has been hit by work and the latest cold snap so will fill you in as best I can. I made some further work on the tub, not much but it's still taking shape as the pedals, gear stick and extinguishers were added along wit a couple of extra 0.4mm wires to the left hand side that I noticed on one of the very few reference photos I have looking into the tub. I just need to colour wash the little nooks of the metal parts to give it a bit more depth. Orange peeling is quite heavy to the base, whether this was due to the cold weather or not, I wouldn't know. However this will not been seen when the chassis fits over the tub so not that bothered. I went back on the engine, fitting the ignition wiring, I was at first wary of using the 0.6mm wire provided and was going to use 0.4mm that I use for my 1/20's but shouldn't have doubted MFH. All looks well until I noticed I was missing a PE part taking what I presume is some throttle springs, it was there on stage 1 of the instructions, the only problem was I had only adhered the rivets that should have been fitted after the PE plate. Obviously a few choice Anglo Saxon words were uttered then began the arduous task of cutting the rivets and drilling out the holes filled in half an hour before. You can see the offending part now fitted on the bottom of the Cam cover and with the first of the sections of exhaust fitted. Thanks for looking, I really need to get back onto this. Regards John
  7. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Thanks Codger, your quite right there's some really good MFH builds going on at the moment. Cheers, it getting there! Slowly! The build stumbled a bit since the last post, the weather was a pain as most of my spraying takes place in the garage or 'Summer' House so not a look of progress in the last fortnight. With the exception of the weather there were 3 other main issues with the build, the first was the replacement rear suspension part promptly came from Japan nicely packed between cardboard however the arms were twisted when squashed between the cardboard, I bent them back, started lightly cleaning and snapped the arm off again! I wasn't heavy handed at all, it's such a delicate part, I'm going to have a look at repairing the arm with coring out the arm and using wire, I need to get cracking on it this week. Second problem was found when I started preparing the side pods and notice a rear section missing, it looks like it was snapped off when taken off the sprue, I'm sure I wouldn't have done this, there were parts already separated when first opened but to be honest I cant remember if these were or not. Although 95% certain it wasn't me I'm going to give filling it with fine Milliput a go before getting back in touch with MFH. Thirdly, I still have an issue with the CF decailing, I admit working with large areas of decals is not my specialty but these decals are not adhering to the glossed varnished surfaces the way I expect it to. I made a start to the rear wing end plates , using Microsol, the first plate wet ok but the second ended up like the photo below, I ended up adhering the decals by lightly brushing clear varnish under the decals and after giving 2 layers of varnish it was left with light creasing only, It's on the inside so hope it won't be seen. Even the the decal began coming away when I bluetak'd it to varnished the other side and it was only the layers of varnish that stopped it coming off. I need to you tube some examples I think. I have made some more progress on the engine and cockpit and will be posting these shortly. Regards John
  8. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 McLaren Mp4/5b 1990 Monaco

    As Codger says, great news for you, us and especially your family! Kind regards John
  9. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 McLaren Mp4/5b 1990 Monaco

    That's one detailed engine, really enjoying this thread. Regards John
  10. Hugh Jampton

    MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    Parry, I totally agree totally with Sabrejet, although due to my special gift of almost always dropping most of my metal parts, I used Halfords etching primer, apparently it's bonds to metal better than ordinary primer. Just make sure you clean all white metal parts prior to priming, a lot of people suggest magnetic cleaners but there expensive and I seem to get buy with a suade brush or drimel (but be careful with speeds) and I've only just advised to get some mini wire brushes from Amazon. Saying all of that I still have large white metal figures that I painted 20 years ago with little preparation and have no issues, although I do treat them with utmost delicacy. There's a lot of guys on this forum with much more knowledge than me who will give better advise anyway. John
  11. Hugh Jampton

    MFH Alfa Romeo 159M

    David What a great start to a great looking kit! Codger is right, your going to have an iconic and beautiful looking car when you've finished. The wheels look fun, if that was me I'd put a swear box next to the workbench, that way you'd should have paid for your next kit after completing the fourth wheel! Your comments on the polishing and clear coating of parts is a good point, I do this to a lot of the smaller parts and you get a great finish, on my last one I've been polishing a look of parts the instructions are saying to paint silver as well. I'm going to enjoy this thread. Regards John
  12. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Many thanks Paul, there ordered and awaiting delivery. Wife's early morning shifts are a bit of a god send at the moment, she crashed at half seven last night so got the C4 out for a bit of a session. The rear hubs have been striped and repainted over the last couple of days and fixed back together last night this time with the break ducts installed. I didn't even think of using the CF decals as mentioned previously and lightly drybrushed instead. The only thing required now is fixing the break line and 90 degree coupler and ill do that just before final assembly. I've stalled a bit on the engine recently, mainly for the simple reason of sorting out the 20 or so different type of rivets that came with the kit, anyway I purchase a cheap craft 'organizer box and spent Thursday night sorting them out into individual sets and while doing this finally worked out the toggle switches and other pieces for the dashboard so due to this and the recently found dial glass pieces, thought I'd make a start on this last night. I had prepared the dash previously so gave it a coat of Halfords semi gloss black. The holes for the toggle switches and rivets had to be drilled out, decals applied then given a light drybrushing using a mid grey, this is a technique I enjoy doing as I feel it's an easy way to emphasize the raised parts of a surface, I can overdo it from time to time but this time I think I got it about right, to be honest the size of the picture doesn't help as it picks up detail hard to detect with the human eye. The dial glass for the 2 smaller dials needed a bit of a sand to fit but after that went in like a peach and using Micro Crystal Clear to adhere. I'm now making a start on the cockpit section, the instructions say to paint the main tub a dark green which to me sounds very un-ferrari but the only reference photo I have seems to back it up so will be making a start on this during the weekend with a bit of luck. Thanks for looking! Regards John
  13. Hugh Jampton

    1/12 Ferrari SF70-H

    Stunning! I'm sure you will but can you describe your finishing and polishing techniques in detail further on, I love the way your bodywork look with all you other builds. Regards John
  14. Hugh Jampton

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Love, this build so glad its back on the table. Will be taking note on the way you finish the exhaust. Regards John
  15. Hugh Jampton

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Darin, she is. Just hope I can do her justice! Paul, do you mean the mini wire brushes? they do look like they will help and will be on order as shortly. A little progress an it's something mention in shood23's SF70-H thread a little while ago. I made a start on the wheel hubs a few weeks ago as they looked pretty impressive, the WM break ducts were stuck together, prepared and left ready for CF decaling and that's where it all started going pear shaped, I couldn't get the MFH end dacals to adhere probably no matter how much Micro Sol I doused it with a then started to peel when finally dried. I eventually decided to remove it all and start again with some S27 decals with a similar pattern, it was then I found the below photo (Hiroboy copyright, I hope they don't mind and I did buy the kit off them anyway) and there is very little weave pattern to be seen, so I decided to go down a well trodden path and colour wash to uneven the sheen and lightly dry brush with a mid grey mix. I don't think its that bad (I may tone down with another black colourwash) and in my opinion better without the CF decalling anyway. On to the wheel hubs, the arrangement was pretty simple, the caliper and disc were polished and varnished the resin front/rear hubs were painted gold/silver and polished aluminium respectively, I wasn't happy with the brightness of the rear hubs so toned them down with some Tamiya Smoke the other drum and plate parts were painted with a Tamiya Silver and the Gold/Silver mix again. All looked well so started glueing together with 'gay abandon' and as always didn't follow the instructions and only to late did I realize the rear break duct needed to be fitted between the hub and break disk, the fronts were fine but couldn't prise the parts off so late last night they went in to a tub of the wife's nail polish remover, which did the job and are now re-immersed in a tub of IPA to remove the rest of the paint. The front hubs don't look that bad and only wait on the final fix of calipers and break duct. Thanks for looking. Regards John