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  1. Oh the Christmas was great! Besides, I am an Orthodox and benefit from having two Christmas days - Catholic and Orthodox yep, the week was hectic. Currently I am working on Hasegawa's Hawkeye and have a Hasegawa B-25 in my stash. Having compared it with the Airfix new tool Mitchel decided to have both. The former is more crisp, the latter is more detailed so let them both go under my knife lol Have you solved the problem with the tail-sitting? I hate building nose-geared airplane because of the annoying problem of leveling things up. Seems to me the amount of load in your Mitchel
  2. Hi Rob! Any vacant seats for spectators? ) Some terrific kit from Airfix I am about to buy. Excellent build and astonishing performance, way to go, Rob! I'll tag along Rudolf
  3. What a lovely kit! Airfix offers a bit odd marking for the State research institute of air force (russian: Государственный научно исследовательский инсиитут ВВС) from the 70s when almost all Frescos had been pulled from the soviet Air force. Well, anyway, it is no problem to find markings for field military MIG-17s from the 50s.
  4. You got my praise Ced that you tackled this complex model. Got mine under my bed still waiting... for over 6 years. Keep putting it off for later each time
  5. Thank you for the answer. I doubt that we ever get a cheap one. The modern kits are well over 30 euros.
  6. So many Tomcat models in the 1/72 scale, got a bit confused with the choice kit!
  7. Zvezda has finally tackled the task of modelling NATO aircraft most popular outside of Russia. If that is going to be a new mould it is expected to be a good one. The most recent kits of Zvezda are very much attractive and worth buying
  8. It is still a pretty decent kit. Has been around for w while but I wouldn't say it is showing its age. Would grab one but the price isn't appealing though our hobby is getting more and more expensive
  9. Is that going to be an easy kit? Hope it won't...
  10. Highly anticipated kit! Way to go, Airfix! Whats next?! I am your big fan
  11. One of my most fav aircraft. Old hasegawa kit and your excellent performance. Count me in! Lol Rudolf
  12. Danny, its brilliant! Time to make an Argentinian Skyhawk as Airfix offers Actually this new kit seems very pleasant to build and tops the old Fujimi kit
  13. Congratulations on the end of the project! Looks amazing I want to build such a kit! The washing is very realistic as well as the colors. Hope to see the undersides surfaces too in the final photo session
  14. Well done Danny! Looks amazing. The panel lines are excellent - a good improvement on the latest Airfix's kits! Is there going to be any weapons on the pylons?
  15. oh yes lead is the remedy. I usually fix it in the fuselage with epoxy paste cause it is very heavy itself Looking forward to the final result. Your Skyhawk is excellent! P.S. haha try tungsten, gold or better depleted uranium for this action cause these are the heaviest materials :wink:
  16. Thank you for the review! The Revell's kit seems a bit more impressive but its an option too
  17. A good line of the gliders. Look very impressive! Rudolf
  18. Looks great!!! I love Skyhawk and the new Airfix's release is just great. Hmm, I see one has to put in a lot of weight in the fuselage to prevent it from tail-sitting?! Rudolf
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