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  1. How very Daily Mail to give the beast's weight in pounds and stones when most of us are used to grams and kilos! My cousin has a Maine Coon who has film star looks and, as @John Laidlaw says, a lovely nature but she missed out when the kittens in the litter were allocated brains. If she was human she would be "blonde" in both senses of the term.
  2. Thanks for posting Vince. I don't know who the "Ronettes" are but they definitely aren't Estelle Bennett and Nedra Talley. The music is still great even if the goofy humour doesn't do a lot for me!
  3. Thanks for the correction Dave. Assuming IPMS Deutschland's information is correct I see we can also expect a Revell 787-9 which is presumably another Zvezda re-box.
  4. Hi Russell You had me wondering about the Revell 757. I couldn't find a reference to it in any official Revell source. Was this what caught your eye? If so "Revell" is a typo and the kit is actually Minicraft. I haven't started either of my Zvezda kits yet but I should get one underway before too long. I still live in hope that one of the decal manufacturers will come up with Condor Rizzi Bird especially now that Sergey Druz has given us accurate PW engines. Cheers Dave G
  5. I just realised we haven't marked Ronnie Spector's passing. Her life bore some similarities to Tina Turner (particularly the escape from an abusive relationship) but unlike TT who had the sense to retire in 2009 Ronnie probably went on performing a bit longer than she should have. Anyhow, here are a couple of reminders of her in her prime.
  6. This is an interesting topic and I understand completely where @lasermonkey is coming from. I'm lucky to be reasonably comfortably off and with a fairly generous modelling budget but even so I baulk at many prices nowadays. My interest is in 1/144 civil airliners and there are very few decent kits currently on the market priced at less than £20. The old Revell A320 used to retail for around £13. The current Revell A320 Neo is £24.95 at Jadlam and £31.49 (!) at Hannants. If you want a 1/144 Fokker F27 by Eastern Express prepare to shell out £46.40 for a kit which retails at 1860 RUB (roughly £17.90) in its native Russia. I stopped looking for second hand kits on eBay years ago when the prices started to become silly. I am now effectively living off my stash (which I once calculated would keep me going until I'm 106) and only buying new kits which I really, really want such as the Zvezda Boeing 757. When I started in the hobby in the 1960s plastic kits were aimed at kids spending their pocket money. Apart from making the hobby unaffordable for people like @lasermonkey the current prices must be a major deterrent to the youngsters who we need to join us if the hobby is to have a future. It is beyond depressing to think that plastic modelling could become the sole preserve of the affluent. Dave G
  7. That's just gorgeous Alex, one of my favourite 767 liveries. I think I once worked out that Boeing sold the 763 with five different permutations of doors and emergency exits before the airlines started plugging windows to suit their own requirements. Definitely a good reason to use window decals! Dave G
  8. Another fine result Alex. Well done with the decals which must have been about 30 years old! Dave G
  9. Lovely model Alex. The PAS decals have worked beautifully. I have one Zvezda 763 in my stash and the fuselage halves are so badly warped I'm not certain it's buildable. Unfortunately I only noticed this long after I'd forgotten where I bought it or I would have demanded a replacement! Dave G
  10. Nice model but you need to fix the emergency exit decal on the right wing! The wings were definitely white on top with grey undersides. The walkway markings were prominent. See this photo. Thanks for the link to the DIMA website. Dave G
  11. Do any of your cats have particularly odd habits? Apart from lying on her back up against the living room door, Merry has recently developed a fixation with one of the wardrobes in our bedroom. Before she comes to bed she insists that the wardrobe door is opened and she will then sit motionless for anything up to fifteen minutes just staring into it. There is nothing unusual or particularly interesting there, only my wife's clothes and shoes and Merry never makes any attempt to go in. She just sits and stares. Staring into the wardrobe has become part of her nightly ritual and until she has done it she won't come to bed or settle down. Strange things cats.
  12. Thanks for posting another beauty Einar. The Ju-52/3m is a truly iconic aircraft and your model certainly does it justice. Dave G
  13. No idea why Merry has taken to lying like this but she makes a good draught-excluder.
  14. Beth Rowley tends to be a bit of a "hidden gem" and isn't perhaps as well known as she should be. Here is a superb live performance from her to kick off 2022. Happy New Year.
  15. Excellent model Alistair. Thanks for sharing When I was a youngster in the 1960s we went on holiday to St Andrews every summer and I always managed to get some train and plane spotting time at Leuchars. I'm old enough (just) to remember the Javelins although my clearest memories are of the Lightnings - a brace of Lightnings passing over the station with their afterburners lit wasn't easily overlooked. I also saw my last steam locomotive in normal service (a J38) at Leuchars so the place has a lot of memories. Happy days! I don't remember seeing Black Mike in the flesh (so to speak) although my wife and I always tried to get to the Leuchars Air Show in the 1980s until one memorable occasion when it took us three and a half hours to get out of the car park. We never went back and instead took a flask and a pair of binoculars to the lay-by off the A91 between Guardbridge and St Andrews. It was a good way to watch the flying but, of course, we missed the ground exhibits. Dave G
  16. Very impressive, thanks for sharing. Hope you don't mind me pointing out that the manufacturer of the kit is F-RSIN, not F-Resin. The name is like a French airliner registration, same as F-DCAL. Dave G
  17. Thanks for the likes and comments everyone - much appreciated! Thanks Roger. The Daco -500 kit gives you the choice of the green tail or the earlier "Dancing Lady" livery. I did think about adapting the decals from the -500 I have in my stash but I was ordering some other stuff from Greg Drawbaugh and decided just to get his -300 sheet while I was about it. Thanks Martijn. Yes, I used the Daco decals on the leading edges apart from the fin which I painted. Leading edge decals are sometimes more trouble than they are worth but the Daco 737 ones work well in my experience. Dave G
  18. Very nice indeed Einar. A simple, elegant livery on a 757 - what's not to like?
  19. That's a little beauty Martijn. Thanks for sharing. Dave G
  20. It's not just our sort of modelling that is affected by stray hairs and chin scratching!
  21. Absolutely superb Ray, beautiful build and finish. The Druz engines look most impressive. Dave G
  22. I haven’t been as productive as usual this year. The mojo crisis which had been threatening for some time hit me properly in the late spring when I found myself hopelessly bogged down with stalled or messed-up builds. I stopped building and came within an inch of quitting the hobby completely. I'm lucky that my wife is interested and supportive and after I'd taken some time out she suggested a "blitzbuild" of a simple kit to remind myself that I could actually finish a model. That led to the Air Wales ATR-42. Also at her suggestion I binned a load of models I knew I would never finish and basically wiped the slate clean. It was good therapy but bad for productivity! Anyhow, enough of the soul-baring. I'm enjoying building again and the support and encouragement from everybody who has "liked" or commented on my RFIs is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy my collection of 1/144 civilians and I'll see you in 2022 Dave G Brussels Airlines (Cityjet) Sukhoi SSJ-100 Zvezda kit with Drawdecal decals and Authentic Airliners windows. In RFI here Air Wales ATR 42-300 PAS Models resin kit with Classic Airlines decals. In RFI here Sabena (DAT) BAe-146-200 Revell kit with Daco decals and Authentic Airliners windows. In RFI here SATA (Azores) Airbus A310-300 Heavily modified Revell kit with Braz parts and Two Six decals. In RFI here Air UK Fokker 100 Revell kit with RichW decals and Authentic Airliners windows. In RFI here Air UK BAe-146-100 Revell kit with Two Six decals. In RFI here Air Baltic Boeing 737-300 Daco Skyline kit with Drawdecal decals and Authentic Airliners windows. In RFI here
  23. Continuing with my project of building a representative airliner from every current and former European national carrier, here is the Daco Skyline Boeing 737-300 in the livery of Air Baltic, the flag carrier of Latvia. The model shows YL-BBL (formerly G-EZYJ of EasyJet) around 2016 with winglets and small fuselage titles but still retaining the cockpit “eyebrow” windows. The Daco kit is well known and needs little comment. Construction was straightforward apart from the usual issue of wing fit. (For anyone interested my method of dealing with that is described here). I have never been convinced of the accuracy of the Daco winglets and for this model I used spares from a Zvezda 738. They are still a little too tall but not as badly oversized as the kit parts and I think they are an improvement. Paint is Halfords Appliance Gloss White and Racking Grey. The green is a by-the-eye mix of Tamiya X8 and X15 plus a few drops of X1. Metallics are by AK Interactive, Revell and Tamiya. Decals are by Drawdecal with Authentic Airliners windows and details from the kit sheet. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is always welcome. Dave G
  24. Congratulations on an excellent build General. Thanks for the tip about the NH Detail p/e. I wasn't aware they did a set for the SVC-10. Dave G
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