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  1. Wonderful model Martijn, thanks for sharing. Your weathering is excellent and I like the look of the Nazca corroguard. The Tristar was an impressive machine. The last one I saw flying belonged to Air Atlanta and was operating for a British charter airline called Peach Air. I think that was around 1997. Happy memories! Dave G
  2. One of the all time classic DC-8 liveries. Thanks for sharing. I never flew on one but I have read that if you were seated near the rear of a long DC-8 and the air got rough you could see the fuselage flexing! Dave G
  3. Most of my flying has been short-haul in and around Europe so it's a pretty typical list: Trident 3B BAC 1-11-500 BAe 146-200 and -300 Avro RJ 85 and 100 HS 748 ATP Viscount 800 DC-10-30 Dash 8 Q400 ATR-42 Fokker 50 Fokker 100 A319 A320 CEO and NEO A321 B737-200, -300, -400, -500, -700, -800 B757 B767 CRJ 900 ERJ 145 E170 E190 E195 Slightly less usual: Ju-52 (Lufthansa's D-AQUI. Pleasure flight from Bremen) Cessna 185(?) floatplane (Pleasure flight from Ulvik in Norway) DHC-2 Beaver (Pleasure flight from Hamburg. Two months later the same aircraft, D-FVIP, suffered a fuel-related engine failure shortly after take off and crashed killing five of the six on board) Ancient Slingsby glider, type unknown (Pleasure flight from Connell near Oban)
  4. I suppose somebody would have mentioned Cream eventually so it might as well be me. No mistaking either of these from the very first notes:
  5. Maybe not one of my favourite songs but a brilliant intro from John Helliwell
  6. Excellent work as always Daniel, thanks for sharing. I built the Rus-Air kit many years ago and really liked it. I had hoped to build another one once we can get Russian products again but that's a non-starter if it isn't made any more. It's good to know that the Eastern Express kit can be turned into such a fine model. Dave G
  7. Very nice, thanks for sharing. I always think there is something faintly sinister about the Il-18 and the EE kit (which I've never built) seems to capture this very well. Dave G
  8. Rock guitarist and national treasure Wilko Johnson has died at the age of 75. I saw him with the original Dr Feelgood when they were doing the college circuit in the early 1970s and remained a confirmed fan ever since. Despite the heavy influence of Mick Green, Wilko's playing style was absolutely unique and couldn't be mistaken for anyone else. Personally I think his recent work with Roger Daltrey is among the best he ever did, particularly considering his health at the time. Thank you for the music Wilko. R.I.P
  9. 1/144 Revell. I didn't know there was a 1/72 Dreamliner kit. Must be a mighty big beast! Even in 1/144 the 787's wingspan can be a challenge when it comes to display and storage.
  10. I have a Biman Bangladesh Boeing 787 on my “waiting to start” list. The kit and decals are in the stash and I’m ready to go any time. If the GB gets up and running I’ll be happy to fly the flag for civil airliners. Dave G
  11. We can always hope but the A321 Neo is a completely new kit not a re-issue of an old one and Revell have a bit of form for pretending that a re-issued kit is something it quite clearly isn't (think Boeing 707). The engines in the original A330 weren't great and it would be nice to have a decent set of Trents but whatever is in the box it will still be good to have the A330 back. Now Mr Revell, what about the A319 ...........?
  12. Thanks for the info. I wonder if the A330 really will have RR Trent engines. Unless I'm mistaken these have never featured in any previous release of the kit.
  13. Greetings from me down the road in Perth Dave G
  14. That's a little beauty Martijn. I have the kit in my stash but I've never seen it built before - you have done an excellent job. Thanks for sharing. Dave G
  15. My favourite Travelling Wilburys song and a reminder of the great Roy Orbison
  16. I've just noticed that according to Cats Protection (UK) today is Black Cat Day. Happy special day to black cats everywhere.
  17. That's a beauty Julian. The Dash 7 always looked like what it was - a tough, rugged, go-anywhere aircraft with an amazing STOL performance. I wouldn't have noticed the undercarriage doors if you hadn't pointed them out. One tip I've seen, although I haven't tried it out, is to tape some thin plastic card to an empty Humbrol paint tin then fill the tin with boiling water which should, in theory, leave you with a slightly curved piece of plastic. I don't know if that is any help. Dave G
  18. Thanks for the comments and likes everyone, much appreciated Thanks Vincent. I don't usually build hybrid schemes but I wanted something quick and easy because I wasn't sure how the engines would go and I didn't want to waste effort on an elaborate livery just to have the model go belly up. I had the Air Europe decals in my stash but I knew John Viking had done a wonderful Air Europe B732 and I couldn't compete with that hence the decision to go for the "swap lease" livery. Thanks John. I'll build both the Trident and the A300 eventually, assuming I live long enough. The temptation for the A300 is the recent Orion sheet from Two Six. The Trident is a lot more work and I will draw heavily on your write-ups, particularly since I'm planning a 1E in Channel livery. If it happens at all it will be sometime next year. Thanks Paul. Here's the link to the LACI website. They offer a range of goodies including open cowl engines and various flaps, slats etc. If you haven't already seen it, check out the fabulous Tu-134 by @airdaniel who used LACI flaps. Just a couple of points to bear in mind. Firstly the parts are all kit-specific so make sure what you order is definitely for the kit you're building. The JTD8-15s for the Airfix 737 are item 144084. Secondly, some of the open cowl engines are sold singly. Don't assume you will receive two engines unless the website says so. Dave G
  19. Beautiful as always Daniel. I saw it and "liked" it on Facebook and it looks even better in the bigger photos here. Your collection is amazing! Dave G
  20. Here is my latest update of an Airfix golden oldie - the Boeing 737 finished as G-BMEC of Air Europe while operating for British Airtours in 1983. Between 1983 and 1986 Air Europe and British Airways had a “swap lease” arrangement which gave BA access to Air Europe aircraft particularly in the winter months when their own aircraft were undergoing scheduled maintenance. It benefitted Air Europe by keeping their aircraft in the air when there was less demand for holiday charter flights. Updating the old Airfix kit to Advanced standards was good fun. Here is a quick run down on what I did: 1. Cockpit roof and windscreen replaced with spare part from Zvezda 737-700 (much easier to fit than the Daco part). 2. Zvezda kit used as pattern to reshape the Airfix nose. 3. Wheel wells opened up and main well fitted with a “roof” cloned from a Daco kit using Oyumaru and Milliput. 4. Lowest hinge on fin/rudder filled. 5. Daco p/e used for pitots and other small details. 6. Engines replaced with LACI JT8D-15s. These are beautiful and LACI have really nailed the appearance of the Advanced engines, at least to my eyes. You also get the choice of open or closed thrust reversers. Fit to the Airfix wings is adequate rather than good but the end result is way better than I could have achieved by modifying the kit parts. Paint is Halfords Appliance Gloss White and Racking Grey with metallics from Tamiya and AK Interactive. Decals are a mix of Classic Airlines and Flightpath with detail decals from the spares box and an Authentic Airliners windscreen. Coroguard is also by Flightpath. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is always welcome. I haven’t decided on my next Airfix update but a Trident and an A300 do their best to catch my eye any time I’m in the loft. Dave G Posing with another couple of Airfix upgrades - the DC-9 and Caravelle: The gorgeous LACI engines assembled and primed:
  21. Superb model Norbert, thanks for sharing. Sadly I never saw the real thing and it's too late now. At least models like yours keep the memory alive. Greetings from Scotland Dave G
  22. Beautiful model Julian. Thanks for sharing. It's a very striking livery. I only remember seeing it once (on a DC-10 at Schipol) and I thought at the time it would look good on a model. You have definitely proved that! Your WIP (which I missed) is interesting and informative. Thanks for the link Dave G
  23. Absolutely my favourite version of the much-played Chuck Berry oldie
  24. Thanks Alex. I look forward to seeing your Airbuses when you post them. I can't be bothered with the separate flaps and slats on the Zvezda kit and dislike paying good money for features I don't want. Also in some areas the detail is better on the Revell kit once you hack the flash off! I built up a large stash of Revell Airbuses and it will take me many years to work through them so I won't be posting any Zvezda CEOs. Having said that, the Zvezda NEOs are now quite a bit cheaper than the Revell equivalents so when I get round to my planned Arkia A321 NEO it will probably be Zvezda rather than Revell. Dave G
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