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  1. An excellent model and a very unusual subject Norbert. Thanks for sharing. Dave G
  2. This still cracks me up every time
  3. Don't forget minor issues like fuel efficiency and noise footprint
  4. No. The -500 was the smallest of the 737 Classics but the -100 was the smallest of the entire 737 family. The -100 was 29m long and could take up to 118 pax. The -200 was 30.5m long and could take up to 130 pax. The -500 was 31m long and could take up to 132 pax.
  5. Thanks for the comments and likes everyone, these are much appreciated. Particular thanks to anyone who noticed the dodgy left cheatline and didn't point it out It's amazing what you manage to miss until you see photos of a model! The cheatline has been sorted and I have retaken and re-uploaded the first two photographs. Thanks John. That's something to look forward to. By the last livery do you mean the blue lower fuselage and red stripe? It's on my "to do in due course" list as well. Thanks Vingtor. The Daco kit produces a good model but it has a few problems, particularly the wing-fuselage fit. Here is the link to my build of the yellow HLX -400 (shown in the "group portrait") which explains how I deal with that. It might be some help when you build yours. It's an issue with all three versions. Dave G Thanks very much. The -500 was the smallest version of the 737 Classic family and more or less a direct replacement for the -200. It wasn't as common as the -300 and -400 but it still enjoyed decent sales. Apart from Braathens, European users of the -500 included Lufthansa, Air France, Aer Lingus and Malev. British Airways picked up several second-hand examples including LN-BRC (the subject of the model) which became G-GFFG. Dave G
  6. Here is the Daco Skyline Boeing 737-500 finished as LN-BRC “Håkon IV Håkonsson“ of Braathens S.A.F.E. in the second version of the airline’s red white and blue stripe livery. About 30 years ago my wife and I flew with Braathens on what should have been the short hop across the North Sea from Bergen to Newcastle but because of fog we were diverted to Manchester along with most other flights bound for airports in the east of England. The handling companies were inundated and obviously scraping the barrel to get road transport. I still shudder at the memory of the three hour journey to Newcastle in darkness and fog on a clearly unroadworthy bus with no heating, stinking of diesel and driven by a delightful individual who responded to a mild complaint from one passenger by threatening to dump everyone on the hard shoulder of the M62. The passengers included several large and disgruntled Norwegians, probably oilmen, so it was maybe just as well for him that he didn’t actually try! Anyhow, the nightmare bus journey was in no way the fault of Braathens and I have been “going to get round” to a model ever since. The one poor quality photo of the aircraft which I snapped at Bergen suggests it was LN-BRC hence the choice of registration. The build is pretty much OOB apart from the addition of a few small fairings from plastic strip and replacement of some of the small detail parts with photo-etch. Paint is Halfords Appliance Gloss White and Racking Grey with AK Interactive aluminium on the lower forward fuselage. Other metallics are by Tamiya and Revell. Livery decals are a mixture of an ancient Liveries Unlimited sheet (copyright date 1996) and the more recent Lima November sheet 144-506. Detail decals are from the kit and windows are by Authentic Airliners. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is always welcome. Dave G I IMG_1231 by David Griffiths, on Flick Just for fun, a full set of Daco 737s -300, -400 and -500
  7. There has been an awful lot of "nonsense" around Covid for the past two years. I am fully aware that wearing a mask is primarily intended to protect other people (I'm not quite that stupid ...) but there is also evidence that wearing a mask helps to protect the wearer. I'm not a scientist and don't read scientific papers with any regularity but to give just one example the British Heart Foundation, an entirely reputable organisation, has a section on its website about "Learning to live with Covid" which includes detailed guidance about the best type of mask to wear for your own protection.
  8. I suspect that the current laissez-faire attitude is at least partly a reaction to the lockdown measures which were arguably excessive when compared to countries like Sweden. They were worse here in Scotland than south of the border and if the restrictions hadn't been lifted when they were people would almost certainly have started ignoring them anyway. There is a balance to be struck between allowing people to lead normal lives and minimising the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. Whether we are currently striking the correct balance isn't for me to say but I wouldn't be confident that the high level of public compliance with the earlier restrictions will be repeated. Ironically a friend of mine who was still wearing a mask when everyone else had given up contracted the virus a few weeks ago and was ill enough to teeter on the brink of hospital admission. Fortunately he is now beginning to recover but on any view he was seriously unwell and religiously wearing a mask failed to prevent that. Having said all that, I will be exhibiting at a show this coming weekend and I will be wearing an FFP2 mask for the simple reason that in Scotland about one person in fifteen has Covid and you don't have to be a mathematical genius to work out the likelihood of coming into contact with such a person at a busy model show. While I'm a tad sceptical of the value of masks, wearing one won't harm the wearer and I'm happy to take advantage of whatever protection it offers. Dave G
  9. Ray is now selling his screen printed detail sheets as separate items. Here is the A330/340 sheet which seems to include the plates you are looking for. Dave G
  10. Welcome to Britmodeller. You have just joined the world’s best modelling site! I am originally from Lanarkshire and I went to school in Hamilton so I know the area well. Dave G
  11. I don't use FR24 very often but I'm pretty sure the free version only allows you to go back 7 days.
  12. @Scott Garard is quite correct but since the invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions Russian-made decals (PAS, Ascensio, Revaro, Aerodeka etc) are difficult to find. Ascensio used to be reasonably readily available via eBay but unfortunately not any more. If anyone knows a current, reliable source for Ascensio decals I'd be interested to hear about it because I am after a Vueling sheet they do. In the absence of such a source it looks like the only way to do "Orange Pride" is to use standard KLM 777-300ER decals and make the red, white and blue stripe yourself. Best of luck with that! Dave G
  13. Thanks for that generous offer Daniel. I will send you a pm. Dave G
  14. Remember the old saying that if you take care of the pennies the pounds will look after themselves (at least to a point). It's still worth bearing in mind. I have always had strong views about food waste and with prices the way they are we have set ourselves a target of zero wastage. There is a shedload of information out there about eating well on a budget, using up leftovers and freezing stuff that you might not immediately think of (chopped onions and fresh herbs being two examples). Yellow label stuff in supermarkets is an opportunity, not a source of embarrassment. Check the price per kilo or litre before buying - sometimes buying a larger quantity and freezing half is cheaper but not always. We plan our meals for the week and work out a shopping list trying to ensure there won't be anything un-freezable left over and we only buy what we need. It's simple basic stuff but as a well known supermarket says "Every little helps". If you can afford it, add some extra tins, breakfast cereal etc to your shopping and donate it to your local food bank. Dave G
  15. Thanks for sharing your excellent modelling and photography Daniel. Interesting point about the nose shape. I'm building the Zvezda kit for the first time just now and when I attached the non-glazed nose it looked completely weird. I'm glad it's not just me that thinks it's wrong. Accuracy is usually a given with Zvezda but not this time. Dave G
  16. That's just gorgeous Berk. Congratulations on such a beautiful model. I have always had a soft spot for the Revell B763 which was the kit that got me started with airliners in the early 1990s. It might be 30 years old but in the right hands it still gives an excellent result as you have shown. Dave G
  17. Absolutely magnificent. It must be particularly satisfying to model an aircraft you know personally, so to speak! The Qatar livery looks great on any aircraft but for some reason it's especially impressive on the big 777. Which grey paint did you use? Dave G
  18. The perfect place for a snooze, lovely and warm after the car has been out and about. It's particularly good fun if your feet are really, really muddy and the car has just been washed ....
  19. Splendid work as always Matti and extra kudos for getting such a good result from an Eastern Express kit! Dave G
  20. Despite my stage name I have ridden a motorbike for most of my adult life. The motorcycling world has long been a fertile area for elitists and snobs, aided and abetted in no small measure by most of the manufacturers. I have never wanted or owned a bike larger than 650cc and I get serious red mist any time I hear a machine of that size dismissed as a "beginner's bike" or, in what appears to be the ultimate insult, a bike for "lady riders". (The latter disrespects the fantastic exploits of many female motorcyclists like the Dutch girl who posts on YouTube under the name "Itchy Boots" and went half way round the world on a 411cc Royal Enfield Himalayan). Far too many motorcyclists seem to think a bike has to have a top speed over 150 mph, electronic gadgetry that would put an Airbus A320 to shame and a price that would have bought a decent house a few years ago. Anything falling short of these criteria risks being dismissed as unworthy and inferior. I don't know if it's the economic climate or if riders are just getting fed up with over-specified, over-priced and over-hyped motorbikes but in the last few years there has been a very welcome trend towards smaller, simpler and cheaper machines. Royal Enfield's emergence as a major player has been a significant factor in this with their simple, beautifully designed, well built and affordable bikes selling faster than dealers can get hold of them. I just hope the trend continues and the snobbery withers and dies. Dave G
  21. I realise Canada is a very different proposition from Scotland but I strongly endorse the advice to think about access to medical, dental and veterinary treatment and look ahead to days when mobility may be an issue and driving may no longer be possible. We don't know what is round the corner and illness or disability can strike suddenly and severely. When my wife and I retired we decided to stay put in our nice house in a pleasant town with good facilities and some of Scotland's finest outdoor areas a short distance away. This decision was significantly influenced by the experience of friends. They were fanatically keen sailors and relocated from Glasgow to a remote area on the Scottish west coast when the husband retired at age 60. Within about three years he was diagnosed with "wet" macular degeneration, unusual but not unheard of for somebody in their early sixties. He quickly became unable to drive, let alone sail, and they really had no choice but to move to Inverness where treatment and support were more readily available. Apart from the upheaval, disruption and expense of two house moves they lost quite a bit of money on a sailing-related business they had been trying to set up. Even if we hadn't been put off by what happened to our friends, we didn't really have any reason to move. We both grew up in urban areas, we don't have children so there is no issue of moving "closer to the family" (or further away!) and Brexit has completely screwed any thoughts we might have had about relocating to Germany where my sister lives. In many ways we have the best of both worlds living in a good-sized town with the Scottish Highlands on the doorstep. Dave G
  22. Thanks for sharing your lovely model Julien. The photos are excellent and really show it off. Thanks also for the helpful painting information. It's very annoying that Zvezda gave us a lovely new sprue of Max-related bits but somehow missed the longer nose wheel leg. I have a Max in primer ready for final painting and I extended the leg using plastic rod and fuse wire. I'll write it up properly when I post the RFI, hopefully in the next couple of months. Dave G
  23. There is a suggestion near the end of this thread that Village Photos have not updated their security certificate.
  24. It may have been Iron Brew at one time but it's been spelled Irn-Bru for as long as I can remember.
  25. Excellent work as always Einar. I didn't realise the Tu-144 was so much bigger than Concorde! Dave G
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