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  1. John, if you're still undecided about livery I have a set of V1 Jersey European decals which I'm unlikely to use. Drop me a PM if you're interested. Dave G
  2. Although they flew in full livery, Sabena’s BAe-146s and Avro RJs were actually operated by Delta Air Transport (DAT) which would later form the nucleus of Brussels Airlines following the collapse of Sabena in 2001. Here is the Revell BAe-146-200, one of my favourite airliner kits, finished as OO-DJJ circa 1996. OO-DJJ was delivered new to DAT in 1991 and apart from a brief lease to Malmo Aviation in 2003/4 served until 2007. She is now a water bomber fighting fires with Neptune Aviation Services in the USA. The Revell BAe-146 is a straightforward and enjoyable build apart from the rather fiddly undercarriage. The cabin window line is slightly too high and the windows are too small which isn't a big deal if you use decals. l placed the window decals about 1mm lower for better alignment with the large titles. Paint is overall Halfords white. Decals are by Daco with Authentic Airliners windows. In 1996 OO-DJJ and some other DAT BAe-146s were decorated with “Suske and Wiske” (aka Spike and Suzy and other names depending on country) to celebrate 100 years of Belgian cartoon strips. Apparently there were plans for Tintin to feature on the Avro RJs but copyright issues got in the way. Thanks for looking and constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G With the Sukhoi SSJ-100, a later and much less successful recruit to the Belgian national carrier
  3. Thanks for the comments everybody, it's was a nice surprise to see this thread coming back to life nearly five months on! I hope to post another Belgian model later today. Thanks John. If I'm being honest the photos probably flatter the finish. I found it a bit strange going back to enamel paint and it was a reminder why I have almost completely abandoned it in favour of acrylic! I don't remember any particular problems with masking round the nose apart from constant checking and double checking. Dave G
  4. I wasn't sure where was the best place to post this and I opted for modern civil aircraft because that is what Drawdecal mainly cover. If the moderators think it would be better elsewhere, please move it. When the rules about collection of VAT changed in January Drawdecal was one of a number of suppliers who refused to sell to UK customers unless the customer placed a huge order over the £135 threshold. The issue was discussed in several threads notably this one in the Rumourmonger. Greg has reconsidered his position and he will now accept small UK orders provided the customer agrees to meet any VAT liability and/or other charges and accepts the risk (however small) that the package could be seized and destroyed by HMRC. He has updated the Drawdecal website to reflect this. For what it's worth I recently ordered three sheets at a total cost of $47 (£35.76) including shipping and they arrived without any problem. I'm not meaning to re-start a discussion which was rather done to death around the turn of the year, I'm simply passing on a bit of information which I hope will be of assistance to fellow airliner modellers in the UK. Dave G
  5. There is a thread in the FAQs about posting photos which is currently standing at 29 pages.
  6. I hesitate to use the B word but Brexit might affect some of the bigger shows, particularly Telford. On another site there is a thread about Telford and Ivo Braghin of BraZ Models (an Italian company which specialises in resin accessories for 1/144 civil airliners) has asked if anyone knows the post-Brexit rules about a trader from Italy selling goods at a show in the UK. So far he hasn't had any response (no surprise) but there are several potential issues like having to declare his show stock to UK customs when he arrives and whether he has to account for UK VAT on his sales. I don't know the answers but it is self-evident that a trader from the EU is likely to have a lot more hassle than he had pre-Brexit and it won't be surprising if people like Ivo decide it isn't worth the bother.
  7. For fellow fans of top-notch jazz piano playing
  8. Another wonderful model with a fascinating story Einar. Thanks for sharing. Dave G
  9. Sorry to learn of your brother's death @Widow 65. I'm pretty sure pinkycoffeeboat was a member of Airliner Cafe as well as Britmodeller. He was always interested in and supportive of airliner modelling. For the kits I would also suggest contacting Kingkit. About five years ago I offloaded a large quantity of 1/48 military aircraft kits to them. I was more interested in making space than making money and they offered what I considered a reasonable price. The courier collection arrangements also worked well. All I needed to do was compile an inventory and package the kits ready for collection. The guy who used to run Kingkit (Malcolm?) could be a bit abrupt but I think most of the business is now done by his son. Dave G
  10. Lovely job Einar - a classic airliner in a classic livery. I've always been a fan of the DC-8, more so than the 707, and your model is a beautiful replica. Thanks for sharing. Dave G
  11. Has anyone had experience of fitting the winglets to the Daco Skyline 737? I am planning a winglet-fitted B733 in Air Baltic livery and having cut the wings at the obvious point (the line immediately inboard of the wingtips) I can't see how to fit the winglets without a significant bit of packing and bodging. Also, to my eyes the Daco winglets are too tall. (They are around 2mm taller than the winglets on a Zvezda 737-700). Does anybody know how the Daco parts compare to the real dimensions? Thanks in anticipation Dave G
  12. I've never modelled the Aeroflot livery and I don't do "What Ifs" so I can't really comment. However the last time I exhibited at a model show (remember them?) I had several entertaining conversations with members of the "What If" SIG who were at the adjacent stand. Their models were amazing, in many cases backed up by serious historical research and as one of them said, "Nobody can prove us wrong"!
  13. Humbrol 15 is a better match for the earlier BA Negus blue than Landor Blue. A few months ago Turbofan recommended Tamiya X-3 Royal Blue for Landor Blue and judging from his beautiful 757 it's spot on. Fiat Capri blue is spot on for the current BA Chatham blue. I've always though the current Aeroflot blue is a bit darker than the current BA blue. I've never painted the livery myself but I would probably use Tamiya X-4 as the starting point. At the end of the day it's your model and if you're happy with a particular colour that's all that matters. Dave G
  14. Slightly weird, funny and very, very German. Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour?
  15. For anyone who needs cheering up or who just enjoys good contemporary rock and roll.
  16. I'll probably indulge my Germanophilia. At the moment the most likely livery is LTU although if one of the decal makers comes up with Condor Rizzi Bird it will go straight to the head of the queue!
  17. In case anyone has missed it this appears to be the first built example on BM.
  18. As I said over on Facebook, that's a beauty and it's good to know the kit is a straightforward build. My two are safely tucked up in the stash just now until I finish some of my current projects but I'm looking forward to staring one in the not too distant future. Dave G
  19. Great work Alistair. Love the finish. That's some of the best weathering I've seen! Dave G
  20. One of the best examples I know of a "B" side which was streets ahead of the "A" side, in this case the very forgettable "Maybe Tomorrow"
  21. Lovely model Norbert, thanks for sharing. F-RSIN's resin kits can be hit or miss. When they are good they are excellent - their resin ATR-72 was a better replica of the original than the current plastic version - but sometimes they are, ahem, "challenging". Their HP Hermes is one of the few kits I've abandoned as unbuildable, as opposed to ones I have messed up myself. I have a Nord 262 in the stash and vague plans to build Dan Air's G-AYFR one day. Seeing how well yours has turned out I might just bump it up the queue .... Dave G
  22. Following with interest Julian. I suspect one reason why you haven't seen more builds is the UK price. I don't know what the kit costs in Australia but Hannants in the UK sell it for £46.70. F-RSIN's very nice Viscount 700 is £18.99, less than half the price. Dave G
  23. I'm sorry I can't remember who mixed the Pantone 266 that I used on this model. It was a long time ago and there is no name on the can but I think it might have been carpaintwarehouse.co.uk. If it's any help I've also had good results from paints4u.com although I have only used them to mix RAL colours, not Pantone
  24. That is absolutely superb Einar - an excellent build in an unusual livery. Thanks for sharing and thanks also for the information about the conversion which I will bookmark for future reference. Dave G
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