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  1. Hi guys. I don't have much time right now but I'm trying to some work from time to time. So far I'm working on wheels and zimmerit. Btw zimmerit on a sticker is really good made. I hope that after painting don't loose 3d texture. More will come. I hope that I will Finnish before dead line Cheers
  2. Small update. I have done some minor work with this little fella. I have installed metal weights in to the bottom part of hull and some small parts. I will use a baby step method to complete this model I'm happy how the zimmert sheets looks like and 3d texture looks good. With this build I want to make commander as well I looked at moulding and it's accurate for the scale I think I will try to add some more after the weekend. Cheers Pawel
  3. Hi. It's a really interesting topic. I like what you did so far. I have a question. How you paint tracks and wheels. Separate from the model or you glue it together and then paint it? Cheers
  4. Thanks guys for a nice welcome I have opened box and after looking at spures I'm quite happy. I like details level and size of a tank. This will be my first model in that scale. I will put some pictures later today. Cheers
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to join to this group build for two reasons. First is to boost and getting back my mojo and second is to have a good fun. This is my first post in this year and last one as well. I hope build will turn out ok coz I'm a bit rusty I want to make this model with added zimmert pe parts. For now it's all what I've got tbc... Thanks
  6. I hope this GB going to start and Thank you for letting me know. It sounds very interesting. Sunday I will go to my local model store and I will check what they have. I have to buy some other stuff as well. For now I have started a spitfire... To much of them is never enough.
  7. Hi I'm in as well. I think I've got one of them in my stash... I'm trying to get back to model build this year coz last one was poor and no mojo. Cheers
  8. That's a really nice build. I like painting scheme and a weathering. I have done same model around 2 years ago. I remember that this kit was really nice to build. Cheers
  9. Happy new year! I wish to everybody all the best.


  10. Hi mate. I have also think that mosquito is really photogenic aircraft and in my opinion it is most beautiful 2 engine aircraft of 2ww. You did great job with aircraft and diorama. I really admire your creativity. Well done
  11. Can't find motivation this year. so far I have started 2 project that are covered in dust... not happy

    1. PlaStix


      Sorry to hear that. Hope you find something that gets the modelling mojo back. Possibly something quick and straightforward? Or a GB build? 

    2. sdk_uk


      I will take a look on a current GB tomorrow. For now I will clean the dust off from my models sort out my work place etc Maby that will help.


    3. PlaStix


      I hope so - I enjoy your builds and the resultant models! :thumbsup:

      Kind regards,


  12. Hi guys. Somehow over the Christmas and new year period I have lost interest with this kit. But I will resume work on it on the next week. For now tomorrow Star Wars time and beer after :). Cheers
  13. Nice one's well done mate.
  14. I see that you have been very busy last year. All your builds are really good. Well done and I hope that this year will be also productive. Have fun
  15. Hi guys this year was not that busy for me as a previous one but I menage to complete few models :). I did try few new methods for me and I have experienced work with aftermarket parts as well so I think that was a good year. First one I did was 1 Hawker Typhoon 1/72 Airfix 2 Vickers Wellington Mk 2 1/72 Revell 3 Armoured car względu. 34 II 1/35 Mirage Hobby 4 7tp Twin Turret Tank 1/35 Mirage Hobby 5 German Pzkpfw 38 (t) 1/35 Trumpter . It's only 5 of them but all of them make me proud Thanks for looking and I wish to you guys all the best Paweł
  16. Just awesome collection. You have been busy Well done.
  17. Hi thanks for reply. now i'confused a bit... it suppost to be easy build but i think i will make it more complicated. i just have send you my email for reference pictures. Meanwhile is it supposed be like that? http://tank-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/sherman-m4a2-british-medium-tank-ww2.html. big thanks for your help!
  18. Hi. if you try one more time to add that picture it would be great But to be honest I will try to make it just right coz things are so small to me and I will focus more on painting and weathering than on model accuracy. Cheers.
  19. Hi guys it's been a while since I have post something new the forum. I have found this gb and it's a great opportunity or me to Finnish this really small tank. My friend give it to me some time ago but when I opened the everything inside is just so small. OK it's really easy build and for now it took me obout 3hrs. there was a lot of plastic cleaning and I had to use filler as well but so far so good. For now hull and wheels are done next will be turret. Cheers .
  20. Nice clean build where we can see all detail on it plus tracks from friul adding so much to it. Cheers
  21. Really nice Tiffy mate. I like smooth weathering. Well done
  22. need to start making something new...

    plane or tank???

    1. PlaStix


      Tank........in the MTO GB!

  23. Nice job. Those added details bring it to life. Cheers
  24. Thank's Stix I'm happy that you like it. This little fella bring me a lot of fun Thank's. I was worried that rust on exhaust will be to much but it's OK Cheers
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