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    There are three things in my live that I love. Which is my wife my kids and my hobby.
    I like to riding on a push bike, spend time outside home and of course do a plastic models.
    I do like to drink Friday after work :) and I am still don't understand cricket rules :)

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  1. Happy new year! I wish to everybody all the best.


  2. Hi mate. I have also think that mosquito is really photogenic aircraft and in my opinion it is most beautiful 2 engine aircraft of 2ww. You did great job with aircraft and diorama. I really admire your creativity. Well done
  3. Can't find motivation this year. so far I have started 2 project that are covered in dust... not happy

    1. PlaStix


      Sorry to hear that. Hope you find something that gets the modelling mojo back. Possibly something quick and straightforward? Or a GB build? 

    2. sdk_uk


      I will take a look on a current GB tomorrow. For now I will clean the dust off from my models sort out my work place etc Maby that will help.


    3. PlaStix


      I hope so - I enjoy your builds and the resultant models! :thumbsup:

      Kind regards,


  4. sdk_uk

    Sherman M4A2 tank Airfix 1/76

    Hi guys. Somehow over the Christmas and new year period I have lost interest with this kit. But I will resume work on it on the next week. For now tomorrow Star Wars time and beer after :). Cheers
  5. sdk_uk

    Stew Dapple's 2016

    Nice one's well done mate.
  6. sdk_uk

    Stevej60's meandering's

    I see that you have been very busy last year. All your builds are really good. Well done and I hope that this year will be also productive. Have fun
  7. sdk_uk

    Sdk's 2016 yearbook

    Hi guys this year was not that busy for me as a previous one but I menage to complete few models :). I did try few new methods for me and I have experienced work with aftermarket parts as well so I think that was a good year. First one I did was 1 Hawker Typhoon 1/72 Airfix 2 Vickers Wellington Mk 2 1/72 Revell 3 Armoured car względu. 34 II 1/35 Mirage Hobby 4 7tp Twin Turret Tank 1/35 Mirage Hobby 5 German Pzkpfw 38 (t) 1/35 Trumpter . It's only 5 of them but all of them make me proud Thanks for looking and I wish to you guys all the best Paweł
  8. sdk_uk

    Redboost's shelf of king's scale :-)

    Just awesome collection. You have been busy Well done.
  9. sdk_uk

    Sherman M4A2 tank Airfix 1/76

    Hi thanks for reply. now i'confused a bit... it suppost to be easy build but i think i will make it more complicated. i just have send you my email for reference pictures. Meanwhile is it supposed be like that? http://tank-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/sherman-m4a2-british-medium-tank-ww2.html. big thanks for your help!
  10. sdk_uk

    Sherman M4A2 tank Airfix 1/76

    Hi. if you try one more time to add that picture it would be great But to be honest I will try to make it just right coz things are so small to me and I will focus more on painting and weathering than on model accuracy. Cheers.
  11. sdk_uk

    Sherman M4A2 tank Airfix 1/76

    Hi guys it's been a while since I have post something new the forum. I have found this gb and it's a great opportunity or me to Finnish this really small tank. My friend give it to me some time ago but when I opened the everything inside is just so small. OK it's really easy build and for now it took me obout 3hrs. there was a lot of plastic cleaning and I had to use filler as well but so far so good. For now hull and wheels are done next will be turret. Cheers .
  12. sdk_uk


    Nice clean build where we can see all detail on it plus tracks from friul adding so much to it. Cheers
  13. Really nice Tiffy mate. I like smooth weathering. Well done
  14. need to start making something new...

    plane or tank???

    1. PlaStix


      Tank........in the MTO GB!