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    There are three things in my live that I love. Which is my wife my kids and my hobby.
    I like to riding on a push bike, spend time outside home and of course do a plastic models.
    I do like to drink Friday after work :) and I am still don't understand cricket rules :)

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  1. Hi guys. I don't have much time right now but I'm trying to some work from time to time. So far I'm working on wheels and zimmerit. Btw zimmerit on a sticker is really good made. I hope that after painting don't loose 3d texture. More will come. I hope that I will Finnish before dead line Cheers
  2. Small update. I have done some minor work with this little fella. I have installed metal weights in to the bottom part of hull and some small parts. I will use a baby step method to complete this model I'm happy how the zimmert sheets looks like and 3d texture looks good. With this build I want to make commander as well I looked at moulding and it's accurate for the scale I think I will try to add some more after the weekend. Cheers Pawel
  3. Hi. It's a really interesting topic. I like what you did so far. I have a question. How you paint tracks and wheels. Separate from the model or you glue it together and then paint it? Cheers
  4. Thanks guys for a nice welcome I have opened box and after looking at spures I'm quite happy. I like details level and size of a tank. This will be my first model in that scale. I will put some pictures later today. Cheers
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to join to this group build for two reasons. First is to boost and getting back my mojo and second is to have a good fun. This is my first post in this year and last one as well. I hope build will turn out ok coz I'm a bit rusty I want to make this model with added zimmert pe parts. For now it's all what I've got tbc... Thanks
  6. I hope this GB going to start and Thank you for letting me know. It sounds very interesting. Sunday I will go to my local model store and I will check what they have. I have to buy some other stuff as well. For now I have started a spitfire... To much of them is never enough.
  7. Hi I'm in as well. I think I've got one of them in my stash... I'm trying to get back to model build this year coz last one was poor and no mojo. Cheers
  8. That's a really nice build. I like painting scheme and a weathering. I have done same model around 2 years ago. I remember that this kit was really nice to build. Cheers
  9. Happy new year! I wish to everybody all the best.


  10. Hi mate. I have also think that mosquito is really photogenic aircraft and in my opinion it is most beautiful 2 engine aircraft of 2ww. You did great job with aircraft and diorama. I really admire your creativity. Well done
  11. Can't find motivation this year. so far I have started 2 project that are covered in dust... not happy

    1. PlaStix


      Sorry to hear that. Hope you find something that gets the modelling mojo back. Possibly something quick and straightforward? Or a GB build? 

    2. sdk_uk


      I will take a look on a current GB tomorrow. For now I will clean the dust off from my models sort out my work place etc Maby that will help.


    3. PlaStix


      I hope so - I enjoy your builds and the resultant models! :thumbsup:

      Kind regards,


  12. Hi guys. Somehow over the Christmas and new year period I have lost interest with this kit. But I will resume work on it on the next week. For now tomorrow Star Wars time and beer after :). Cheers
  13. Nice one's well done mate.
  14. I see that you have been very busy last year. All your builds are really good. Well done and I hope that this year will be also productive. Have fun
  15. Hi guys this year was not that busy for me as a previous one but I menage to complete few models :). I did try few new methods for me and I have experienced work with aftermarket parts as well so I think that was a good year. First one I did was 1 Hawker Typhoon 1/72 Airfix 2 Vickers Wellington Mk 2 1/72 Revell 3 Armoured car względu. 34 II 1/35 Mirage Hobby 4 7tp Twin Turret Tank 1/35 Mirage Hobby 5 German Pzkpfw 38 (t) 1/35 Trumpter . It's only 5 of th
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