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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Jack, as always the info was out there (I've browsed that Aerodrome site a few times) but I'd not looked in exactly the right place it seems! Jon
  2. Hi all, I'm currently building Eduard's weekend edition Albatros D.V (as a D.Va using some AM decals). There are two different propellers in the kit, one slightly broader in chord to my eyes, and two different spinners, which I can't see any obvious difference between. The instructions show both as options... Does anyone have any info on different propellers/spinners used on Albatri, and how I would go about determining which is correct? Jon
  3. Dang nabbit, I just Google image searched "hammer & sickle" and of course you are correct... annoying that so often we spend ages obsessing over various details and then mess up something seemingly so simple! I will have to correct it or it will drive me mad, thanks for pointing it out! Jon
  4. Hi Andy, Not sure which bit of the base specifically you mean, so here is the full run-down: The concrete slabs are these.. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICM48231 The black 'mastik' in between the slabs was added with Vallejo plastic putty coloured with black though. The grass is 'teddy bear fur' from here... http://www.just-bases.co.uk/?page_id=262 The snow is this stuff (I'm sure I bought mine in Hobbycraft)... https://www.darksphere.co.uk/p.php?p=30447&c=563 The badge on the front of the base is one of these (but with a coat of paint)... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Soviet-Army-Red-Star-Soldiers-Cap-Hat-Badge-USSR-CCCP-Military-Badge-/270985754341?hash=item3f180276e5:g:GFEAAOSwajVUPn46 And the base itself is a photo frame not unlike this one (mine was from The Range)... https://img0.etsystatic.com/015/0/6327155/il_fullxfull.455544028_cl6t.jpg Hope that helps Jon
  5. Cheers lads Brad, yeah that was about the worst fitting bit, didn't get it quite perfect in the end to be honest, it's not very nice on the underside! Jon
  6. Hi all, thought I'd share some pictures of my latest project, built for a GB on the Flory Models forum. As well as the Hobby Boss kit, I used a True Details cockpit (designed for the old Kopro kit so took a bit of fitting), Quickboost ventral fin and Master gun barrels and pitot. The main airframe is painted with Mr Metal Colour, specifically 'Aluminium' and 'Stainless', and weathered with oil paints. I actually bought the kit (complete with cockpit set and fin) from somebody on BM, but the name escapes me just now. The base is a 'box' style photo frame, with ICM's representation of the PAG-14 slabs, some teddy bear fur and snow by a company whose name also escapes me just now. The badge on the front of the base came from eBay at circa £2 posted, it had a (pretty crap) enameled finish which I've overpainted. The figure is by Aerobonus, and is a bloomin' lovely bit of casting. Anyway, too much waffle, here are the pics: And a few WIP shots.... Didn't mean to post up that many photos when I started, but there we are, done now Jon
  7. Gotta love this classic line: "The most delicate and painstaking work usually goes to women - they have more subtle and sensitive fingers." Straight out of a soviet propaganda film that one. Enjoying your build Mike, I've got one of these hopefully winging it's way to me so your thread is just building the excitement in this household (well one member of this household at least). Jon
  8. Thanks for the replies lads, that confirms what I thought. Great photo Pete. I didn't realise the tank pylons came away too, guess it must help from an aerodynamics point of view...
  9. Hi All I'm looking at building a desert storm era F-16, as seen below, loaded up with four Mk84's. Am I right in thinking that the inner pair will be on different pylons to the usual ones used with fuel tanks? If so, are the pylons I need identical to the outer ones? Jon
  10. Right, again no exciting photos I'm afraid but I've got the canopy on and masked up with the Montex masks. It was my first time using these (used Eduard before) and I must say I like them. I would certainly not have fancied tackling this with masking tape... Will update once I'm on with the painting... starting to worry about that deadline now!
  11. Same here, I did wonder if I just didn't have the wing halves together tight enough but fairly sure the inserts were just thinner than the wing...
  12. Cheers for the tip Andy, I've put the legs together and already snapped one of those really thin supports that goes through the middle if you know what I mean, they'll both get replaced with brass rod at the end. Been plodding on with this but nothing exciting to show really. I realised I was daft leaving out the rear facing gun when I did the cockpit, as now I'm having to paint it before I can fit the canopy anyway - d'oh. Then I've been building propellers, landing gear, dipping the canopy in klear, things like that. Will post up a photo when it's all ready for some paint (y) Jon
  13. Just caught up on your progress here Max, I like the work you're doing on the engine bays. I found the same thing with the nose / gun bay cover that you mention, I ended up fitting the gun cover tight at one end then sanded out the step, filled the gap and rescribed a join at the other end. That said, these parts didn't necessarily fit together well on the real thing! Keep up the good work, I notice you haven't tackled those inserts in the port wing yet ;-) Jon
  14. Thought it was time I provided an update on this, although I've been working on lots of little bits so there's not a lot to show. I've added things like the slats, flaps and elevators, and here is a shot from behind of the current state of affairs. All the wing roots needed in the end was some thinned Vallejo Plastic Putty brushed on to fill the hairline gap. We'll see how they look under a coat of primer... I've also been working on some other little bits, putting the wheels together, fuel tank racks, etc. I'd be interested to know if anyone has tackled the bomb rack yet, and if so, how the little sway brace - type things went on.... I'm finding they are impossible to get hold of with tweezers due to the shape Jon
  15. Very nice paintwork with just the right amount of weathering
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