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  1. That the best F-35 i've seen, well done Koralik! Very well done
  2. The issue with this kit is the swing wing bit, it is quite temperamental so if I did it again I'd certainly modify it. Thats the bonus being in Scotland...but you gotta be quick as the weather can change quickly...well, like every five minutes Thank you for the kind comments everyone
  3. CPU-123 Paveway II 1/32 - Eduard Store well, i can only go on the advise i have been given from Tornado weapons instructors
  4. The error in the write up was on me as they're CPU-123'S, these were a lovely detailed mould from Eduard...superb! I was reached out to by a weapons instructor who was involved in operation Telic on the original load out mistake, so I followed his lead on CPU-123's which are Paveway II which was the system in operation circa 2003.
  5. Thank you kindly, its a good kit in some respects if you like a bit of a challenge and can turn out well with patience...a lot of patience It certainly was! Many a time I had to walk off from it and count to a million, but im really glad it come out as well as it did. The only wish is that italeri didn't make the panel recess so big, but its the best kit in 1/32 of the Tornado.
  6. Hello all, i hope everyone is well. This is my Italeri Tornado paint up as 'Danger Mouse' (DM...which is my own initial's) which operated in Iraq circa 2003. I was greateful of some advice from ex Tornado pilots that when i initially added the GBU-12's which were supplied in the kit were actually incorrect ordinance circa 2003. So i had to invest in some Eduard bits to archive the correct load out, so one TILAD pod and two CPU-123'S were added to the kit to get in right. This is just a slight oversight from Italeri as the supplied ordinance was correct for the other decal versions supplied. The other extras for this kit are the Red Fox studios cockpit set and the Mastercasters wheels, but the kit overall is a bit of a tough one that you have to work through to get right, one thing id advise others to do when build this kit is be aware for the swing-wing mechanism as it isnt the securest and could fail after a while, but when it works...its work surprisingly well. Hope you all like it as it was a bit of a mission, but a rewarding one at that. Over to you...the judges
  7. Well....(drum roll).....£45, which turned out to be quite a bargain Decals are the ones straight out of the box, the worry from the get-go was the shark mouth....but it went on very easily
  8. No, that's more than fine as this is great information for me and others. Some of these bits of information go along way to help with builds and the history of aircraft, so keep at it. As for the uniform, it's just the figure that comes with the kit....so blame Tamiya for that one lol!
  9. Hello all, I managed to pick this kit up from a bootfair so i was expecting some issues with bit missing....and it turned out the most of the engine was missing, which wasnt a major drama but it would have been nice to be able to have this opened up. I used Tamiya paints for this one with MLT and they worked like a dream, then used Mr Colour varnishes to finish it off. It was straight out of the box with no additions. All comments are welcome but of note is there is no wire aerial attached due to travelling issues i.e. keep falling off
  10. Blimey Mike, when i read 'however' i thought 'uh oh....what have i done wrong' haha! Thank you for your kind comments and service 50 f.......shades of grey my friend She's has a presence for sure, its odd as you start the build it doesnt seem too big but by the end of it its 'where is this suppose to go then' .
  11. Hello all, hope everyone is well. This is my F-15E by Tamiya, its a nice kit to build....well its Tamiya isnt it The Cockpit got the Red Fox Studio upgrade, plus i added the Reskit (RSU32-0030) kit to upgrade the rear burners. Painted mainly with MRP 040 for the gunship and some low-high lights with other various greys. Thought i'd go for a Desert Storm #6 load out of 4xAIM-9L's 4xGBU-10's and fuel tanks. Hope you all like it.... All comments welcome
  12. Fair comment and critique accepted , I did do some effects but seemly not enough to stand out. Thank you for the comment
  13. Thanks Andy, I thought id just add the link to hopefully give you some reference material to use on your build as finding them can be hard at times.
  14. Thank you Andy, keep on with the good work in your build (i see your build thread), here is a link to my build of the same aircraft if you want to check it out.. Fair comment, i did do some staining but from the pictures it doesnt show up to well, so maybe this is something i need to do more to which will give a better effect. Thanks for the comment. The kit for most part is ok, my main issues came around the gun covers and the parts given seemed a little undersized so needed a lot of super glue and filler and a good session of sanding. Thanks for the nice comments.
  15. It's tough to be 'subtle' with weathering as hard to stop yourself at the point before it becomes over weathered, so thank you for you kind comment.
  16. Thank you F-32, I'm sure getting to sit in that beast was real pleasure.
  17. Hello all, Happy New year and thank lordy 2021 has right done one...Lets hope 2022 is a lot, lot better for us all. This was started in 2021 so i cant really claim this to be a 2022 build, but one that rolled over into 2022. The Trumpeter P-47D kits seem to be a little hit and miss as i've built a few and this one was a real tricky customer which need a fair amount of filler, sanding and re-scribing (replacing panels that was destroyed in the sanding exercise) to look half decent. I'm working on a few more weathering processes to make my aircraft look more realistic, so if there are any comments on the weathering that may need improvement please leave a comment as all comment are welcome. This aircraft is: P-47D-30-RE Sno 44-20344 #54 ‘Norma/Little Bunny/Helen and flown by Lt. William "Willy" Lyke and shared with Lt. Brad Muhl. The Aircraft is finished in RAF Green upper surfaces and Medium Sea Grey lower surfaces. The aircraft has the Leading edge of the nose cowl finished in red while the tail and wings have yellow identification stripes. the aircraft was an ex-Brazilian aircraft that was turned over to the 57th FG who painted over some of the markings resulting in a patchwork Olive Drab/RAF green finish. The name Norma was added by Lt. Brad Muhl and this was to impress his girlfriend who was a nurse in Pisa, Italy. Paint: I tend to stick with Gunze as much as i can and went for 303 for the cockpit interior. 27 for the wheel bays, the main paints were 13 (medium grey) and 23 (RAF Drab) with 38 (US tank Drab) for the camo scheme. Aftermarket: Only added Master 32004 1/32 Gun Barrels, Brassin Wheels and Eagle Cal's EC#104 set. As ever Eagle Cal do a great job on their decals but i wish they included the prop markings in this set. Seat belt are scratch built with tape and spare buckles. As i said, please comment on the weathering is there is anywhere i can improve on this. Keep safe folks.
  18. It's quite easy to do in this kit as the pylon mounts are 2.5mm wide and its quite easy to get hold of some 2.5mm cylinder magnets. What it does do is save the pylons getting knocked off in transit.
  19. I believe so, its certainly the same on the C/D and J but is easily fixable if you flow what I did in reference to SAT69's question.
  20. If you go down the Tamiya route you'll find it a very easy build, the intakes need some surgery to get to look half decent. Tamiya are know for their great kits, but I have no clue as to what they was thinking when they engineered this area of the kit. Thank you for your kind comment and I was waiting for this question to come up, but I didn't think to take pictures of the surgery needed. If you have the kit, you'll notice that the fuselage has some parts of the inner intake attached to it, these need removing. What I did then was place these inner walls onto the intake and test fit them to see they looked and fit correctly, after checking this it was a case of sanding and filling the intake smooth, painting and then attaching them. Hope that helps.
  21. Hello all, I've been working on this one for a while now and i was hoping to get outside and get some photo's on a diorama and in daylight, but the weather hasnt been playing ball. So, i thought i'd get some indoor pics done and then update this later. The build includes Red Fox Studios instrument set and all the weapons are attached with magnets for ease of transportation, paints were from Gunze and oil washed with Abteilung Starship filth for the most part. All comments welcome
  22. Haha! Nope, they always ping off in transit...so that'll be done by the new owner.
  23. Hello all, i hope you're all keeping well. While between projects I manged to dive into a quick Hasegawa 190 kit, for some reason these kits are far better IMO and go together better/easier than the Revell versions. I had an EagleCals (EC#79) set sitting about so though id use them on this one and use the rest of sheet on another one later, also added were the gun barrels and pitot tube by Master (AM-32-065) set....plus some canopy masks as i hate masking canopies up :-). Paints as always are Gunze and then lightly weather with oil paints. I will try and get some outdoor and moody shots later on as its not the nicest weather outside right now. Hope you all like it, please feel free to comment or critique.
  24. Thank you for your comment and getting the decals to look real isnt as hard as it seems, just a bit of faffing about. I always gloss before decalling, i did try doing it without the glossing step but always hit issues so i returned to basics. Then lay the decals down and leave to dry, then add another layer of gloss onto and very lightly sand the decal area, keep doing this until the aircraft and decal layer is the same........then finish with the varnish of choice. Hope that helps.
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