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  1. markp58

    Airframe & Miniature vs SAM Datafiles

    I can enlighten you. The SAM datafile on the Mosquito was published in 1998. Aside of a front cover change and some extra model builds gleaned from magazine articles the second edition is virtually the same as the original. The Airframe & Miniature volumes are completely new with fresh information not available twenty years ago. The weight of information available dictated the need to produce two volumes on the subject. The specially commissioned model builds are of newer tool kits more recently available. Hope this helps.
  2. As the song goes, our bags are packed-we're ready to go. There's just time to let you know what you can expect on our stand at Telford * You can pre-order Airframe & Miniature No 11-The Messerschmitt Bf 109 Late Series book and save £3.00 combined on cover price and postage. The book is due in early December * It may be your last chance to grab a copy of some of our books-AM3 Fw 190D, AM7 Fw 190 Radial-engine, AM8 Mosquito Part 1, Airframe Album 10 Me 163 and AD1 Bv 141 are in very short supply * Save even more money by investing in our book bundles * Steve Evans, author of Airframe Extra 7 on The Suez Crisis will be with us. Ask him nicely and he might sign your copy. * We have 33% off all remaining Quickboost, Barracudacast and Valiant Wings accessories * Need canopy masks for older kits in your stash? We have a wealth of Eduard vinyl masks at 50p each * We are selling off kits that we have bought for book research. We may have that old or collletable gem that you have been looking for * We have good stocks of Mr Hobby paint and materials if you need to stock up for your modelling escape over Christmas Come and find us in Hall 1, Row F. See you there.
  3. markp58

    Airframe & Miniature No.10 - The de Havilland Mosquito Part 2

    Yes it does contain information on the Sea Mosquito. I can tell you that the book is completely new and the content is completely fresh. There are scale plans of various variants including a port profile of the TR33. You may find the 24 pages of 3D isometrics useful as there is a view of the TR37 that may help you.
  4. If you are going to Cosford on Sunday look us up. Aside of our entire book range (including the very last copy of Airframe Album No 2-The Hawker Sea Fury) we will have a good selection of Mr Hobby paint and materials including a few bottles of very elusive Levelling Thinner. See you there.
  5. Well, what do you know...Airframe Album No 11 on The Fieseler Storch is now bigger-much bigger. Owing to the the weight of images and material for this book we have had to increase its size by 32 pages to a whopping 128 pages plus covers. A lot of the information contained has never been seen before in print so enthusiasts are in for a real treat. This has meant that we have had to adjust the cover price to £17.95 RRP per copy. However all pre-ordered copies will be honoured at the original price of £16.95 per copy. Furthermore anyone placing an order before publication will be able to get their copy at the pre-order price of £16.95 AND save on postage. Publication is due on the 21st, so what are you waiting for? If you are going to either Bovingdon or Huddersfield at the weekend you can preorder there too.
  6. If you are outside the UK and planning to order any of our books in time for Christmas the latest recommended posting dates overseas have now passed, Cut off date for most EU countries is tomorrow. UK final posting date is Wednesday 21st December. To ensure delivery on time all UK orders will be sent first class post. So if you need anything from us before Christmas now is the time to order it.
  7. Off to Scale Modelworld tomorrow to set up our stand for the weekend. We're in Hall 1, so feel free to drop by. It will be the first public airing of our brand new Do 335 book and Airframe Extra No 6 on The Continuation War. We'll have a weekend only bundle deal if you buy all Airframe Extra titles, there's 25% off all accessories and we'll have our crop of Eduard vinyl masks at only 50p each. And we've added more Mr Hobby and Mr Color paints to our paint rack. See you there.
  8. As I say to everyone. Buy 'em when they are in print.
  9. Now that we have access to our storage unit at weekends, on Saturday 13th August (that's next Saturday) Valiant Wings Publishing opens its warehouse doors to model clubs for a one day only Open Day buying event. Times 10.30am to 4pm Location: Willow House, 16 Shuttleworth Road MK41 0EP 10% off all books in print, including book bundles 10% off Mr Hobby paint and materials 33% off remaining Quickboost and Barracudacast items 20% off Valiant Wings accessories 10% off Eduard vinyl masks 10% off all marked kit prices-new, secondhand and classic We will have our new Spanish Civil War title available in time for the event. Over a dozen model clubs within an hour's drive of Bedford have been invited. Full details are with club secretaries and organisers. Bedford itself has much to offer with two other dedicated hobby outlets, good pubs and eateries in town (2 hours free parking on Saturdays) and Cardington hangars and the Shuttleworth Collection close by. Why not make a day of it? See you there.
  10. Well, would you credit it? Furtling though our warehouse we found another two boxes of Airframe Album No 2-The Hawker Sea Fury. And we thought they'd all gone. However we've only got 80 copies of our Hawker Tempest book left so if you have the Special Hobby kit on the bench now is the time to grab a copy. Our Bv 141 book is now down to under 100 copies too. AE5-The Spanish Civil War arrives with us next Monday.
  11. Our new Mosquito book gets its first public airing at Coventry and Warwickshire's IPMS show this Sunday. Come and see us and grab a copy for yourself. http://www.midlandairmuseum.co.uk/events.php We'll also have our clutch of Mr Hobby paint and materials for you to stock up-see you there.
  12. It will be waiting for you Christian.
  13. Airframe & Miniature No 8-The de Havilland Mosquito Part 12 was delivered in to us at 9.00am. And all pre-ordered copies were delivered in to Royal Mail before 4pm. All day full on packing and labelling Phew. I need a drink.It's the trade copies tomorrow.
  14. The de Havilland Mosquito Part 1 is now on press. We start mailing on Monday. We've made some changes to the C&M section and are running Richard Caruana's profiles as part of it. We've got 28 side views. 4 top views and full stencil data. That should keep you all happy. Pre-order postage off has been extended to the end of this week so there is still time to save on mailing costs and get a chance to win a big HK Mosquito kit. The book has gone up in size to 192 pages from 176 but cover price remains at £18.95. And it is all new-not a rehash in sight.
  15. markp58

    Shuttleworth and Gloucester

    Apologies to those of you who attended the Gloucester show but did not see us there. Richard Franks had a tyre blow out on his car caused by a broken suspension spring on the way to the show. so he could not make the trip. Normal service to be resumed at the rest of our shows this month.