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  1. I have modeled for a good long time but occasionally run up on a new thing to learn. Build all different types, subs, aircraft, armor, helicopters and the occasional motorcycle. I just finished a drawn out build and wanted to do something relaxing so pulled an old Entex 1/16th 1914 Militaire motorcycle out of the OLD pile. Well, first thing, the wheels are wooden. I have either used really fine veneer or balsa sheet or used Uschi decals. First, decals are out of the question, too many spokes that are not one steady circumference, top to bottom, and the total diameter of the wheel itself. So, its time for this old guy to learn a new trick or two. Any advise or info on how to go about this. The wheels are bare wood with a clear laquer finish. Hope someone can help out with this ..........
  2. I have looked everywhere I can think of for any interior shots of either vehicle. Really considering leaving the turret hatches open but am not going to leave a dark void past the opening. Any info or ideas will be greatly appreciated!!!!
  3. Has anyone ever brought up a way of keeping a database on which model companies do or do not care about customer service? I have now a problem of an entire sprue missing from a M26 Pershing kit. The twenty questions harassment I encountered with AFV Club Howitzer kit. the who, what, when,, where, and produce a receipt. Yeah, that's gonna work for a kit bought a year or so before at a model contest from a vendor that I cannot remember. Final outcome was, after 3 months. that I would have to pay shipping and a sum that I don't remember, for the parts! You know, maybe its just me, but it truly seems that as the kit prices rise, the service and ability to work with the mfg.'s, not even considering the hoops that have to be jumped through to make contact, has managed to lower in the same amount. Wouldn't it be wonderful, with the numbers of builders spread across the planet, that we would have the power to insist on a bit of service and caring about the customers? They just take it for granted that everyone has $50-$100 to blow on a kit that doesn't have all the parts, or is warped or broken in some way. Is it just me ???????
  4. VFS 2401's sheet. The first '40 with the Flying Tigers markings.
  5. Well, the search goes on. I was in contact with Lucky Models. They are the proud owners of the P-47 molds. But, they do not have nor are they planning to have the P-40 materials. I had been told that they had gotten VFS molds. Now I will contact Kenetic and see what I find out. Interesting note...both they and Lucky are at the same address. Swede
  6. George, I will decide which way to go after I exhaust all avenues to aquire another original sheet. I will keep you apprised of all that happens and I may take you up on your offer. Thanks, Swede
  7. George, Appreciate the info! I can't believe this has turned into such a hassle! If only there was a set of aftermarket for the Tiger's I wouldn't be jumping through hoops like this. They produced two P-40', either would be appropriate marked for the Tigers. Some COULD make a sheet to cover different Sqd.'s. But, that would be too easy........ Again, thanks, I'll let you know what I find out. Then maybe you can post the info for all that have the kits.......... Swede
  8. I have tried to reach Ray with Vintage Fighters about a decal sheet problem. I have two E mail addresses, one was returned and the other I can get no answer from (vintage40@tiscali.co.uk). Does anyone on this site have anyway that I can contact them to purchase a replacement sheet for my P-40 "Tiger" kit? I can't believe there is NO web site or dedicated E mail for these kits. I have purchased everyone of his kits as they have come out but never thought about there not being any way to contact VFS with a problem. Any and all help/info will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Swede
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