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  1. Sanding a flat spot on the main gear tyres might kill two birds with one stone - giving the tyres a nice weighted look and lowering the stance at the back a little? Really enjoying following this build Johnny - it's looking great. Cheers, Nick.
  2. Whether you decide to repaint the engine or not, it and the rest of your model are looking fantastic. Nick.
  3. This is not a bad kit at all - and quite good for those who are a bit nervous about biplanes because the top wing can be securely fitted to the top of the canopy and then the struts (only three per side) and rigging (which isn't too complicated either) can be fettled afterwards. If I remember rightly (and Tony O'Toole deserves the credit for pointing this out in a magazine article) all the interior parts are slightly too wide. As ever with Special Hobby kits, dry fitting is essential, and I think you will find that all the floors, bulkheads, etc will need to be sanded down to help close t
  4. Hi John, I ended up sticking with the kit parts. Fit isn't perfect, but being plastic and in four pieces, easily fettled. The aftermarket one I tried (one resin piece plus plastic nose ring - see post 20 above) was slightly too small in circumference and left a step... I left the cowling off until after I'd painted the metal panels behind the exhausts - it made masking these much easier. Like you, I dutifully reproduced the small panels on top of the nose after sanding them off to tidy the seam - but couldn't then see them on the real aircraft - although they do appear on some drawings...
  5. You're making great progress John. Your fix for the fin is very effective. I agree with Col that your kit seems to have suffered more mould defects than most - but they don't seem to be detracting from the quality of your build. The spread wing option requires, I seem to recall, a little fettling at the join, but works pretty well. (And I'm with you, folded wings just don't look right!) I look forward to the next instalment... Cheers, Nick.
  6. Beautiful work on one of my favourite types. I struggled with my build of this kit - yours will be stunning by comparison... What references do you have? I really struggled to find pictures of the interior...? Cheers. Nick.
  7. The cockpit looks fantastic John - lovely work. Just to confirm what others have said - my "Export" version had no short shot parts - I think the quality control issues were resolved by then. I did try the Airocraft replacement cowling on my second build - but found it was slightly small in circumference for the fuselage - resulting in a step that would have meant filling and sanding the painted plastic. In the end I went back to the kit parts... I haven't tried the Barracuda one though. Keep up the good work! Nick.
  8. I'm sorry to hear of frustration with the kit John - I think the very early releases were the worst... I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules if I post a link to my build on my club website (?): https://ipmssalisbury.co.uk/club-stuff/build-articles/airfixs-1-48-sea-fury/ You will see (the pictures aren't brilliant) my fix for the tail. If you email me I'll happily send you drop tank parts - I didn't fit them to either of mine so have loads! Whilst on the more frustrating side of this kit, the cockpit does lack the rather prominent gun sight and the padded headrest (as well as a
  9. You'll enjoy this kit John - it's a good 'un. Having built a couple, I thought the decals were good and the fit of the canopy was fine too (I did one open and one closed). The fix of the short shot fin is, as you say, straightforward (if annoying in that it shouldn't be there at all!) The Eduard seatbelts look exactly the same to me as their usual "RAF" type, but seem to be about three times the price (yes, I bought them too!) The one area I would suggest needs some care is assembling the cowling - the two semi-circular sections, when assembled, do have a slightly different (smaller) circumfer
  10. It could be very useful if you want to turn left...? Nice fix - given a coarse sanding stick and my natural talents, I'd have filed the fuselage back to the cockpit before getting it square... Keep up the good work! Cheers, Nick.
  11. I think there's a 1:48 Firebrand build thread on here somewhere where the engine installations on the Firebrand and Sea Fury are compared - they are indeed very similar, but not the same. The top and bottom of the Sea Fury cowling are more or less straight and parallel where the Firebrand has a subtle curve underneath, I seem to recall. I can't find the thread now, of course - not that I'd know how to add a link to it in any event... Anyway, delighted you're doing another esoteric (i.e. almost totally useless) Fleet Air Arm type Bill - it's what makes them (and your wonderful build
  12. Well done Bill - that's the right answer! Lovely job on the Javelin too - a beautiful result. Cheers, Nick.
  13. Your experience of learning to fly brings back happy memories - it was G-OBFC for me - at Bournemouth flying club. Often referred to as "Fox Charles" or less flatteringly as "the thunder slug" it lacked some of the performance of the flying club's other PA-28s, but it had the most comfortable seats and best instruments. Sadly I think it was written off after overshooting the runway somewhere - it might have been Henstridge... I've often thought there is a market for a decent injection moulded PA28 with the tapered wing. I like the start you have made and will follow your progress - good
  14. I don't usually approve of whifs - but this is a stunner! Lovely job. Nick.
  15. Really lovely Russ - another fine example of your considerable skills. Cheers, Nick.
  16. Wow, Bill, that is one seriously smooth silver finish - lovely work as usual... Cheers, Nick.
  17. Next thing you know you'll be painting the underneath white and putting a winged fist decal on the tail... FLY NAVY! Nick.
  18. Yes please! I've only just caught up with this thread - but have enjoyed the read. Hanging from my study ceiling is a 40 year old Airfix Do17 - complete with the short shot nose glazing that you refer to...! I think the Dornier design is the most attractive of the German bombers - personally I like the in-line engine versions, but appreciate that this doesn't fit your theme... I shall await developments. Cheers, Nick.
  19. Lovely work so far, Ken. Not really my thing or my scale - but it is such an intriguing subject. Looking forward to following your progress... Cheers, Nick.
  20. Another lovely result Tony - always a pleasure to follow your builds. Nick.
  21. ...and I should have added that I love the work on the Hurri. I have one part built in the stash - the only kit I have which I have started but not finished before moving onto the next as I became a bit bogged down in trying to add detail to the engine, as well as wanting to convert it to a Sea Hurricane. Your build is certainly making me want to dig it out and finish it off...! Cheers, Nick.
  22. Blimey CC, there's never a dull moment in your life! I love the silver Roc - it's looking very good - and these Special Hobby kits are hard work. Having done a couple of Skua's I thought they were difficult enough - and there was no turret to worry about with them! I'm sure your second Roc will come together more easily with all that you have learned from the first one - although the wing fold will be an added challenge. There is a resin wing fold set out there somewhere - Alley Cat made them, I think - although it seems you are well on your way to scratch building your own... I have a Roc in
  23. Your scribing efforts have been well worth it Bill - the lines look very good under that coat of grey... Enjoying following this build... Cheers, Nick.
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