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  1. Wow, Bill, that is one seriously smooth silver finish - lovely work as usual... Cheers, Nick.
  2. Next thing you know you'll be painting the underneath white and putting a winged fist decal on the tail... FLY NAVY! Nick.
  3. Yes please! I've only just caught up with this thread - but have enjoyed the read. Hanging from my study ceiling is a 40 year old Airfix Do17 - complete with the short shot nose glazing that you refer to...! I think the Dornier design is the most attractive of the German bombers - personally I like the in-line engine versions, but appreciate that this doesn't fit your theme... I shall await developments. Cheers, Nick.
  4. Lovely work so far, Ken. Not really my thing or my scale - but it is such an intriguing subject. Looking forward to following your progress... Cheers, Nick.
  5. Another lovely result Tony - always a pleasure to follow your builds. Nick.
  6. ...and I should have added that I love the work on the Hurri. I have one part built in the stash - the only kit I have which I have started but not finished before moving onto the next as I became a bit bogged down in trying to add detail to the engine, as well as wanting to convert it to a Sea Hurricane. Your build is certainly making me want to dig it out and finish it off...! Cheers, Nick.
  7. Blimey CC, there's never a dull moment in your life! I love the silver Roc - it's looking very good - and these Special Hobby kits are hard work. Having done a couple of Skua's I thought they were difficult enough - and there was no turret to worry about with them! I'm sure your second Roc will come together more easily with all that you have learned from the first one - although the wing fold will be an added challenge. There is a resin wing fold set out there somewhere - Alley Cat made them, I think - although it seems you are well on your way to scratch building your own... I have a Roc in the stash, but need to be "in the mood" to take it on, so haven't started it yet... Cheers, Nick.
  8. Your scribing efforts have been well worth it Bill - the lines look very good under that coat of grey... Enjoying following this build... Cheers, Nick.
  9. Thanks Bob. It is a tricky build... If only Tamiya felt that obscure Fleet Air Arm types was the way to go with their new kits! (I mean, who wants a P38 when you could have a Roc, Skua, Fulmar or Albacore?!) Nick.
  10. Absolutely superb, Bill. The whole build, and especially the painting and weathering is spot on. Two things I'm curious about: I have never noticed the radio antenna going to the end of the horizontal tail surface and have always assumed it went to the centre? And I had also assumed the dinghy lanyard ran down to near the tail wheel so that, in the event of a ditching, one of the crew could release the dinghy from in the water, as the aircraft sedately sank nose first? Regardless of my ignorance, you have done a really great job here. Cheers, Nick.
  11. Thank you Mike. Many thanks. Some of the many strange aspects of the Barracuda include that, despite being, arguably, one of the worst aeroplanes in the FAA's inventory, it served in greater numbers than any other type, but no intact example was ever preserved, and that it did indeed linger on in service for quite a while after the war's end - primarily in the torpedo training role I think. The markings were mainly cobbled together from various after-market generic letter and number sets. The dinghy lanyard came with the kit, and I cut it and repositioned it slightly to resemble the later, more angled course it takes down the rear fuselage. The underwing serials (which I haven't shown in the photos) I did have to commission as I didn't have any of the correct size (or the basic skills to print my own...) - not cheap, but hopefully I now have a supply that will last me a lifetime! As I mentioned in my original post, there should be lots of white stencils, particularly on the upper wings, but I didn't want to use spares as I thought they would be highly legible against the EDSG background and it would look silly if the wording wasn't right.... The grass is printed onto a purpose made baseboard - produced by Coastal Kits - they are very good and I can take no credit for it! Now then, this is getting serious! Praise from Tony and Bill is praise indeed! Many thanks, gents, for your kind words - they are much appreciated. I would suggest that there is a special category of ugly for a Barra with the wings folded - isn't "the Baron" in the process of just such a thing? It certainly isn't a simple wing fold. To my eye, these planes were made to fly and so I always build them in the "wings spread" state, rather than folded for the convenience of mere storage - but I can see the attraction - it is a very interesting feature of many types - and admire much of the work that goes into folding wings... (And haven't we established, long ago, Bill that you are indeed insane and capable of much silliness???!!!) Many thanks Terry. I definitely can't make Bovington and am undecided about Telford this year... I hope you will get to see it at some point though. Thanks very much. The wings were a royal PITA - well the port one was, anyway! It was difficult to describe and photograph the struggle but there is a bit of a build review at www.ipmssalisbury.co.uk - it's in the latest newsletter under the "Club Stuff" tag... Many thanks Malcolm. The underside is really too clean - but the top did seem to arrive at that "used but not knackered" state which I was hoping for... Thanks Mark - very kind of you. All your responses are very much appreciated - I shall try and post up a couple more models before too long! Cheers, Nick.
  12. Many thanks Dennis. Those of us who love aeroplanes and dream of being a pilot should be thankful we weren't around when their Lordships might have given us a go in a Barra, I think. I suspect, but don't know, that it is responsible for the death of far more of its crew than the enemy ever were.... I am very excited, though, that the Fleet Air Arm Museum are building one up from the wrecks of two or three - it will be amazing to see one "in the flesh". Nick.
  13. Many thanks - I know Special Hobby kits are tricky, but this one did feel like a battle! Thank you gents - your kind comments are much appreciated. Thanks Pete - I agree - beautiful she aint! But with the gear up, from certain angles and with eyes half closed a Barracuda can look.....quite sleek? Like many out there, I'm sure, it's the ugliness that turns out to be one of the big attractions! Hi Bill, I've really enjoyed following your build. First, I wish I could say I only took 3 weeks to build mine - it turned out to be months! Secondly, as I mentioned in your build thread, I sense that SH took more care with the 1:72 version - it does seem more detailed. And thirdly, yours is a great build. I love the weathering and will try and copy some of your techniques in future... Thanks Gary! Many thanks Steve, I agree that the post-war scheme seems to suit the aeroplane well - and is something a bit different. I think I've seen a photo of a Swordfish in EDSG over Sky somewhere - I might have to try that one day...!!! Cheers, Nick.
  14. Thank you Harold. With all those panes I was quick to use a Montex mask to help with the painting of the canopy! Nick.
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