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  1. I have an obsession about Iron Man. I'm not sure what it is, possibly Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, I'm not sure. All I know is that I have what some may consider a strange obsession with him. I have built the Moebius Iron Man kit (MKVI) which I fitted with LEDs so that his hands, eyes and arc reactor lit up. I then built the MKVII by Dragon which didn't go so great, the paint was a little gloopy and I enjoy brush painting and tried to brush paint Iron Man but it didn't work out very well. He looks great from a distance but, close up, he looks a bit ropey. So, when the latest Dragon Iron Man
  2. Hi, Not yet but I guess I could do for what I've done so far. I only started posting on here the other day so I'm still kinda new to protocol I'll sort out some pics and post it in WIP x
  3. Wow, thank you for your comments. I will check it out. It's funny you should mention the Star Wars figures, I have been looking at some and C3PO was on my list. Its going to take time to get and start though. You're all very kind, thanks again
  4. Thanks Her hair is very tricky and I wish it didn't look quite as glossy as it does as it looks plasticky but i tried using 'natural tones and highlights' as they say in the ads
  5. Thanks guys. Rick, I am in the process of completing my latest Iron Man kit by Dragon. I have done three all together. The one on the first image I posted,the Mk VI, where all my kits are in a group, I decided to put some LEDs into him. His eyes, chest and hands light up. The second one I did is the same kit as yours I think, the Mk VII I believe and the paint I used was a bit gloopy and didn't brush very well. The one I'm kinda working on now, the Mk XLII, I've decided to spray paint with Tamiya sprays. It's annoying me because I have had to faff with masking funny areas. I will finish it, I'
  6. Ok, so I've taken pictures of my model collection. Firstly, let me apologise for the background in the images; we are in the process of moving house. The first photograph is of all of them together; obviously not including the ones I have already posted. As you can see, there is quite a mix here and it wasn't an effective way of showing the models so I have taken individual images of them too. The lighting is a bit iffy in this room so sometimes the flash came on and others it didn't. Here we go... The first I would like to show you is the Pegasus Dragonslayer 1/32 scale model from the 1981
  7. The snakes were included in the kit and I decided to use a clear nail polish (all I had at the time in terms of gloss) which gave them their slimy look
  8. The stone he is standing on is real slate from Ingleton Falls as I wanted a base for he and his little friends to be displayed on. I really enjoyed this kit and it has made me want to do a 1/1 scale Gremlin as I think they have a similar look to them. I have a Mogwai (Gizmo) but fancy doing an 'evil' gremlin.It's payday tomorrow so reckon I'll treat myself. I have so many kits that i have already done and really need to get some pics up on here and see what you all think.
  9. Getting paid on Thursday so just been window shopping for new kits so I can do WIP posts.

    1. Col.


      It's another symptom of the scale modeller's 'condition'.

    2. annemarie7477
  10. Thanks, Jorgan. I love your car idea! I might definitely do a b&w version of this kit as I love a challenge. The buildings, which I will post pictures of soon, are part of a BIG project I have in mind which is to build a small model village. I'm just collecting the buildings atm but hope to put them together in a scene when I have enough. They are cardboard 00 gauge Metcalfe model railway buildings. I also have some of the plastic buildings that require a lot of painting and they're Dapol kits. I hope to post pics soon. Thank you for your kind comments and encouraging remarks
  11. The masking was definitely a PITA, Rick. It was Tamiya tape and I cut it into different size pieces and made the pattern like a crazy person. After doing one side I'd regretted it but I figured, in for a penny... BARRY, it didn't come with lights but I considered buying some LEDs like I did with an iron man kit early in my build career but decided it was too complex for me. Thank you all for your comments
  12. Thanks everyone. I loved doing the Star Trek away team, especially when I put them all together. I loved the War of the Worlds figure too. I have done another WOTW figure but have not yet uploaded the photos from it. I will do so very soon though
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