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  1. 4 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

    Will you take it back to Oz?

    It's just a holiday so no. In the past when moving countries I have usually sold my built models on evilbay. 


    It's surprising but often I can get enough for them to cover the cost for the kit and some materials. On my last move I swapped a whole bunch for unbuilt kits much to my wife's chagrin! 😂

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  2. Thanks for the info @desert falcon and @Bertie Psmith. Sure enough it seemed to be the nozzle seal. I used some lip balm on the threads and after a few good cleans also, it seems to be back to 90% health. I've ordered spare needle and nozzle which will get delivered to my parents place in Australia. 


    But the show must go on!


    And I'm close now,  basically everything is painted,  decaled and is ready for weathering and final assembly. I have absolutely got to the point now where I just need to get it done. Invariably this always seems to happen with my projects. In any case it's no problem. I think she's going to look good enough. 


    If I had of done the low vis option I would be finished by now I realised today as I masked the drop tanks!


    The kit decals, even though the artwork is not amazing, sit down into the details on the model so perfectly and easily. Even without softner they seem to just suck themselves into the panel lines and rivets. I'll get a close up picture next time. 


    I sort of like the clean look,  but I think I'm going to give it some pretty decent weathering just to make it more visually interesting. 


    Next weekend is my last weekend before travelling back to Australia so that's my deadline. Should be an easy job across the line I hope!





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  3. Well the airbrush is still somewhat ill. I think I need to lube the needle up a bit. Not sure what common household substance I can use. Any suggestions? 


    But it works well enough that I will be able to finish this. But I may need to use rattlecan for the final varnish coats. 


    So after much masking I got the black and grey on. And of course I needed the instant gratification of decals. 




    The decals are quite... how to put this politely... :poop:


    They behave OK but the saturation is a little average and then... there's this!




    Seriously? OHN F KENNEDY! The Rescue arrow also says ESCUE 😐


    Well I managed to find a U on another decal sheet which was similar and chop it into a J. I may cut off the top part tomorrow to match height of other letters but now it looks OK. 




    I'm certainly not too much of a stickler for accuracy but no way could I sleep at night know it said OHN.


    I will try scavenge a few other decals where I can to make the visual appearance for some data and stencils better but more or less I am happy with the main decals. Some nice AM ones would have been nice but I really couldn't find any available which I really liked. 


    Still quite some work to do but on the final stretch now!

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  4. Definitely happy with how many I cleared. I also have a gap in GB so I’ll try finish the F16 as have glass viper and the 787 also. 

    then only pending things are 


    1/700 waterline Japanese destroyer . Ideally planned as a diorama with a completely out of scale Himeji castle perched on the coast.

    1/35 Tarawa USMC figures

    1/35 USMC(?) Vietnam War figures ( I forget the exact boxing) 


    but my figure painting ain’t what it used to be… 

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  5. 18 hours ago, Cklasse said:

    What kit is that B787 from? I am looking for one and also looking for a Singapore Airlines B747.


    It's zvezda. I got it in Singapore actually, but it was bought second hand from someone so I am not sure if they got it locally or not.


    I will be finishing it in Scoot markings representing Scootalicious that flew first Scoot service from Singapore to Melbourne which I flew on.

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