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  1. 1 hour ago, Pappy said:


    I believe that Mike (Root Editor) has already started a build review of this kit as well



    As I last recall it was less than 25% complete when I last saw it :whistle:


    Edit: actually I just went and looked at it. It's a little more. But who's going to tell him he isn't allowed to finish it here! 

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  2. I have been waiting for one of these so I can see how bad it is before I decide to buy one anyway. 


    I have loved the look of this plane since I bought a 1/72 special hobby kit many years ago as my "reentry to the hobby" build. That was a bad idea as it was extremely difficult for an unseasoned modeler. It never got built but now this exists in my favoured scale I need to do my penance and build it. 

  3. 4 hours ago, trickyrich said:

    I'm still not 100% what you "corrected" on the cab corner...but will say it looks good! :whistle:


    You're right there is some nice detail on that 5th wheel.

    Took me ages to figure it out but I think if you look at first photo just below the small vertical rectangular recess on the corners the section below does not have same profile. I think these have been fettled down so the profiles match.

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  4. Ok well calling it done!


    A thoroughly challenging build for my skill level, and plenty of room for improvement. But at end of the day I (try to) build for fun, and once it stops being fun (ie too much repetition) then it's time to hit the race to the finish button.


    I still finished this to a higher standard than I normally would have, thanks to the tips and encouragement and inspiration from the other fantastic builds in this GB.


    And finally, after many years in the stash I finally have the venerable A-6 Intruder on my shelf and could not be happier. 


    I will try get some proper photos for gallery before my trip, but if not I'll upload these same ones.


    See you in the F-15 group build, but of course I'll be lurking in the other ones as usual!









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  5. I’ve now got everything pre-assembled and given the  sub assemblies a panel line wash with a mixture of mostly Tamiya Grey with a bit of dark brown in it.


    I used the Tamiya branded q-tips/cotton buds to clean it off, and although they were probably literally 10 times the price of cheap supermarket ones, they are about 12 times better and they don’t break down at all unless really agitated. This photo shows the model before the line wash was removed.


    Hopefully tomorrow I can dullcoat and do final assembly!


    in any case I have to finish by Thursday if I want to get it in the gallery. And I definitely want this off the bench. 

    It has been a seriously fun build with a lot of work required but I’ve enjoyed almost every second of it. 

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