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  1. Well got the second colour and next mask on! Very excited to spray the final colour and do the big reveal! By cutting the tape extremely thinly you can do really bendy bends.
  2. Well if it goes as fast as 2021 it will be here in no time!
  3. That looks so good! One thing I always notice with planes with big roundels like that is that they always look a little stark contrasted with the beautifully weathered camouflaged paint job. I suppose painting the roundels can allow for similar techniques to be used (not that I have ever done it!) But I have used a pale white or grey thinned to try and show a faded effect on the roundels. However it didn't look quite right. I am absolutely not criticizing your beautiful Spitfire but just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this?
  4. It was actually @Tim Moff who got me onto it. They only had 12mm stuff at LHS but I've been cutting it into strips. It works OK, but doesn't have quite the stickiness of regular Tamiya tape, so make sure it's burnished down well and double check again before committing paint to plastic!
  5. Thanks LM I will keep an eye out for it here. In the past I've tried other cheaper stuff before and it's usually not performed well, so I've stuck (no pun intended) with the Tamiya. For large areas I usually just use printer paper though to keep costs down!
  6. Well done! Looks so cool to have such a, frankly speaking, ugly model kit built and painted to such a high standard. For sure you needed to use the kit decals for authenticity! So. Which one will you build next?
  7. Had some fun today with my new toy Tamiya bendy tape for curves. Looking forward to seeing how it looks when done! Worked on this instead of my F14 because we had few too many today for a bbq lunch so didn't want to ruin it. So this poor F15 became my victim! Will spray the green first and then another mask job, then the tan colour. Then it will be back to regular Tamiya tape for the grey areas. Certainly I know why 1/48 is my usual choice.
  8. It goes together incredibly well. I didn't think the side panels were too bad. They are mostly invisible anyway. Thanks for the pointers on the decals! I will be using the kit stencils so I'll keep that in mind. Did you use setter and softer with your decals?
  9. To prove I'm not just waiting for the possible extension, I got the white on today with Mr Color 316. Once you go laquer you never go backer! I should be able to get the grey on tomorrow morning plus a coat of gloss so I'll be in pretty good shape for finishing up on time or almost on time! Finishing weapons will be a second priority. Most reference photos for this plane show it naked so if they aren't done in time it will also end up that way in the gallery, then I'll finish them as I don't want to rush the weapons or work on them if mojo is waning. I picked up the white paint at the LHS today and they'd got a recent shipment of goodies so stocked up on Tamiya putty, Mr surfacer, Tamiya extra thin, plus some of the bendy Tamiya tape I have recently heard about!
  10. Definitely could do with a week extra or so!
  11. Sign me up! Will definitely use this as an opportunity to try out some heavy handed weathering and new techniques.
  12. This one is not dead .... yet! With a push I believe I can get this super close if not finished by the end. A week or two extension (like the F4 STGB) would be a welcome early Christmas present though! I have most things primed and/or ready to be primed. I worked out all the seams I could see after the first primer and so should be able to do most painting this weekend. I have also polished and dipped the canopy but I am not sure if there was even a seam line on it!? It seems the seam perhaps only extends halfway down each canopy section like a detonation cord or something like that. Anyway, as it stands now! Yes I am sick of dark primer but naught else available here at the moment. And some bowls of bits!
  13. I guess the Greek part could, but there doesn't seem to be any mention of Turkey in there! Certainly if there isn't enough interest in this one I'll build my buckeye in that one!
  14. What do people think about having a Greek/Turkish themed group build? Originally I was thinking Hellenic Air Force, as I have a 1/32 HAF Buckeye in the stash, but then I thought maybe it could be a little too narrow, and maybe should be expanded to both non Aircraft/airforce subjects. Then, I thought what about including Greece's friendly neighbours which share the Aegean coast. Perhaps it could also include any sort of connection to either country, for example WWII German Paratroopers from invasion of Crete, or ANZAC diggers from Gallipoli... The entire region is quite steeped in history, so there would be no shortage of interesting subjects. Of course, I still want to see plenty of super weathered HAF jets! That is mandatory! I've only taken part in a few Group Builds so far, but would be more than happy to try my hand at hosting this one if it were to get across the line! Any thoughts or interest?
  15. Reduce the stash with the intention of buying even more! I have a rule that my stash when piled up should not be taller than my significant other. So it's a balancing act. But I could just get a taller wife too
  16. That looks really awesome. I've been tempted by this particular scheme too and the base looks really realistic.
  17. A bit more progress today. Was working on the tomcat for the STGB, and while airbrush was out worked on few more things. I used Gunze Acrysion mixed with lacquer thinner for the brown paint on this F15 originally, and also tried freehanding the camo. Bleh. Definitely do not mix Acrysion with laquer thinners. So I sanded it down and repainted the whole thing brown with the Acrysion and acrylic thinner. I will mask the camo pattern to get a better demarcation. I also primed the second 1/72 IS 3 tank with dark grey primer then painted both with the same Gunze Aqueous green. The colour difference between black base and dark grey is really cool. These were an Italeri double kit where one kit was very simple to build and other one was (for my fat fingers) rather difficult. They need some weathering but more or less they are finished in a semi fictitious scheme. The red stars are from Eduard 144 Mig 21 kit. But I needed red stars on a Soviet tank! Next time I have airbrush out I'll give them some weathering powder with Windex treatment to make them look a little more complimentary.
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