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  1. On 7/6/2022 at 12:27 AM, modelling minion said:

    She's gone together very well, and quickly too.

    The Kinetic kit certainly seems to be the way to go for a 1/48 Starfighter.



    Indeed. This really is a fantastic model. It's a little challenging though. Both inherently and self induced. As I will proceed to show. 


    The landing gear is all superbly detailed but very jewellery like. There was no way this was going to go together after painting, so I will mask around it. A lot of other very small parts need to go on also.




    Then. There was something bugging me about the shape of the plane yesterday as I zoomed it around the living room making afterburner noises. And I realised now what it was.


    This fin is backwards. :banghead:



    Well, finally that scribing tool came in handy and I was able to do some literal plastic surgery. 




    Ah, now it looks proper.




    And now she's sitting on her legs. The wheels are not glued on of course. Was never a huge fan of the Starfighter before, but really this is an amazing looking aircraft.




    I have pretty much decided to make the Canadian forest green scheme. I think the parallel group build which I am unfortunately not taking part in has something to do with it. I really would like to do a RCAF B-24 coastal command for that but I know I won't finish it in time so will save that for another day.


    If anyone knows a suitable Tamiya or Mr Colour paint for the Canadian scheme let me know. 


    Will be on leave for a week then moving house so no more progress on this for a while I think. 


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  2. Got a couple of hours in on this after work today! 


    Drybrushed the cockpit and picked out some buttons in yellow and red.




    Then remembered on this one to add lots of noseweight. This, if anything, is going to snap the front landing gear and burrow through the shelf. The nice thing is it now has some real weight to it which somehow always feels better. Like more expensive or something. 




    And the zipper all zipped up. Everything fit together very nicely more or less. Any mistakes were pretty much my own doing, but they'll buff out with a sanding stick and a touch of filler. 




    How they decided to put such small wings on this thing I can never understand. Now the main airframe is done, and I'll need to start on all the gubbins. I don't think I will get much more done this week, then I'm off to Slovenia for a week holiday to try and escape this mad heat. 


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  3. Bertie, your plastic models will certainly be missed in these pages. But you should only do what makes you happy! 


    But, the question on all our lips, what does this mean for the entropy group build, should it make it into next year's schedule? Without your leadership it would undoubtedly descend into chaos! 


    Perhaps a live performance art piece involving a wooden ship, a bathtub and some Zippo lighter fluid? 🛀 ⛵🔥 (🧯)

  4. I got the wheel wells and landing gear painted today as well as the panel line wash on. Of course these panel lines are trenches, but rather than hide them, I think it's more effective to exaggerate them. I had a little dropsy today and the refuelling probe broke off bit that will be an easy fix. 


    Just need to let the enamel thinners dry from the panel line wash removal, then it just needs a dullcoat, tires painted, and final assembly. Oh, and leading edges painted aluminium after the dullcoat. 



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  5. 18 hours ago, Black Knight said:

    I went to buy some fresh supply of modelling fillers and the price has really gone up

    I think its due to a shortage caused by certain modellers needing so much!  :blink:  :lol:


    How are you getting on with this?

    1 month has gone already!


    I blame the (kit) manufacturers, not the users! But I don't want to get into politics here. 


    And yes yes, it's still waiting to be finished in the same form as above. I've just been travelling for work and also started an F104 for the Century Fighters GB! 


    I'll try make progress on this one over this weekend! 

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  6. Yes just noticed the bay doors in the instructions too! 


    Look, even their own reference photos show the big Greek dot! This would be a great subject for the entropy group build should it ever happen! 😉




    In any case, I put the cockpit together and got some paint on the cockpit. The washes are drying now so I'll give them a drybrush tomorrow. I'm not big on spending too much time on cockpits so for me it will be good enough. As long as it looks busy and some contrasts it's good enough for me.






    Then did a bit of a dry fit of the fuselage and wheel wells and cockpit. I must say it goes together pretty pretty pretty good. I can highly recommended this (kinetic) kit!




    I'm off to Poland for a week,  so won't get to do much more on it until next weekend. Anyone know any good hobby shops in Warsaw? 

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  7. Well, my plan in the future is a HAF buckeye 1/32 so I'm not that keen on the HAF scheme for this one. Plus the little dots in the roundels really irk me now!


    I've decided that I'll do the Spanish or Canadian green one. Only the wheels are different so I can really wait until final paint day which one to do. I don't have any Spanish or Canadian  aircraft in the cabinet or stash, so these seem like good options. I really like the Canadian flag and roundels too.


    I've started construction on this evening, will update some photos later but it is definitely a nice kit to build. 

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