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  1. I expected to see a few more of these in the group! The kit has some really nice options for decals. Not least of all the one on the front of the box. But I need a RAAF bird in my collection. (I still call Australia hooooooome!) So I'll be using these decals instead. Another boring grey bird yes. But, they looked very very sharp when they were first delivered if you check out any photos of them online. I think I will go for that ultra clean look with very little contrast between the top and bottom greys. But not to make it too boring. I will do this in beast mode. Also making a little head start given the gregarious nature of the host! I have been collecting AMRAAMs for a while with this concept in mind and now it is time to do it! They vary a little in detail as well as fins design but I think they will look ok once all painted and installed. The kit missiles are actually a fraction smaller diameter which is quite noticeable so I'll keep those or another project. The LAU115 launchers and rails will come from the Hasegawa Weapons Set E.
  2. Looks great! Do you have a link to a picture of that enormous A400(?) that we can see the tail of in the last picture?
  3. This is going to look amazing after the weathering
  4. That Turned out awesome and yes the britmodeller group build is addictive! Come for the banter and stay for the tips! Though I was not able to get across the line on this occasion, the groupbuilds definitely help on getting frequent progress on kits rather than letting them languish on the shelf of shame!
  5. I really love this. I couldn't find any information on the real plane online though.
  6. Yeah, it’s pretty easy as you can see. I thought it would take much longer than it did. Now it’s built though I’m not sure what to do with it. Maybe I’ll release it down on the beach so it can roam to its heart’s content.
  7. I once assumed you could thin Vallejo colours with Tamiya acrylic thinner. That was a huge gloopy mess. It took some time to react too, so it got into all the nooks and crannies of the airbrush too
  8. You are correct sir. Scrolling down each model looked eve better than the last. My favourites are the B-24 and Hustler.
  9. Gaken Mini Strandbeest Assembly time less than 2 hours. Actually walks under wind power!
  10. Well. That was quick. It's literally going to be only a single post! But it was fun, something different, and it actually does something! Hopefully the gif works. So this is what you get in the box And we start at 12:24 local time First assemble the creepy legs. There is no glue required for this. All parts are purposely moving so the final beest can walk. I also Did not paint it as the plastic is not polystyrene and is functionally smooth to allow the parts to move. Plus I was lazy to paint it. Then we move on to assembling the frame and crankshaft with the legs. Two identical halves are built before joining. Unfortunately the white rubber band in the kit broke. Thankfully I had some spring onions in the fridge with a suitable band on them! At this point the legs were flailing about and falling apart. I then realised I had left off some parts. Thankfully they were very simple to fit without pulling it all apart! At this point I deviated from the instructions which said to use the included double sided tape to attach the windmill blades. Enter superglue and clamps! While this was drying, I finished the rest of the assembly with the cogs and stoppers. And then.... at 14:10 local time we are done! Hardly a marathon! If you use a book as a fan on the blades it walks very well and very creepily! But I don't think this gif works! If anyone knows how I can upload a gif to show it walking let me know!
  11. So this is where it stands now. Unfortunately with the camping trip this week I won't be able to finish in time for the gallery. If I really had to I could probably push it through today without weathering or weapons, but it is not worth rushing this I think.
  12. It is, but I didn't want to risk overspray particularly because I reprimed the grey surfaces with the dark grey nazca primer so I had a consistent base colour for the light gull grey and not white and dark grey which would have made coverage more difficult. I did use a few post it notes cut up on wings and fins to economize slightly!
  13. Merry Christmas! Got a lot done today but to be honest it's gonna be a struggle to get it into the gallery on time because we are planning a camping trip to Oman leaving Monday, and will only get back on the 1st or 2nd! But anyway very close now! It took a long time to mask everything, but I love the Tamiya flexible tape! I know it creates quite sharp demarcation lines but I don't know how I ever lived without it. The Tophatter decals were very strong and thin but they took around 1,265 coats of Mr Mark softener to even start to conform to the detail. The tail decals also didn't quite fit perfectly but they will look ok once done. I think. The best thing is having that insignia on the fuselage on a light gull grey and white Navy bird! A few touchups to do, plus white for intakes and wheel wells and landing gear, plus the wing gloves or whatever they're called plus the cans so still a lot of work to get finished. Plus a bunch more decals and stencils! I'll put most of them on, but not the NO STEP ones. I never can get them straight. I have a few more decals on than the pictures show but forgot to get another photo. Anyway, even if I miss the deadline it's been a great build, and I finally feel like I'm getting back into my rhythm with making models.
  14. The instructions say 1.5 hours to build it… I’m skeptical. I’m not sure what the plastic is actually. I do want to paint it a single colour to give it a more finished look. The “real” ones appear to be almost the same colour as the plastic, a pale yellow. It’s something completely different! I think it’s been in my stash for about 10 years. A pressie from my brother in law. Merry Christmas everyone!
  15. That is incredible. I can only imagine what my propeller would look like if I tried that!
  16. I've always wanted to build a 1/24 truck. Though I will not be able to pull off anything even close to this, I now know my next kit purchase will have to be one. This is just amazing. With a photograph background you would be hard pressed to tell this is a model.
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