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  1. 19 minutes ago, PLC1966 said:

    Thats how I did them......until.....



    Google...................................................  MB ejection seat handles 1/72 - Eduard Store

    That's pretty cool. I will have to get a 1/48 set. Doesn't the edge of them still have the brass/steel colour though once folded?

  2. Not much of an update, just got the wingtip tanks done (dry fitted only) and the rear of the cockpit cover thing on. Does anyone know what colour this should be? I'm guessing a sort of medium grey. 




    Prob won't get much more done on this until after 25th when we move house!

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  3. Well I got back from vacation. Feeling refreshed?


    First thing this morning was to bust out the masking tape and Alclad aluminium. 




    I then got the landing gear on and painted the tips on the tail with clear yellow. 


    And calling it done! Will get some proper photos for the gallery later today hopefully! 




    It looks good, but not great. However I am still happy how it turned out considering the quality of the kit.

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  4. Depending on if it works with the wings or not, I would cut the whole thing in the Middle of the waffle pattern (middle row of rectangles) with razor saw or scrbing tool,  then flip outer sections and glue after tidying up edges. Then I'd fill the waffles with epoxy or putty to restrengthen the joint. 


    This is, of course , based on just seeing the picture above. 


    It's a pretty good stuff up. Reminds me of something I would do!

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  5. 18 minutes ago, Enzo Matrix said:

    Thanks. I've had issues for a while with masking sometmes lifting the paint, even though I use quite a "hot" primer.   This time, I tried sparying a thin lacquer coat directly onto the plastic before the primer.  I didn't get any lifting of paint.  :thumbsup: 

    Do you mean laquer thinner? 

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