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  1. If you are going for the really shiny finish I recommend to polish the plastic with micromesh in progressively finer grades, then prime the model with gloss black. Use alclad polished aluminium and you will get a super mirror like finish. See my EE lightning in this link. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234950114-148-eduard-limited-edition-english-electric-lightning-rsaf/?fromsearch=1
  2. Paint job looks great. What's your airbrush and what kind of paint do you use?
  3. Can you detail the process of tinting the canopy? Looks awesome
  4. Make sure you use the white toothpaste and not the gel type. The white toothpaste has the granules in it which act as a polish.
  5. Going to build this myself. Looking forward to seeing it built by someone else first!
  6. Main colours done. I'm pretty happy with the contrast between each of them. Not too much which is good.
  7. Pre shaded and also first paint on. Usually I pre shade and then lose it all when the paint goes on. I'm deliberately leaving the shading showing through and hopefully I get the heavily weathered effect that I see on some of the really awesome models I see on this website!
  8. Not long to go now! It's going to be a struggle to get this done. But it is possible! Seats are done and in. To be honest this distracted me for a couple of days after seeing them flying around practising for national day celebrations here.
  9. Had a productive day yesterday. The radome from eduard was squashed flat so I soaked it in hot water then used the kit radome as mould for shaping it. Also removed the plates on the rear stabilisers and re scribed. Then did some filling and sanding then primed to identify any problem areas. Of course as soon as I has done this I realised I had left off the photo etch strengthening plates. I also assembled the main resin parts of the radar and had to do a bluetak assembly to see how it would all look! Supposed to do work today but I would love to get some paint on after fixing the last little areas with filler.
  10. Looks magnificent mate. Shame about the paint cracking but I don't think it's noticeable in photos. What do you think it was? The paint not cured properly?
  11. So apparently the f4s doesn't have these bumps for strengthening. So I removed them. Going to need some filling and rescribing. I've never had much luck rescribing but I'll give it my best shot. Not sure why hasegawa left them on as they would have needed to redo the wing moulds for this version anyway I would have thought.
  12. What's the problem? Looks very very matt. If it's got roughness give it a wet sand with very fine sandpaper after its properly cured then try again! I use spraycan because I'm rich and lazy. But mostly just lazy.
  13. Never been able to find it in Singapore!
  14. That's fantastic. Can you explain how you painted the main colour?
  15. I can't find future anywhere, ever. I always look for it and never find it. I find tamiya gloss with acrylic thinner does the job well. Only problem is can't be removed with windex. Key thing is to wick away "dip" with paper towel and leave it covered while it dries, sitting on a paper towel. Sometimes it builds up in corners so I will go back 10 min later and try wick away the accumulation. Next time I dip one I'll post it. Shouldn't be long. Check out my phantom in group build.
  16. Absolutely agree. I tried spraying before and it just hazes the parts.
  17. I usually dip clear parts in mixture of 40-50% tamiya acrylic gloss and x20 thinner. You can tint by adding clear smoke or one of the other clear colours too. I usually do it with clear on most canopies as it does make the glass appear thinner and also if you need to sand out mould lines it will remove the sanding damage. I did this a while ago with clear yellow. Colour isn't perfect but the method is good.
  18. I need to lighten some decanted tamiya rattle can with white paint. I was wondering if Mr color lacquer would be compatible?
  19. I painted this yesterday using tamiya TS48 Gunship Grey. Looks good, but way too dark. I then found out there is Tamiya gunship grey 2 which is what I should have used. But it does look good in such a dark grey. What does everyone think? Respray with lighter grey or leave it looking badass in this dark grey?
  20. Hi John I meant spare canopy. The showtime f4j phantom kit comes with open and closed canopies. It does not come with any spare fingers, toes or any other appendages!
  21. Whoever said you are more likely to cut yourself with a blunt knife than a sharp one never used xacto blades. Starting to look like a phantom though. The offending blade can be seen under the starboard wing. I glued the canopy together. It was while trimming that I trimmed my finger. I have a spare one from the f4j build shown above, so I might still pose with canopy open.
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