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  1. I've been racking my brains and Google and it looks extremely likely that Buccaneer XV361 from 208 Squadron took place in a 16 aircraft flypast for the Queen's Birthday in 1993. It flew from RAF Manston for this flypast. 


    This is the only possible contender I have in the stash. 


    There is no photograph with the Queen looking at the aircraft, but I think it's a pretty safe bet she saw it? :whistle:


    If anyone can shed any further light on the matter it would be appreciated! 

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  2. Yeah maybe the paint wasn't mixed properly. You could try stripping the paint, or even if you mix the paint better and do a respray on top it could react with the existing soft paint and cause it to harden properly. 


    Or it may just ruin it completely... :banghead:

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  3. I don't have any specific experience but I think it's best to wait a bit longer and see if it dries. Maybe somewhere a little warm or something. I can imagine that if you put something else on top of tacky paint , the clear coats may also be compromised. 


    Sorry probably not telling you anything useful but I've been too keen to spray and finish in the past only to wish I'd give  a little more curing time. 

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