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  1. Well I am pleased you know the sun rises in the east -I'd hate for you to think otherwise. As for taking me to task I have no cares - but this is a public forum - one where we are all allowed to make comment and have opinions. Getting personal is up to the individual - I have teflon shoulders that are very broad. As for talking to stockists I will not mention names but certainly my local Hobby Craft - Smiths/Modelzone (alas I do not have a local model shop anymore) have piles of Defiants and other Airfix kits that are not selling (yes I spoke to the buyers), before LSA finished he had no faith in the Defiant....I do not have to prove myself. If all the Britmodeller contributors like the 1/72 BP Defiant from Airfix... that still does not make for great sales world wide. However from my point of view I am not a fan of the kit and I am allowed to talk about it. Getting back to the Mosquito - Airfix did say ( a couple of their guys at Telford) that a glass nosed Mossie was on the cards - just when? For me the HK kit will be on the want list but I will wait for Lucky Hobby I think.
  2. I think the glass fronted versions of the Mossie are the best so I will probably stick with HK - unless Airfix get their glass nosed version 1/24 released.
  3. Great news then that Tamiya are releasing a 1/32 Mossie. Superb news in fact if they will be following their previous great 1/32 kits. However I imagine the price will be in a similar bracket as the HK - Again I am going on the prices of the Spitfires, Mustang and Corsair. It can't be much difference in the price range...The Corsair was in the £120bracket so the Mossie has got to be up there. Watch this space as they say.
  4. The sun does rise in the East...Not Chuck Norris - but I do kick rear end. And I do keep it polits and I am entitled to my opinion that is based on all that I see and to whom I talk with in the industry. If you don't lik it then don't read my posts.
  5. All the model shops I look at and visit and all the retailers I talk to.
  6. As for the BP Defiant by Airfix - I go by what I see on the shelves of my local stockists - Airfix may sell them but are they sold out of the stockists branches...and believe me I do talk to major model sellers and most were disappointed the Defiant was released...if Hannantas are selling the add ons then well done them...they also sold 170 HK B17's before it was released. Everything is relative.
  7. Horses for courses - exactly...if you wanna dance you have to pay the band - it's up to you how much you pay!
  8. Rvell and HK cannot be compared - I know the later Revell items are decent but to be honest is the new Spitfire anywhere close to the Tamiya Spits? Probably not. Ultimately it is a matter of you pays your money you takes your choice...I am awaiting the release of the HK before I finally make my decision - I have to say if the office isn't worthy of the price tag I will be disappointed - the cockpit is always my favorite part of the model if this is lacking and requiring after market good then HK should address that - but I am speculating. I do have the HK Lanc on order - couldn't not get that and I can't see anyone else doing such a scale Lanc. As for the one piece wings and slide mould fuselage - I think it is a matter of engineering - slide mould tank barrels are wonderful compared to conventional two part barrels. The comment someone made about the price of large maritme models is spot on - and I had this discussion previously on a thread here and was shot down - At Telford two shows ago a new big Japanese ship was on sale - I saw people walking out with these huge boxes all day...I draw the line - I don't do ships but it doesn't stop me from admiring the work involved - but I was aghast at the price tag - but if that floats your boat (sorry couldn't resist) then I will not disrespect your choice. The 1/24 Typhoon is for Airfix a sublime kit - the 1/24 Mossie was great (it has been surpassed by the Tiffie) - I can remember when all the hype was going on and then people were complaining about the price of each - if the new 1/24 Mossie comes up and is more than £120 will it sell? Of course it will - the first one was so popular they couldn't get enough into the country. Same for the Typhoon. OK so you might not get as much plastic in the HK Mossie but you do get a very well engineered kit - that was obvious at Telford and from my point of view the HK Mossie was/is a much better subject than a 1/72 BP Defiant that Airfix released that is hardly selling - I went to my local Hobbycraft today and there were tons of this kit on the shelf and the same story in my local Smiths/Modelzone...HK have delivered the goods - a kit that is meant for a different type of modeller - it's up to you the modeller to buy or not to buy...certainly these kits will sell as did the B17's.
  9. Mick You are on a dead horse flogging here. Too many on this blog want kits cheap and do not like opening their wallets - I'm going to get a bashing here I know. We all like bargains but those of us that saw the test shots at Telford understand why the cost is prohibitive - the engineering of this kit is sublime. But believe me the cost will include import duties, shipping charges and lots more in this country - we will have a few people disputing this point however talk to a couple of importers and all will say that import duties are a factor as are shiping charges. This Mosquito is pricey - if you don't like the UK prices then order it from Hong Kong - chances are it will be cheaper than buying in the UK. But you take your chances on getting charged custom duties. The new Airfix offering - when it comes - will obviously be cheaper than the new HK - Airfix haven't got new toolings and nor have they made the kit as HK have with the model going together like the actual aircraft. Airfix is a good manufacturer - HK is a well engineered great manufacturer. Mick don't bash Airfix either - you have been warned. Tamiya have made some of thye most sublime kits ever - 1/32 series. The Corsair is recognised as possibly being the best kit made. HK are look to be taking on that mantle - we will have to wait and see with the reviews. But the Mossie looks to be a great kit. Hence it's price. But the internet alleviates UK prices - order from Hong Kong - I did with my Tamiya Corsair and I saved £30! Maybe I am setting a cat among the pigeons - in my view you pay for what you get - the old Revelle offering is so out of date - if you want to bring it up to the HK standard then that will involve one of two avenues - a/ a lot of scratch building or b/ buying a ton of after market items (which will probably equate to the HK kit costs) - the Airfix Mossie is a great kit but as we all know it needs refinement - it looks like the HK kit will not need much refinement. In the end you pays your money and you takes your choice.
  10. It is with a wave of nostalgia that we all remember our model shops. ELS Model supplies was my local at the bottom of the high street Sutton Surrey - the shop was in the Eagle Star Building complex which has recently been pulled down - sad really but the demise of the model shop is sad in my eyes. The new development in Sutton will be superb I am sure - new housing, shopping complex and a new Sainsbury's - be nice if they put in a model shop but that is wishful thinking. Sad news also is that Jason at LSA is selling up - we will get news nearer the time I suppose but I hope someone with the same attitude as Jason takes on the shop.

    Telford Photos

    You are most welcome
  12. Concerning my remark about Model Zone and the kits left on the shelves - I back this up by having talked to several mangers of MZ at the time and all criticised Airfix. I am not here to bad mouth Airfix as many seem to think but as I say I think they could be a little bolder. I shall refrain from further on this thread as I know some will be here vieiwng my comments and take them out of context. Suffice to say that I am nostalgic over Airfix like most here but I also look to the future and feel Airfix are still quite a lot in the past - I applaud some of their releases and on the other hand I also deplore some - and as I said much earlier - it is my opinion.

    Telford Photos

    Also I took photo's of what interested me.

    Telford Photos

    I hope this works - one photo here and then click the link below for more. Also some of my items as I haven't sorted out alnbums. http://s141.photobucket.com/user/Jbohmss/media/Telford201471.jpg.html
  15. This illustrates my point - I do feel that Britmodeller is biased and rightly so BRIT Modeller says it all and a lot of Airfix flag waving. Because this is a public forum for stimulating conversation and I am merely expressing my opinions and thoughts and not wanting to attract a lot of shoot me down in flames posts. I personally think there are better subjects that Airfix could have turned their attention to - the Defiant was a failure - it was superceded very quickly. There are plenty here that will buy the new kit and good luck to you - but there are more that will not (of that I am sure but cannot prove it), but a P47 series would be more attractive world wide. I am not asking for a 1/24 kit every year, but I would appreciate more attention to 1/48 - as we have seen in this thread I am in a minority on Britmodeller - I much prefer the bigger scales and I still want a 1/48 Halifax and Vulcan!!! However I feel that Airfix are resting on their laurels by retooling old subjects. I think Airfix should be a little more bold and announce a brand new kit each year - hopefully the Telford announcements are not the end of the new kits for 2015. Lets face it we were all a buzz last year with the Typhoon - and to be honest I couldn't expect a new 1/24 this year - unless it was a glass nosed Mossie - not much of a conversion and they could do what they did with the Harrier/Sea Harrier and add a new front end...ok yes more details would be required but that is essentially all they would need to do. I digress - at Telford the 1/32 Horten had a queue a mile long to buy it - this is not my cup of tea either although I can appreciate the engineering - Zoukei Mourai tapped the right market though and HK announced a 1/32 Mossie that again is beautifully engineered - gobsmacking in my opinion. As for keeping this hobby going - my small research - talking to model shops and sellers the hobby is firmly set in the midle aged range - yep me included - youngsters really are not that interested. This doesn't bode well for the hobby - take a 14 year old that is remotely interested in making a model will not buy a Defiant - probably not even a 1/48 Halifax - maybe a Vulcan - possibly a F35 Lightning or Raptor - but my son and I imagine many offspring from Britmodellers are not that interested in making models - I hope I am wrong - but looking at the buyers around Telford and at other shows it is us old farts who buy to make - a sad statement. And I fear that when our generation has gone the model hobby will slowly die and be left to smaller specialised manufacturers and limited runs. Model Zone is a good indicator that Airfix and Revell are not ahead in the game - Model zone was left with a huge stock that consisted mainly of Airfix kits and Revell kits - take a look at the Model Centre in Croydon that bought up all the old stock - Merlins up to your ears and 1/48 Land Rovers and Jackals...for me this is proof that Airfix didn't do the right research on these particular kits (a small minority in their catalogue) - conversely there is a lot of Hasegawa and Dragon kits from an age ago that have not sold too - but these kits are from a longer history than the Airfix items. However I am just trying to illustrate my point. If I am wrong great - but I feel Airfix is not leading as much as they could - and yes the R&D budget has to be taken into account - we all want a bunch of kits that might or might not be good sellers - I just feel the three kits announced at Telford were something of a cop out. I have my desires and most are 1/48 upwards - I won't bore you more on these but do I want a Defiant et al? No. A Horten? Nope. But maybe I am in the minority. Currently if a 1/48 Vulcan were to appear I think World wide that would be a seller. Currently the Vulcan is doing no wrong on the airshow circuit and America would gag to have it do the circuit in the US - and that is where the main sales of kits is situated - I don't think the Defiant will rock boats across the USA. Anyhow I have sorted out the Telford photo's I have taken and will start a new thread to post them.
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