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  1. I highly recommend replacing the jerry can handles with the correct three bar type. You can use Italeri's cheap jerry can set for this, and just cut away the double handles and glue the triple handle pieces in place on the existing jerry cans, or replace the whole jerry can. Either way it is a cheap and very effective improvement to the kit as the old two handle tamiya jerry can't are the weakest part of the whole kit.
  2. IPA tends to make it more matt, water slightly less so. Just try both and see what you prefer.
  3. The A-4K had the 300 gal tanks found in the kit. It was the RAN A-4Gs that had the 150 gal tanks, and they were used as smoke tanks with diesel in them in RNZAF service. The exception was the golden jubilee Gold T-bird, that used the 150 gal tanks in place of the 300 gal. Cockpit quilting was grey.
  4. The seat you want is the Escapac seat on the left. The unpainted resin one is a Martin Baker seat that would never have fitted in the cockpit of an A-4K. Although this comes with white metal parts for the exterior of the aircraft in post kahu configuration, it doesn't have any cockpit parts needed for the conversion. There is no HUD and the IP is just the standard kit A-4E panel, rather than the upgraded post kahu one with MFDs. You can build it out of the box accurately using the early SEA scheme decals included.
  5. CharlieNZ

    Hasegawa pricing

    You think that is expensive? $298 plus shipping for a Hasegawa 1/48 A-4E/F! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hasegawa-US-Navy-Aircraft-Carrier-Bone-Attacker-1-48-A-4E-F-Skyhawk-PT21-Japan/362867215793?epid=1304065526&hash=item547c924db1:g:YkcAAOSwzO9eCpYu Or $263.67 for the T/A4-J on another listing. These are from Japan. I've seen this with other Hasegawa kits that are not currently in their catalogue. I'm not sure if there genuinely is a market for these kits at this price or not, perhaps in Japan people really do pay these prices? Or perhaps it's a seller just being hopeful.
  6. http://www.na-int.com/ Australian themed 1/6 figures. Mostly bronze casts, however they also do resin kits of some of them as well.
  7. I measured the dia of a Mk 10 Seat Pan firing handle with digital callipers, it is 11.5mm.
  8. It's a wire loop, covered with textured rubber.
  9. Lower the air pressure, get closer. Paint is drying before it hits the surface. Rough paint in recesses is because your pressure is too high and the air is swirling around in the recesses leaving dry paint particles as it does.
  10. You don't think the fact half your paint is made up of clear gloss might be affecting how thin it appears? It's going to be much less opaque, regardless of viscosity. I like mixing X22 with Tamiya matt paint as it sprays much better, but I use perhaps a 1:5 ratio, just adding a couple of drops into my colour cup after thinning the paint in the cup to the desired consistency. TBH, at 18-20 psi, you should be able to get away with less thinner than 50/50.
  11. Try it. The lid is not going to be anything other than a nominal match.
  12. AIM-9L Sidewinder used in the Falklands should be FS 36375. Seeker head dark metallic anodised grey, sometimes with a greenish tinge. Aft section is the rocket motor and has a brown band denoting low explosive for the propellent. Warhead section has a yellow band denoting HE.
  13. Because unless their warehouse and distribution processes are either operated by wizards or robots, the people carrying out that work need to go in to their work place to make that process function. In NZ, that is not possible. Only essential workers, or those workers of companies selling essential goods, are permitted to leave their houses for anything other than purchasing food, medicine or exercise in their immediate neighbourhood. In addition to the restrictions on people leaving their homes, the mail system is limited to delivery of essentials, so even if you are a one person operation working from home, and can stay in your isolation bubble while fulfilling orders, there's no mail system to deliver those orders.
  14. The WW1 exhibition at the old Dominion Museum ran for four years. It closed at the end of 2018 because the building owner, Massey university, wanted their space back.
  15. The only businesses that are allowed to keep trading in NZ are supermarkets, pharmacies, and online retailers selling 'essential' items, such as food, clothing, heating appliances and communications equipment. Even online retailers selling essential goods that also sell hobby supplies can't sell their hobby supplies. Postal service is restricted to essential goods only, meaning not only are almost all retailers closed, there's no means by which to ship anything non essential anyway.
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