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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Lower the air pressure, get closer. Paint is drying before it hits the surface. Rough paint in recesses is because your pressure is too high and the air is swirling around in the recesses leaving dry paint particles as it does.
  2. You don't think the fact half your paint is made up of clear gloss might be affecting how thin it appears? It's going to be much less opaque, regardless of viscosity. I like mixing X22 with Tamiya matt paint as it sprays much better, but I use perhaps a 1:5 ratio, just adding a couple of drops into my colour cup after thinning the paint in the cup to the desired consistency. TBH, at 18-20 psi, you should be able to get away with less thinner than 50/50.
  3. Try it. The lid is not going to be anything other than a nominal match.
  4. AIM-9L Sidewinder used in the Falklands should be FS 36375. Seeker head dark metallic anodised grey, sometimes with a greenish tinge. Aft section is the rocket motor and has a brown band denoting low explosive for the propellent. Warhead section has a yellow band denoting HE.
  5. Because unless their warehouse and distribution processes are either operated by wizards or robots, the people carrying out that work need to go in to their work place to make that process function. In NZ, that is not possible. Only essential workers, or those workers of companies selling essential goods, are permitted to leave their houses for anything other than purchasing food, medicine or exercise in their immediate neighbourhood. In addition to the restrictions on people leaving their homes, the mail system is limited to delivery of essentials, so even if you are a one person operation working from home, and can stay in your isolation bubble while fulfilling orders, there's no mail system to deliver those orders.
  6. The WW1 exhibition at the old Dominion Museum ran for four years. It closed at the end of 2018 because the building owner, Massey university, wanted their space back.
  7. The only businesses that are allowed to keep trading in NZ are supermarkets, pharmacies, and online retailers selling 'essential' items, such as food, clothing, heating appliances and communications equipment. Even online retailers selling essential goods that also sell hobby supplies can't sell their hobby supplies. Postal service is restricted to essential goods only, meaning not only are almost all retailers closed, there's no means by which to ship anything non essential anyway.
  8. Not in NZ unfortunately, no one is allowed to go to work unless they are an essential worker, so the staff who would normally process orders are at home.
  9. They had sent out an email about a month ago about delays due to their injection moulding being on hold due to the effects of the virus in China (the moulding is done in China). This may have an impact on things, as well as the effect of the lockdown here in NZ. One of Sir Peter's other companies, The Vintage Aviator Limited has been in trouble for some time after an issue with fraud by one of its managers. I saw an article in the last few weeks (but can't locate it now) about it shutting down much of its work.
  10. CharlieNZ

    Lock Down.

    Lol, I wont be wearing an S10, I no longer have mine and the cartridge was about 20 years old. However I have a 3M half mask, and as it turns out the particulate pre filters are NIOSH N95 standard, who knew? I have it for airbrushing, but it seals well and as I don't have any other types of mask it makes sense to me to wear it.
  11. CharlieNZ

    Lock Down.

    It's a bit challenging, I have two young daughters, 6 and 9, who we are also now having to home school. I'm working from home, but also on call to respond if required as part of the NZDF. I did my last shop on Wed, will be doing another tomorrow morning, early. I'll be wearing respirator, gloves and eye protection when I go out to the supermarket.
  12. CharlieNZ

    Lock Down.

    New Zealand is on a strict lock down right now. Only things open are supermarkets and petrol stations. There's a pretty restricted list of who are essential workers, and everyone else must stay home unless visiting the supermarket. We are allowed to walk/exercise in our immediate area only, and must maintain 2m social distancing. No visiting with friends or family at all. Where we were on the night of 25 March is where we must stay until the lock down is lifted, which is for a minimum of one month. The country has shut down.
  13. CharlieNZ

    Lock Down.

    Kids playing in their own back yard, and enjoying themselves? How dare they.
  14. Good decision to do the NZ and not the I model. There are a lot of differences that would require work to update the Kitty Hawk kit to an I model.
  15. Tamiya X22 is gloss clear, and XF86 is matt. Just thin and spray as per normal. I prefer Windsor and Newton Galeria Matt varnish now, thinned 50/50 with IPA, but Tamiya clears are just as straight forward as using any of their other paint.
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