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  1. You need to physically remove the marred styrene, and the best way to do this is with micromesh. Start with 3600 or 4000 (always err on the side of too smooth to start, no point in adding extra scratches you don't need to), then work up through the grades to 12000. Finish with tamiya polishing compound.
  2. The tails in the photos that you are referring to appear to be Mk15 tails, or equivalent (possibly expal manufactured). I don't know about 'early' vs 'late', as far as I can see looking at the Eduard site the late ones are Mk15 (Mod 3 or 4?) and look like the ones in the photo of the bomb on the MER. Note the cut out area halfway along each fin. The 'early' tails by eduard do not feature this cut out portion if the artwork on eduard's site and an IPMS USA review site are anything to go by. The parachute equipped tails for the Mk 82 are the BSU-49/B 'Ballute' tails, and are quite different There is also the BSU-86 tail, which is another high drag tail that works much the same way as the Mk 15, however have a different appearance again.
  3. I've already got the Airfix kit, it's been in the stash for some years after I picked it up on sale at a toy shop. I'm keen to put it to good use. I've got a Nose and a Pitot on the way from Hannants.
  4. Great museum, it was awesome to see the B-29. Unfortunately the day I went they were hosting some kind of sewing, or knitting show. Maybe it was a weaving show, whatever. It made it hard to see all the aircraft. I was spent 7 weeks training at the Kaman factory in 2014, visiting this museum this was one of my weekend excursions.
  5. Some F model images: http://s1233.photobucket.com/user/pgarmonsway/library/Seasprite/F model seasprite?sort=3&page=1 Lots of SH-2G(NZ) images: http://s1233.photobucket.com/user/pgarmonsway/library/Seasprite?sort=3&page=1 May be useful. NZ images are mine, F model belonged to 6 SQN.
  6. I once got to see Chris Amon demonstrate the Southwards Museum 250F. That was probably about 1991, at RNZAF Ohakea. Saw that car again yesterday on display at the Southwards museum.
  7. Glad you enjoyed NZ! It's a bit of a missed opportunity going to Sydney instead of Melbourne - you could have visited the Avalon air show and the RAAF museum at Point Cook. And in my opinion Melbourne is far nicer than Sydney.
  8. Thanks nigelshipp, very handy info regarding the aerials. I had heard the nose wasn't the best, I've seen one by S.B.S Models which includes the pitot as well. I'm not sure if you know anything about this one and how it stacks up accuracy wise?
  9. Well I'll give it a go, using the newer parts from the Airfix kit to convert the Revell kit to a GR4. Hopefully it will be correct.
  10. I am far from an expert on Tornadoes, and I've found in my stash the Airfix GR.4/GR.4A kit. This has some pretty old looking parts for the majority of the airframe, and what is clearly a couple of sprues of newer parts to add on to make the GR4/4A version. From everything I have read, the Revell GR1 is by far the best option for a Tornado in 1/72, so my question is... Is it a viable option to use the newer Airfix parts to convert the Revell GR1 to a GR4? Is there any advice anyone can offer on things to look out for if I go down this route? Are there are any other changes I'd need to make to the Revell kit, besides adding the various parts from the Airfix kit? The other option is to simply build the Revell kit as is, possibly as an Op Granby aircraft, but I'd quite like to convert it to a GR4 and use a Model Alliance Op Telic decal sheet I seem to have acquired years ago and forgot all about.
  11. Lacquer thinners work best, such as Gunze Mr Levelling thinner, or Tamiya Lacquer thinner. I have thinned mine with Tamiya X20A acrylic thinner with no problems, but I have read of others having a reaction that makes the paint turn gritty. Definitely not enamel thinners.
  12. Yes, they require thinning.
  13. In the photo he's holding a Hi Power. The Germans put these into production using the FN tooling, and issued them to the SS. His weapon is most likely an issue pistol.
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