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  1. I didn't realise they still made one?
  2. What kit is the wasp conversion set a conversion for?
  3. Fair enough. What were they thinking?
  4. Bearing in mind these are only 3D renders, the actual kit may come with separate slats.
  5. CharlieNZ

    German H145M grey

    XF 24 or even XF 54 look like a reasonable match. The grey used on the real thing is lighter than you'd be lead to believe looking at Revells box art. The jar of XF 63 German grey I have is very dark.
  6. CharlieNZ

    German H145M grey

    I'm wondering the same thing, but I work with aircraft painted FS 26118, which is one of the colours known as Gunship grey, and that is quite a bit more blue compared to what I'm seeing in the German colour.
  7. Slight odd choice, If they wanted a popular WW2 US Navy/FAA aircraft I'd have thought the Corsair would have wider appeal. Still waiting on a retool of the Vulcan.
  8. CharlieNZ

    Paint help

    Basically Dark Earth C22, Dark Green C23 and Duck Egg Green C26, although the latter could do with some white to lighten it a bit, especially for 1/72.
  9. CharlieNZ

    Tamiya M5 Stuart

    That was the first 1/35 armour kit I ever built, many years ago. Your finish looks really nice. For the .30 cal ammo (it isn't .303), the belt would have been tan canvas. I wouldn't go to the trouble of masking and spraying, it's a fairly thin line in 1/35, running down the centre. Brush painting it in some kind of light tan, or sand colour would suffice.
  10. CharlieNZ

    1/35 M1 Abrams question. which is the best to buy.

    The OP appeared to ask specifically about the M1 in the header of their post. Perhaps I was taking them too literally.
  11. CharlieNZ

    1/35 M1 Abrams question. which is the best to buy.

    I'm fairly certain there is only one M1 Abrams readily available, made by Panda. The other option is the original M1 boxing from Tamiya, but that's been OOP for more than 30 years and isn't the most accurate.
  12. CharlieNZ

    RNZAF Strikemaster ++FINISHED++

    The two main under wing weapon load outs were the LAU5002 6 shot launcher, and the PMBR, or Practice Multiple Bomb Rack. The PMBR is a USN six station practice bomb rack that was modified for use with the Blunty by removing the two centre stations to allow for ground clearance. The PMBR is just visible inboard of the drop tank. http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/001060397.html LAU5002: http://photobucket.com/gallery/http://s31.photobucket.com/user/Sean1552/media/1-5.jpg.html Another PMBR shot:
  13. CharlieNZ

    Norwegian F-16 + Penguin references

    One thing to bear in mind if comparing the Hasegawa missile with the hobbyboss one, the Hasegawa one should be a Mk 3, while the Hobbyboss, since you say it comes from a sea hawk, would be a Mk2 Mod 7. The main differences are the wings of course, the Mk 2 Mod 7 having the folding wings, which when unfolded are somewhat larger than those fitted to he Mk3. The Mk 3 is slightly longer as well, and 3.2m compared to the Mk2 Mod 7 at 3m. Probably not significant in 1/72 though. The rocket motor of the Mk2 Mod 7 has a booster section and a sustainer section, while the Mk 3 has no booster and a larger overall sustainer. On the Mk2 Mod 7, both sections ignite together, but the booster grain burns much faster, accelerating the missile up to speed.
  14. CharlieNZ

    Norwegian F-16 + Penguin references

    The seeker is supposed to look grey, it is not clear glass. However it does have a clear glass dome cover that can clearly be seen in this photo. This is to keep it the IR seeker free from debris during the captive carriage and cruise phase of flight. It will shatter when the missile reaches the terminal search phase of flight. The missile navigates most of its course via its internal INS, and maintains altitude (in sea skimming mode) via RADALT. When it reaches the target area the frangible dome cover is shattered by a small piston driven by an explosive cartridge. This exposes the nice clean IR seeker, which activates and carries out a scan of the sea to calibrate itself prior to starting to scan for targets. Not the best image, but it doesn't appear that the wiring conduit on the pylon adapter is on the LHS.
  15. CharlieNZ

    Hasegawa A-4 e/f skyhawk

    single Mk82s on outboard stations, MER or TER on inboard, also with Mk82s. Mk 82s with M904 mechanical nose fuzes and low drag tails. You could probably also use Mk82s with Mk15 tails.