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  1. try these little chaps... RAF jet fighter pilot seated in a/c (modern) Manufacturer: PJ Productions Code Number: PJ321118 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PJ321118
  2. Probably too late - but if you still have options, check out the FLY Models 1/32 Hurricane range... http://www.fly814.cz/products/a32015-hawker-hurricane-mk-iid/ - you can also find them on ebay (where I got 2 for myself).
  3. Try PJ Productions 721118 - RAF Pilots seated, 1/72... https://www.pj-production.be/en/figures-1-72/35-raf-pilots-seated-in-ac-90-.html I am using 1/32 version PJ Production figures for my BBMF 1/32 collection, got them via Hannants. https://www.pj-production.be/en/figures-1-32-/193-321118-pilote-de-chasse-raf-moderne.html
  4. Can anyone pls advise - Looking for 1/32 scale decal set for BBMF Hurricane PZ865 SE-G? I can find it anywhere in the googlesphere. Closest I found so far is this Xtracdecal set on ebay USA. This may be OK but I still need squadron code letters. Cheers! Eric
  5. UPDATE - Based on the feedback I poked around the interwebs for Spit Mk V kits and parts...and I have bought this... Quickboost 1:32 Spitfire Mk.Vb Propeller w/ Tool for HobbyBoss Kit #QB32-165 http://www.ebay.com/itm/121883715596 Once again cheers for the feedback!
  6. Cheers to all for the feedback - much appreciated - promise to post a few pics on the project soon...
  7. I have begun my dream build - the BBMF in 1:32 scale, starting with a couple of Spitfires and Hurricanes. The first Spitfire is to be the Mark IIa P7350 "EB-G". My base is the Revell 1:32 kit p/n 80-3986, along with "Kits World" decals and "Yahu" instrument panel. My question concerns the Spinner. Regardless of what it looked like in early WW2, I am trying to find the appropriate 3-blade spinner to match what P7350 has today...and it certainly isn't the shape supplied with the kit, which looks - well - too short and dumpy. I have scoured the interwebs, this forum without success...can anyone advise... 1. Which spinner type does full size P7350 fly with these days? Rotol? DeHaviland? Other? 2. Does any after market shop supply this in 1:32 scale (with blades)...I don't mind having to "fiddle" with it a bit. MANY thanks, Eric
  8. Hi all, I haven't posted in ages but I just got news from PCM that they have no plan to reissue their later version Hurricane kit; PCM 32012 - Hawker Hurricane MK.I Battle of Britain version w/metal wings I occasionally see these on US eBay for 100+ $ - seems to be more of the earlier "rag wing" version popping up once in awhile. Sigh... Anyone know of any other manufacturers out there with a 1:32 Hurricane in their pipeline? Given it's importance and critical role played in the Battle of Britain, and many other campaigns, I feel this aircraft has not been well represented by the industry. The Airfix and Tamiya 1:48 efforts may be the best ones out there today? Opinions, comments welcome! Cheers Eric PS - like many others, I'm still waiting to see if the 1:32 HK Models Lancaster ever does see the light of day...
  9. Spring 2015? Priced @ 285 USD in USA http://www.internethobbies.com/hkmo1avlamki.html Will my 1/32 BBMF really come to be?
  10. The release for this beastie is delayed until at least "spring 2014" according to updated info on the internet hobbies website; http://www.internethobbies.com/hkmo1avlamki.html I'm patient - my goal is to build up a BBMF in 1/32 - don't know where I'm putting them all, but I'll cross that bridge... Also waiting for the new retooled Revell Spit Mk I/II, and I'm still looking for a decent 1/32 Hurricane. Oh, and how to produce the PR XIX Spit1/32? Oh well, that's why we have the old interweb. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Eric
  11. Hong Kong Models 1:32 Avro Lancaster MKIII, Catalog # 01E06 My first posting so hope it is of interest to some and in the right place! Here in the USA, Internet Hobbies has the big Lanc on site for advance order at 285 USD with delivery date of November 2013...http://www.internethobbies.com/hkmo1avlamki.html I checked with them and they confirmed the November date. They estimate 15 USD for shipping to me in MA (based on shipping cost of the HK 1:32 B17). I am thinking to recreate the BBMF in 1:32, probably not an original idea, but I visited the flight's hangar in Coningsby in August and it was just so inspiring! With HK Models I found the Lanc - now I need to find some decent spits and hurris in 1:32. The Sptfire PR XIX will be a challenge!
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