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  1. Nice fix of the dashboard. Although I live in a LHD country I would prefer RHD on an E-Type. But I will be too lazy to fix it once I get the kit.


    I wonder why they made the seats almost level to the floor. Guess you won't see it once the kit is assembled but if they made an OTS version later then it would't look very good.

  2. 1 hour ago, desert falcon said:

    Some newly acquired scale H0 (1/87) stuff for my future THW / Fire Brigade station. 




    Also managed to build up a small collection of Herpa Minikits, they are great for customization as they come unpainted and unassembled, just as they are cheaper than the finished Herpa models. 




    So no excuse really for not getting started :) 

    Some of those cars remind me of the Tyco slot cars me and my brother used to play with as kids. Of course we played too violently so most of them were destroyed. Recently when I visited my parents' house I found the track in the attic and managed to salvage parts from the car graveyard to make two cars work again so I could relive some old memories. It was surprisingly fun. And I am happy I am more into fixing thing than destroying things these days...

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  3. 2 hours ago, Marco F. said:

    no more extrem high prices for the old boxes  same with 1/8 Jaguar.  

    There is a german store on ebay that have been selling brand new 1/8 E-Type kits of the last reissue (2014) for years. I don't think this new reissue will be much cheaper if any at all. I bought one from them back in 2014.


    As for the Corrado I totally agree, they usually go for crazy money. Anyone know why? What is special about it?

  4. 3 hours ago, keefr22 said:

    Shame about the warped body, but you've done a good job of getting it straight. 


    I've got an AIrfix boxing of this kit and hope the body is better!



    I wish I had taken a photo of it before I corrected it it was extreme. I think I will buy another kit eventually it is so cheap I am curious to see if I have better luck next time.

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  5. IMG-20221016-140820569.jpg


    I wanted to build something simple so I thought I'd give this a go. First time I build a kit in this scale and I have to say it is a nice little kit but as with all other kits I have built there are some problems. Unfortunately my kit had a warped body and chassis/floor, don't know if this is a common problem or if I was just unlucky.


    First thing I did was assemble the 3 parts that make up the body. I wanted to see if this would sort out the warped main part of the body but it did not. I put the body in a 85C bath a couple of times and eventually I managed to get an acceptable result. Another problem I had was a gap between the body and bottom of the windshield which I fixed by gluing a plastic rod along the lower window frame. Now I just need to fix the radius in the corners as can be seen below.




    Some more bits ready for paint. I am surprised they bothered with an engine since it won't be visible. There was a sink mark in the middle of the steering wheel that was fixed with some putty.






    Finally I test fitted some pieces. I needed to do some sanding and cutting to make the interior fit properly inside the body.






    Next update I hope to have painted everything shown above. I have not quite decided on the body colors yet but I found the photo below (I am not sure if it is the same Austin Mini Special as this kit) and I like the yellow/brown color combo. I might go with blue/black.



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  6. 1 hour ago, johnlambert said:

    I remember building the Heller Mini back when I was a teenager, not a bad kit as I recall and turned out well by my standards at that time.

    Yeah it is quite nice I think but the body in my kit was warped. A 85C bath or two fixed it. Also the windshield is a bit too small there is a gap at the bottom. Nothing that cannot be fixed though. I might get another one when I am done.

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  7. 24 minutes ago, Fnick said:

    Yep they've done a very good job with detailing considering the scale.


    So this is with the two halves together




    Yes the seam is prominent. You could do what you suggested but for me given the fact it looks like it could be on the real car and for me this is just a fun little build I'll leave it as is!


    Cheers, Nick 

    It is not as noticeable as I thought. I guess it also depends on the color you choose. I have a white 1/25 model where it is very noticeable.

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  8. Easy to forget the scale when looking at that dash.


    Cannot wait to get my hands on this kit but it seems hard to come by outside the UK.


    Do you think it would be more trouble than it is worth to glue the body halves together before painting in order to get rid of the seam under the door that isn't there on the real car? Might be difficult to mask off the interior etc. I am thinking about trying it when I get the kit but I am not sure.

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