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  1. 19 hours ago, Spiny said:

    That's a nice collection of Gunze kits, I particularly like the Frogeye (Sprite). Do they all come with the weird rubbery sprue like the Lotus does?


    All Gunze kits I own (Triumph, E-Type, Sprite, Lotus) have rubbery interior parts.


    19 hours ago, cmatthewbacon said:

    Well, the TR and XK-E do. I’d be interested to hear your views @dbostream on the body shape of the E-Type. A while back I was looking really closely at the bodies of E-Type kits in my stash, and the Airfix “Hi-Tech” kit (which is the Gunze original, not the Heller) looks as if the rear haunches are not quite symmetrical. Can you see anything like that on your Gunze original?




    I had a look from different angles and it looked good to me but it is hard to tell.

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  2. 1 hour ago, TommyOneTwoFour said:

    Thanks! It might possible to combine the snapper and the Monogram full kit. The main problem could be the difference in scale (Monogram is 1/24, Revell is 1/25). I have both kits on stock, unbuilt, and could make a "dry fit" if you want. Besides that, if you build the snapper, getting stock wheels shouldn't be a problem. Those are are regular Mag wheels and they more or less contained in every muscle car kit, especially the AMT 2-in-1 oder 3-in-1 kits that contain multiple building options. 

    Sure if you could find our how well they fit that would be great.


    I wonder if it would be possible to take the body pieces, glass and interior from the snap kit and the rest from AMT's old 1/25 version, I have that one already and it would be the same scale. I will test it when I get the snap kit.

  3. 13 hours ago, TommyOneTwoFour said:

    Revell did make a modern tool ‘70 Chevelle some years ago. Although it‘s only a snap-kit, it‘s by far the most accurate kit in terms of body proportions. It‘s spot-on in all aspects that matter. With some work it can be made into a nice curbside model. This is mine, built in 2019.

    Chevelle 1970 (Revell snap-kit)



    Nice build. I am aware of that kit but I want a full detail one. I will probably buy the snap kit eventually but then I need to find different wheels I don't like the custom ones.

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  4. On 3/13/2023 at 11:16 PM, Paul H said:


    I've a spare set of seats, dash & front suspension parts for one of these Airfix Frogeyes, if that's any good to you?  I've no idea why I have them, or what happened to the rest of it (if I even had it...)

    Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately after Brexit it is expensive to import stuff. I will try to make copies I already have everything I need but if it fails I will contact you and see if you still have the parts. :) 

  5. Never heard of this bike but the moment I saw the kit I knew I had to have it. I plan to build a civilian version with chrome. The tires and chain is molded in rubber-like material but for some reason they are skin colored. Any idea if I need special paint for this? Never painted on soft plastic.



    '70 Chevelle is my favorite. Wish there was a modern tool. Too bad Revell stopped after making the '68 and '69.




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  6. I wasn't so lucky with the previous purchase I posted here but this time the luck was on my side.




    The Airfix Austin Healey Sprite MK1 was the first kit I ever built and for a while I have been looking to get another one but they are hard to come by. The seller wasn't sure the kit was complete but it turns out the box contained almost two complete kits. Most of the missing pieces I should be able to scratch build but the front body piece and the seats could be tricky. I might try to make molds and make copies out of epoxy putty, I have done that in the past.



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  7. Won this on the swedish ebay. Said it had never been opened unfortunately that was not true. Both the MGB and DB5 have been started and the DB5's body is crushed. Don't think I will even try to fix it the rest of the kit looks quite bad anyway. The MGB looks salvageable though. At least the E-Type was still sealed. Fortunately I didn't pay much for the kits.


    I haven't checked the state of the paint and glue. :)



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  8. It works now thanks. Looks like a very good start to me. I consider myself a beginner too and what I have learned so far is build for fun not pefection. If you can do both then great but for me only accepting a perfect result or otherwise redoing it took the fun out of building and I was more likely to never finish the build and put it back in the box.

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  9. I am very pleased with the announcement. I didn't have any expectations and as a car builder I now have a Bond Bug, McLaren, Lamborghini and an Aston Martin to look forward to.

  10. 1 hour ago, johnlambert said:

    I'm not sure which specific kits I'll tackle, but thinking about some of the subjects that are well represented in my stash I'd like to tackle.


    One of my classic Minis (1:24 Tamiya Cooper S, Fujimi "Old Mini Cooper", or MB Design Mini Pick-up)

    One of my Jaguar E-type kits (1:24 Heller Roadster, Revell Roadster, Revell FHC or Gunz XK-E)


    Other than that, I'll just do what I've always done and build what I feel at the time.

    Out of curiosity did the bonnet on your Revell E-Type fit the body? Mine was too wide. I asked Revell for a replacement and as usual Revell service is great and they sent me a new bonnet and body very quickly but the new parts had the same issue. So I decided to give the bonnet a 85C bath and now it fits pretty well. I had the same problem with the Coupe but that time the replacement parts fit great. 

  11. 1 hour ago, JeroenS said:

    OK last one for this year 🙂 




    I've built this truck before, I liked it a lot and I wanted to build another one. The kit has recently been re-issued but it's expensive, as are the earlier boxings. This is the original 1979 boxing (which is the one I built earlier) and it has been partly started. The engine has been put together, and the fuel tanks. No problem! It made this kit a lot cheaper, I got it for a really good price. 

    I have been looking to get this kit for a while but as you say prices are crazy. Maybe one day I find it on sale or I give in, let's see what comes first.

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