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  1. When I gave up on this last summer, the cockpit was done, but the intakes wound me up (even the photo of the finished model on the front of the instructions has badly fitting intakes). I've had another go this weekend and they are starting to get there now. I've also spent quite a bit of time trying to get the flaps, slats, spoilers, and airbrakes to all sit nicely in the retracted positions. It definitely feels like the kit was designed to be displayed with them all out, even though options are included for both. I've also now got the nose on with as much metal inside as I can ma
  2. Hi I started this one during the Shark Mouth GB last year, but got to the part of trying to sort out the intakes an it ended up back in the box. In fact, until last weekend for various reasons I hadn't done any modelling since then. I am determined to get my mojo back and to get this one finished this time. Initial pictures from last time are here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235057782-revell-148-tornado-gr-4-zg750-pinky/ Hopefully I'll have some progress to show in the next day or two. This one is intended to be ZG750 in the desert pink scheme.
  3. Have made some more progress, fuselage is all together. Had a bit of a break for time at RIAT and a summer holiday. The air intakes are driving me mad, I've had a go with the filler, but still some unsightly gaps around those areas which need sorting before painting.
  4. After a lot of small parts pinging out of tweezers, I'm fairly happy with how the seats look. I decided to leave off a couple of the smallest parts as sometimes it's good to know when to stop.
  5. Have made a little progress this week, so here's the first photos In the box: A selection of aftermarket - masks, pitot, control panels, seatbelts, and wing gloves: It felt mean sanding off all of the detail from the Revell cockpit, but the metal parts look far better than I could paint Seats are starting to take shape now: Hopefully a bit more will get done this evening, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get all of the straps onto the seats without losing any! Steve
  6. Hi I'm a little late with starting this, but I hope my choice of build will be welcome. I'll be using the fairly new Revell 1/48th Gr 4, together with Eduard photoetch interior and belts, and Xtradecal decals. Initial photos to follow soon. Steve
  7. Some more progress to report. Landing gear installed and a little weathering done. I've finished it off with a few coats of Vallejo matt acrylic. It needed thinning down to go through my airbrush but the finish is nice. The Pitot which had broken off has been found and reattached so I'm calling this one done :-) A few phone pics are below. Thanks for stopping by Steve
  8. Thanks! Made some more progress today. Decals on and starting to fit the pylons and gear
  9. A little more progress this afternoon. Gun packs drilled and mounted and exhaust nozzles installed Steve
  10. The better match for the grey arrived and has gone on along with the green. Had a go at some post shading and bleaching too, still getting the hang of it. Next step is making around the olive green panels on the tail and then adding some varnish.
  11. I thought I'd make some progress today and spray on the dark sea grey. I used Vallejo Model Air Dark Sea Grey but it now looks far too dark. Compared it to a Sea Hawk painted with Humbrol Extra Dark Sea Grey and it's even darker than that. I guess I'll have to order a different brand to get a better match
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