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  1. Not a grump, just an observation having seen the Shows thread:


    Happy for all you lot going to Telford,  but with  > 30k new cases a day there isnt a cat's chance in hell I'll be there.

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  2. On 9/24/2021 at 7:47 PM, 593jones said:


    Thanks, but why couldn't they have put it like that?  I don't think I'm especially dim, but the original wording made absolutely no sense to me at all.  Maybe it's an age thing, I grew up speaking English, not what appears to be the language nowadays.


    Written by an HR dept that think that people "experience" work instead of doing work....


    Maybe because somehow we're monstrous dinosaurs if we expect the younger generation to actual COMPLETE their work ??!!

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  3. On 9/7/2021 at 3:01 PM, bentwaters81tfw said:

    The problem is 'new-build'. Not worth the cardboard boxes they are made from. Probably takes a full ground-up refurb to make them acceptable, considering the complaints home owners have been making.


    A cardboard box would be positively roomy compared to some new-builds !

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  4. Just now, Graham Boak said:

    And this is a murderous pandemic.


    Very true.  But yet it is a murderous pandemic that we are all being instructed to pretend doesnt exist and shuffle back into crowded spaces via even more crowded public transport....   


    Anyway, nudging it back to modelling...   any new "low cost virus spreader"  737 kits on the horizon ?

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  5. 11 hours ago, IanC said:


    The 'Greatest Generation' put up with the Emergency Powers (Defence) Acts of 1939 and 1940 - the most extensive instruments of state control in modern times, which gave the government carte blanche over everything and anything. This included rationing, detention without trial, and kicking you out of your home if they wanted to build an airfield on it!


    I think they would have coped with our rather less onerous Covid restrictions. As should we.




    That was war-time.

    This is peace-time.



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  6. Todays grump I cannot mention without straying into the dreaded "P" ,  but suffice to say I do not believe The Greatest Generation made their sacrifices for some jumped-up chekists to demand "covid papers, please" before entering a British public place.

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  7. Anyone do a bright white paint for brush painting ?

    Both Humbrol 22 & 34 enamel are turning out ivory / almost magnolia,

    rather than being snow white.

  8. 9 hours ago, Mick4350 said:

    I know that sentiment very well. My local Coles store( one of six in postcode 4350 ) has a single quick 12 items register that I use most of the time as most of my transactions have less than twelve items. But even the staff don't regulate the rules on that lane, which is a shame !


    but...but...but.....    you NEED a trolley to carry  the twelve  9-packs of toilet paper you went into the supermarket for 😂

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  9. On 7/27/2021 at 11:54 AM, Graham Boak said:

    Wanted: hand-held device to jam such devices, and car audios played at full volume through open windows to advertise their owners' lack of taste in music.

    RPG-7  ?   :)

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  10. 19 hours ago, Rob G said:

    Because there's no undercart? 


    There's an undercart and round wheel-like things.


    The bit causing consternation at the moment is the nose.

    Whoever designed that bit had clearly been watching a bit too much Space:1999,

    as there is more than a whiff of Eagle cockpit to it !

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  11. Having worked on it this afternoon, all I can say is....   you get what you pay for.

    Detail. Fit. Finish. Accuracy.     None of these words are in the vocabulary of the manufacturer of this kit !

    Extra care has been taken to position the ejector pin marks in the most noticeable and awkward positions.

    Comes with a nice stand though !

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  12. Right, for the less-than-a-tenner group build I'd like to submit the Revell An-225  -  wait, just kidding :)

    At the back of the stash I found this little beasty lurking :





    Bought it many years ago from the Big H  for substantially less than a tenner.


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