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  1. Some tins of paint. And a very disappointing set of paint brushes that seem to be disintegrating after 1 use ! Going off on a tangent - £34 for a 1:72 Airfix Buccaneer ? Are they taking the wee ?
  2. Not exactly hidden, but pass it enroute to the M1 !!
  3. Academy B-1B was a nice easy build. If undercarriage wheels are your thing, then maybe the Revell An-225 ?
  4. ok, holding hand up, haven't been great at updating this thread... Nozzles inserted. Wings attached to fuselage. Tailplanes attached. Waiting for paint to dry before proceeding with pylons , nosewheel and outriggers.
  5. What you need to do is start scratch-building one, and then the day after you finish 3 injection kits will come out...
  6. Thanks all for the good and numerous suggestions. Looking into various nippers and saws.
  7. You know the scenario - 1:72 joystick attached to runner in such a way that pressing down with a hobby knife/scalpel will exert enough force to snap the part instead of cutting it free. What tool would you use instead ? Vaguely recall from the Airfix tv show that they were using what looked like very narrow bladed shears or something.
  8. This seems like an opportune time to open this box : Will start off with the Shar, and if time permits make a start on the Wessex.
  9. Another less-than-enjoyable aspect of modelling : sometimes it only leaves time for fast food. Not in itself always bad, but last night I found myself eating a McNasty. I don't know which left a worse taste in the mouth, the painfully-spicy burning of the McSpicy, or the fact that this midget-sized burger cost over £4 !!! Save your money and put it towards the next model kit instead.
  10. Exhibiting a triumph of ambition over modelling skill, here's my B-1B.... .. and yes the wings move...
  11. Just hitting it's time on target, it's finally finished. Some of the decals were a bit ..well.. bone..... but the overall result not too bad.
  12. The 2012 Hobbycraft kit not close enough ?
  13. Finishing the model before the end of the group build !!!
  14. Undercarriages. Always fiddly, always fragile....
  15. Didn't hear the postman knock, so consequently a 1:72 Airfix Mosquito narrowly escaped from Customs & Exercise* when she returned from her walkies and spotted an intruder parcel by the door.... * the dog
  16. Even 1:72 was a bit iffy size-wise , would need to clear out the garage to store a 1:35 skycrane
  17. Would be very happy if Revell ever reissued their 1:72 CH-54A Skycrane.....
  18. Painting completed. Taking a break to let it all dry before commencing on the decals.... Today's episode was brought to you by the numbers 125, 140, 130 ,33 & 32 .....
  19. First kit I've built that came with a paint mask. While not perfect, it's a big improvement on free-hand brush painting... and means it's not a disaster when you overpaint the mask
  20. I ran the idea of building one past the missus, but it didn't float....
  21. Absolutely, in percentage terms the quantity of WW2 aircraft in your stash has decreased
  22. IanHx

    RIP Jack Higgins

    RIP and thanks for all the Sean Dillon thrillers
  23. They're your models, if you want to do a purple-over-orange Spitfire, go for it !
  24. IanHx

    Modelers block

    Start another kit ?
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