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  1. Looks good in black. It would make a good paint job for a prototype. The story for your flap issue is the maintenance guys are try to figure out how the wing flaps came down without the centre section. Your model is therefore accurate!
  2. Definitely makes a change from the “stick a Spitfire nose on it and put it on shelf correction!” Seriously, I have recently started 3D printing some parts. The hobby is undergoing a big change. You and others here are leading the way in showing the possibilities. Well done.
  3. https://www.ipmscanada.com/1989/01/01/ipms-canada-canadian-colours-guide-1989/
  4. Puttering along. Added some rib sections in the wheel well, some more to be added yet. I have read the main gear doesn’t sit at the correct angle, so I will have to look at that. Also cut out nav light housings. On the fuselage filled in the aft windows and painted the other openings black as the plastic is quite thick and the bare will show up when the windows are installed.
  5. You made me pull out my CDN roundel stash. None agree on the blue, or the red for that matter! It’s hard to show with an iPad photo, but the CanMilAir are definitely light. To my uncalibrated and uneducated eye, the Canuck decals are closest together with the ManTic. Aviaeology are too bright a blue. The kit ones aren’t horrible except for the register issue and they lack the finer details. The old Astra colours are ok, but out of register. The four in the middle are ancient Can Force decals, almost black!
  6. I think that is the replica built in California. All the references for the Smithsonian one indicated it is only being conserved, not restored.
  7. Great effort, this beast of a kit seems to bring out the best in modellers.
  8. It was a seat, comfy chair, acres of shade over his head, I wouldn’t be shocked if the radome hid a mini-bar! Just because you fly a warbird, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice!
  9. Not much modelling lately, snuck off to Oshkosh for three days. There was a TBM3E which the S was converted from. I never trust restored aircraft, but most of this one seemed correct. The radome and it’s mounting rack looked original. There is a lot more going on than I could duplicate in 1/72, but I could confirm that the radome is 1/2 a sphere on this one and the RCN birds. I could have brought a tape measure to confirm my mounting points, but I am not that smart.
  10. When I grow up I want one of the golf carts that were wizzing around!
  11. I didn’t think you were. It’s all good. Safe bet there is something for everyone there!
  12. Boring was Boeing telling everybody how great Boeing is. A guy who spent years, sometimes decades building his own airplane is definitely not boring. Cessna’s are everywhere for a reason, an an average guy can still buy and operate a used one. New one, not so much……The RV series are the most bang for your buck in almost every category of homebuilt. That’s why there are so many of them. I am old school, I am building a fabric covered biplane. I was thrilled be the F35’s because I hadn’t seen one in the air before, in a couple years, they might become boring-until they light the burner!
  13. It originally was, and still is. It has become much more corporate over the years and the Warbirds and military overshadow the homebuilts, but they are there in the thousands. There is also workshops running all day throughout the show for homebuilders. I attended a Fabric 101 workshop to help me with my 1:1 scale effort for example. Another unique feature is there is just as many people ignoring the airshow, talking to vendors and taking workshops, as watching it. I missed it, but on the first day there was a mass flyby of 50 Vans RV’s of various types, all homebuilts.
  14. It’s always a phenomenal show. Great photo’s! I was there three days, yet managed to miss a flying 109G recovered from a Russian lake, the TR1 and the Dauntless. I picked my days to see the worlds only flying F100, but it was a no-show, mechanical I assume.
  15. Just took a quick look on eBay.ca for the Astra kit. They used to show up for about $40 CDN. None listed and the Hobbycraft ones are silly money. Wow.
  16. The OV10’s were quickly pulled out of the fight in Gulf War 1 due to vulnerability. The RAF was also warned not to go in low. As one USAF pilot pointed out, “Guess who the first guys to show up on Iraqi tv were?” Modern manpads are just too effective now, even the beloved A10 can only be effective when most of the ground threats are gone.
  17. “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Groucho Marx
  18. You made me look! Five ignored, and I only remember why for one.
  19. It’s a beauty of a kit, fits perfectly, I built it when it came out-mid 80’s? I love how they handled the canopy opening mechanism, you can attach the canopy to the ejection seat as one unit. My seat isn’t even glued in. Decals yellowed, so I bought another one to redo the decals. I may get to it someday……
  20. I always like the “stickering” part of USN aircraft builds. It really makes them start to come to life.
  21. As alt-92 stated, there are rivets and seams. I took this for when I build mine. Gander, Newfoundland.
  22. My hi tech template for locating the rocket stubs. I tried using the Belcher Bits measurements, rescaled but they didn’t agree with the Sword kit-or I can’t do math! I found a good photo showing them and just used my calibrated eyeball. Same with the radar pod. Sword shows it way too far out on the wing for an RCN bird. The Belcher instructions have it right.
  23. It’s a great little kit, of a great aircraft, even if the Brit canopy was a giant leap backwards!
  24. Despite starting with another project, my first successful 3D print is the rocket stub mounts for the Avenger. I actually designed different ones for the front and back. I can’t tell which is which! Good news is the carpet monster can take all it wants, I have plenty of resin! Now I have to drill 16 perfectly located holes for them.
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