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  1. Too be fair to Airwaves, the speed brakes alone are worth the price of admission, I didn’t fancy trying to drill the kit ones out!
  2. Looks good. Don’t forget the pitot tube. Hobbycraft expects you to butt joint it. I know you don’t have the kit one. I drill into the wing and use a pin. That way when all the unguided rockets miss, they can stab the opposition!
  3. Don’t apologize! We are here for fun, although fun and Mach 2 might not belong in the same sentence!
  4. Re the wing fences. On mine I cut the slots and just used sheet styrene, literally squares. Then a coarse sanding stick to sand them to shape. I looked at the brass in the Airwaves set and left it in the sheet.
  5. Welcome to the best modelling site I know of. In the spirt of constructive criticism, a couple of points. First of all, looks great! You don’t see a lot these finished, I suspect a lot are hiding on shelves of doom. I am definitely not an English major, but that is one heck of a run on sentence! And, err, punctuation or I am tracking down your English teacher! There is a guide to posting pictures in here as well. Please post more if you could, that is a seriously cool airplane.
  6. The 1/72 Sword kit looks like an improvement over the Emhar kit. Like Bill, I built my Emhar kit because I had it. I know there are modellers that sell their old kits when a better one comes out, but where’s the fun in that!
  7. Great build, I have a survivor of that same kit, I like how even then you faired in the windscreen.
  8. All of your reference photo’s have slightly different lower cowlings. Is it possible the one Lukgraph used for a reference had the square cowl? Different suppliers possibly?, and as usual, never trust a restored one or a replica. A period photo of the one you are building is the only way to know for sure.
  9. Great build, I love your display cases as well. I hope you can hold back the Parkinson’s for a long me.
  10. I have both these kits on my shelf, combining them is inspirational! Very nice.
  11. https://www.abovebelow.ca/product/2031-mcdonnell-cf-188-strength-at-home-2021-demonstrator/695?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=true
  12. Brilliant! What turnbuckles did you use?
  13. Mine just arrived in the mail, it’s taking a fair amount of willpower not to jump right in and follow you. But I have a firm rule, one WnW or Lukgraph at a time, and I have an AEG on the go!
  14. I alway find it sad that while national museums of all types tend to survive on a shoestring, private entertainment venues for sports clubs soak up ridiculous amounts of public money as “incentives” to remain in cities. This side of the pond, every year there is another story of a city being held hostage by another billionaire owner threatening to leave unless they get concessions. My response would be, “Don’t let the door hit you on the a** on the way out.” I got to visit the Manchester Museum a few years ago, the aircraft were packed tight, but at least they were inside.
  15. Two steps forward……. Having finally admitted the wing roots are as good as they are going to get, I have started to finish the scribing, riveting and other details. One of which is the armour plate and fuel filler behind the cockpit. I had almost finished the armour plate, but cunningly knocked it off and lost it, part way through the rebuild, I realized the fuel filler hole was way too far back, it needs to be reasonably tight behind the front armour plate with the smaller plate one behind it, so I get to fill the hole, sand off my reinforcing plate and try again. This will be finished someday!
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