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  1. Well Done !!!!! , It Turned out Brilliant , Looking forward to you Next build
  2. i I think it will havent got around to it , im stuck in on a B17 in desert markings
  3. Try adding Oil or burnt oil to the bullet holes ,,, gives it a look
  4. Very Good thanks for that im using that technique the whole time now
  5. well i spose i could but 28.90 Euros is a bit steep and i live at least a hour away from my nearest model shop that stocks the ME109G6 1/32nd is marks models in dublin , Anyway i making a project outta it
  6. Front intake looking like brand new after a sanding Scratch built Main Undercarrige .. so far all of the undercarrige has been scratch built including the tailwheel Thats all or today and this is the photo i used for the undercarrige build
  7. From this you can clearly see the state of her but sheel be looking like brand new when shes done
  8. Lower Wings Now fitted , All wiring works now all i have to do is put her back together as a BF109G6 (early G6)
  9. Ill be able to get very little done this week ill be at it non stop saturday ,sunday though as my job wont wait <sadfully>
  10. So ive added the main piece of this build ..........The Prop and it spin and has the sound of the DB605 engine that the 109s had ,just a little improvements needs to be made
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