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  1. Very nice! I have had this one set aside for just about forever. May I ask what red did you use? I found a Gold Leaf cigarette packet under our floorboards about 25 years ago - stored it away for future colour reference, LOL!
  2. Looking forward to this! I ran an R90S outfit as a student...my first bike!
  3. Roy, after reading @Schwarz-Brot's message about surface corrosion on alloys, I think it would be appropriate to mention to avoid any contact with wood on models containing white metal parts. This is especially an issue with lead based alloys and tropical hardwoods, especially mahogany. The metal is corrodod by tannic acid, gassed off from the wood. I have witnessed a collection of Roman coins turned to nothing more than white dust kept in a custom made mahogany cabinet! A general warning for all modellers!
  4. Firstly, welcome aboard Dan! For those that don't know; Dan is one of the best automotive scratch builders on the planet! It is an honour to have you here, Sir! As for the rest of you scoundrels, you appreciate you are all barking mad...but in a good way! So much info flowing on here; I keep dipping in and out and having trouble computing all this with my tiny brain! A special thanks to Olivier with his amazing data from The Revs Institute -all while he's nearly on his deathbed. The research on this little car just keeps moving forwards in leaps and bounds!
  5. My Litlun enjoying Ian Dury's park bench. My very favourite place to sit and watch the world go by!
  6. No, it was built by Mark Oakley! http://www.mrof1engineering.co.uk
  7. Roy, it's been off my radar for a while but I remember thinking they were similar products. When you mentioned jeweling I assumed you meant 'hand scraping' that was done on the Bugatti blocks...allegedly used to take one an a week to produce that finish! Now I see that pic I see you meant what's also termed 'engine turning' which may give you greater search scope. Jeepers, that is impressive workmanship. I like the way the pattern 'dithers' around curved surfaces which has the hallmarks of hand application. Would white metal help? Yes, it's softer so would take a spun effect easily
  8. I'd also suggest the white metal approach. Using modern lead free pewter mixes and RT101 red rubber...it's not a lot more involved than resin casting in truth. Regarding aluminium, it is tricky to solder, largely because of it 's heat conductivity. Mentioned a product to Harvey yesterday and finally found it in my garage tonight. Bought from a show after watching their impressive demo's. Not used it in earnest yet and the stuff is very pricey! Not soldering per se; I'd call it friction brazing. Alutight is the product...there's various YouTube clips on it, though I've n
  9. Olivier and Roy, some great information in those last few postings and only just had time to read them fully. Roy, I respect your decision to get back onto the McLaren as you were already doing some fab work on it. You sound similar to me only being able to focus on a couple of projects at a time...we're only blokes after all! Looking forward to seeing the MP4/6 spring to life with some suitably fantastically machined components! Talking if which; you better go and fire that lathe up! ;-)
  10. Olivier, please crawl under and photograph all of their Porsche Spyders for me! Haha...Yes please! If the worst comes to the worst, some good interior pics of the E type coupe would be fab. Have an inkling they used XK 120 seats but never seen them photographed straight on! ;-)
  11. Olivier, please crawl under and photograph all of their Porsche Spyders for me! Specifically, thr Porsche RSK (centre steer), Porsche RS60 and Porsche RS 61! Failure of this mission will end with self combustion over the Atlantic! Sadly, I think these cars were lost from the Collier Collection before the move! Oh, and some close-up interior porno shots of the Briggs Cunningham Le Mans Jaguar XKE coupe please! Now that, they still have!
  12. Yep, first thing that struck me when I looked at the first period pics. No doubt bent over the nearest lamppost (in true Italian tradition!). The PE part is junk and Coke cans are your friend. I love the way Italeri spent so long making these useless PE parts when they could have been looking for the original Protar tyre moulds!
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