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  1. Hello ! I show you my T 55 from tamiya i built this tank straigth out from the box this kit is very quickly to build.
  2. Hello! I show you my new T 72 M1 in 1/35. The kit is funny to built. The dust are with pigments from schmincke and xf 52 flat earth. Take a look pleas !! Reinhard
  3. Hello !! I show you my new Do 217 from Revell. I use Tamiya and Gunze for the Paint. The Masks are from Eduard EX 103. Take a look pleas !! Reinhard
  4. Hello !! Oh thank you for your replays. The era for this kit is now to end,because Dragon have a new tiger I mid for 2014 with Zimmerit. Happy Modelling Reinhard
  5. Hello !! Nice clean built for the first tank model. This is my Tiger I mid Pruduction from Tamiya in 1/35. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949296-tiger-i-mid-spzabt-506/ Maybe you can look something for the next model. Happy Modelling !! Reinhard
  6. Hello !! I show you my new PZ I B from Dragon 1/35. The model displays a Panzer I in France 1940 7 Panzerdivision.
  7. For the yellow i need Revell Aquar Matt 88 ocker and the camo is XF 5 Tamiya and some washings for the wethering . The tank came on a base leningrad 1942 on day.
  8. Hello !! Its a very good dragon smart kit .Watch out by the Attak Zimmerit. Apply it only on the rear, turret and on the front. If you like this tank I recommend you the Dragon 6560 or PZ IV H mid with zimmerit !! Reinhard
  9. Hello !! Thank you for your comments. Yes the camouflage is sprayed freehand !! The Tank will come on a dio on day
  10. Hello !! I show you my new PZ IV H Late from Dragon. I built it oot the zimmerit is from attak and the decals from Bison. The Tracks are from Friul ATL 27 !! Take a look pleas !! Reinhard
  11. Hello !! Thank you for your comment. The rust is a mixture between Valllejo Tank Brown and German Gray.Its a wonderful Tamiya Kit, but I gave StuG tracks from Fruil(ATL-03). Reinhard
  12. Hello ! Thank you for your comment! I will add mud effects on the tracks as soon as possible.No problem ! Reinhard
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