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  1. Okay, I'm extremely new to modelling and all I know about scratch building is the phrase itself but can someone more experienced out there make it? The one he uses to steal the shrink ray.. Or even the awesome "jet-engine-with-a-pod-on-it" that Vector has!! Just my mind rambling.. don't mind me..
  2. Thanks SleeperService Looking through all the posts on this forum I realize there is so much to modelling.. I don't understand 90% of what people are talking about.. There's one more question for now.. a clear coat of acrylic would still be acrylic and have a rough surface right? So I should look for an enamel clear coat? Can't wait for my papers to end so I can start my next..
  3. Thanks everyone for your appreciation! Goes a long way in inspiring a newcomer.. And I must say I'm pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and support from everyone. Thanks Plastic Bonsai for all your insight Gonna apply all this new knowledge on the next build; just hope it turn out a little better than this one..
  4. Thanks again Graham! I'll look for all these materials for the next one.. The P-51 will be a camouflaged version, but given the paint effect I got on the Spitfire, maybe I'll try thinning the paint; someone gave me a bottle of turpentine. Mostly for a more uniform finish. I just found a Tamiya additive that can covert any gloss finish into a flat one so maybe I'll look into that.. I'm so excited and now I have my end semester papers.. I'll probably post my next by the end of October..
  5. Thanks a lot everyone for the warm welcome! and much more for all the advice! I need to work a lot on my finishing. filling and filing are concepts i never knew existed in modelling until now! Thanks a lot Graham for taking out the time to help me out. I didn't know decals need to be applied after clear coating. Apart from that too i faced a little trouble with the decals, mostly due to my inexperience. I've ordered some acrylic clear coat from Tamiya. Lets see how that works. I also wanna improve my brush painting and learn about priming.. Would the camo look weird if the clear coat was gloss and not flat? It's a big pain finding resources for these hobbies here.. Thanks again everyone! My next model will probably be either a P-51D or a Vampire..
  6. Hello everyone! Okay, so this is the first model I've ever made and pretty much the first thing I've painted since I was 16.. It's the Airfix 1/72 starter spitfire kit. The model is brush painted since i don't have an airbrush. I was terrified at the prospect of painting a camo, but I'm pretty happy with the result. It's not been weathered since i couldn't find clear coat anywhere here. Wondering if i can do an oil wash over acrylic paint without giving it a clear coat. Anyway, on with the pics.. hope you guys like it. P.S.- still need to add the antenna wire.. That's about it.. All criticism is much appreciated..
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