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  1. Blimey that’s one nice build, where did you get the intake cover from?
  2. TANK63

    1/72 B-17

    Thanks for the pic. I see what you mean and agree with you just not bother adding them.
  3. TANK63

    1/72 B-17

    Well I ended up purchasing the Airfix Mk III B-17. Looks a stunning kit will post some pics when I start it. However can I ask advice on riveting as the model is devoid of them. Now I could put the rivets on but would one see them on a 1/72 model? Members thoughts on this please.
  4. Superb rendition of the actual aircraft, well done
  5. TANK63

    1/72 Harrier GR5

    Thanks for the info. Revell do a GR5 is this a rebox of the Hasegawa kit and is it a decent model?
  6. TANK63

    1/72 Harrier GR5

    I purchased a kit of a GR1 by Airfix which sparked the interest in doing a collection of Harriers. Also purchased a GR3 and the sea Harriers will be next. However how do I model a GR5 and is their a GR7 ? I know Airfix do a GR9. I not that knowledgeable in regards to Harriers.
  7. TANK63

    Resin kits

    Looking at one kits offered by Chorosy Modelbud. However I once was told that resin can wrap and sag! Any advice would be welcome.
  8. Memories flood back to seeing the actual aircraft. That blue does look good, if mine comes out anywhere as good as yours I’ll be a happy happy!
  9. Thanks for the advice guys
  10. TANK63

    1/72 me 109e

    Thanks for the advice guys
  11. TANK63

    1/72 me 109e

    I would like to build some 109e versions. my question is which is the best kit to purchase as quite a few manufacturers produce this variant.
  12. Glad it’s not only me that does this
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