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  1. for severy french airplane the scheme of camo must be various to avoid memory of shape. seen this nota on camouflage and markings drawing MS 406 -1939. But some model, as the Potez 63 family ha a standard camouflage pattern(aft 39) interior surfaces of cockpit was blue grey before dec 39 (63-11 wreck) then after the midnight blue was used(on the right), at the left it's blue-grey
  2. seen on Curtiss factory paint scheme(1943) (Arrmy camo : neutral gray 41 / olive drab 41+ frin,ges 42)
  3. june 43 appear the new IFFs with antenna mast under the wing, but the old IFFs with cheese cutter antenna remain in place on the a/c already fitted. so after this date we can see the both type. Malta spitfire was a specific case an lettre dated 18th june 43 from Air Headquarters, Malta. to R.A.F Station LUQA R.A.F Station HAL FAR R.A.F Station TA KALI R.A.F Station KRENDI R.A.F Station SAFI Maintenance wing Malta Spitfire aircrafts - removal of I.F.F. Gear. Certain Spitfire aircdraft have had the I.F.F. removed in accordance with Spitfire Local Modification No.4. This modification when embodied, called for the removal of inertial balance weight introduced by modification Spitfire/370. 2. Recent Mediterranean Air Command Instructions ordered the replacement of IFF gear in these Spitfire aircraft.... ..... for these reasons the cheese cutter aerial was not always visible on the pics of Malta Spitfire.
  4. From RAAF archives AFCO A3 - code letters for operational and reserve squadron (4.1.43) ... 9. The colour of the code letters is to be Dope Camouflage Sky Blue, Ident. No. K3/195 for all aircraft. ... Markings of aircraft. British and Australian (f) Full Time Day Fighter Aircraft carry a band of sky blue round fuselage immediatly forward of tail plane. Colour of aircraft. British and Australian Full Time Day Fighter Aircraft will carry a band of sky blue round fuselage immediatly forward of tail plane. R.A.A.F. diagram No A- 5524 sheet 1(9.5.44) Identification markings on operational and non-operational aircraft.: code letter and registration number - Medium Sea Grey on aircraft camouflaged foliage green or night Aircraft General Instructions (v) Special markings: For all single engined single seater aircraft the tail assembly, that is the complete empennage, shall be painted matt white, flashes to be deleted. A matt white strip shall also be painted on the leading edge of the mainplanes, approximately 9 in. wide at root thinning down to approximately 4 in. toward the tip.
  5. From Douglas - C-47 Markings HTH
  6. US and british bombs over 250lbs had one lug for british bomb carriers on one side and two lugs diametrically opposite for US shackles, so these bombs could be carried by US or british airplanes
  7. Dupont paint used by Curtisss factory for P40 in desert scheme(K-1, F, L....)
  8. see Air Ministry excerpt here: https://lapatrouillesimple.forumgratuit.org/t403-codage-couleur-des-canalisations-et-bouteilles
  9. about Camotit/Sky "S" HTH
  10. depending model, when they were delivery H81 Tomahawk; the spinner was sky gray as underside, No band around fuselage H87 Kittyhawk, spinner was DE, no band
  11. Interesting! the pattern is visible in front of the Lanc, we can see the target circles for each gun on panels. the pattern was at 1000".
  12. the erection and maintenance manual of airplane contains a chapter about the boresighting procedure
  13. The F4u boresighting was made with targets at 30 or 50 yards and no need to fire the guns, so at 1/72 or 48 scale, the stand is not large.
  14. until 43, the Curtiss cockpit green formula was: - One gallon zinc chromate primer - one-tenth gallon black enamel - Two gallon of Toluol - 4 ounces aluminium paste This tinted primer was applied to P36 and P40 airplanes End 43, the aluminium paste was deleted and color shall be match to "Interior Green" seen on french H75
  15. wrote in erection maintenance manual of P40N; cockpit green: the finish referred to herein as "cockpit green" shall be compounded using the following..... Color shall be conform to ANA Bulletin 157, color No 601 " Interior Green" note "601" instead "611", which is a typo error the rear deck was olive drab On the deck, under the rear canopy, the container made in plywood (natural)
  16. Curtiss applied to H75 and H81, specifications S517 for export airplanes. Coat of tinted primer cockpit green/yellow green was spayed over the shop coating, prussian blue Lionoil. below, the tinted primer(french H75 wreck) later, color will be conform to interior green
  17. 700, you forget 41-13600 was the first and 13601 to 14299, 699
  18. I drew at full scale from the original data only, every line or curve is conform to real. the accuracy reaches 1/10mm in full scale. vector file allows for any desired scale. I'll send you a copy at 1/48, it's not quite finished excerpt from work in progress last year. engine center line is 1° left, the starboard wing fillet is wider than port side, guns are an offset and their link ejection chute are on same side because the guns are lay on their left side, so they are no symmetrical.
  19. only the P40F-1(41-13600/14299 had short tail , from P40F-5(41-14300)and up et all P40L had long tail
  20. I found this for electrical box
  21. doubler plate formation light on D, E, E-1, F...H87-A3
  22. Seen on catalog part F6F-3 anchor light and reco light are white section light is blue
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