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  1. FYI, the engine cowling is not straight as you wrote in your note, the engine setting was 3° left, fin 1° right and the stab dihedral was 4,5° measured on top face of front longeron. https://lapatrouillesimple.forumgratuit.org/t487-bloch-mb-151 https://lapatrouillesimple.forumgratuit.org/t186-mb-152-azur-1-32
  2. DB7, Havoc I & II and Boston III, the dual control is fitted for the rear gunner maintains the airplane steady during pilot escape on the wing and dive from trailing edge to avoid the stabilizer, after that the gunner can escape. it was the only airplane where the pilot was not the last to bale out The view is foreward below, the gunner's compartment on french DB-7
  3. if it's not too late, the entire interior of fuselage was "gris bleu foncé" on Br 691 except the rear aft the gunner. Cockpit was "gris bleu" or "bleu de nuit" on Br 693. The wheel well and interior engine cowlings were in the same colour as underside: "gris bleu clair" On upper side of main plane, heller engraves several heads of screw, the screws and their washers were at the underside only.
  4. pilot's seats are staggered and there was no dual control on military Simoun. On civilian model, it was not sure there was rudder control for the radio navigator; Heller is wrong with the colour of Doret's airplane, in reality she was silver with red stripes.(as described by a journalist the day of departure: "...petit avion argenté aux ailes striées de rrouge."). excerpt from pilot's note C635
  5. remember sand all control surface which seems fabric covered, they were metal covered
  6. may be the "67" appears in this video at 6'14"
  7. 60" dia on the wing, center at 156" from wingtip, tangent to aileron cutout. 48" on fuselage dia is measured without border
  8. Squadron Leader R H M "Bobby" Gibbes, Commanding Officer of No. 3 Squadron RAAF https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205211932
  9. In the erection maintenance manual of DB-7, printed in french langage by Douglas(SAnta Monica. Cal. 1940), there is no mention about provision of nacelle fixed gun. The only gun firing to the rear lower is the lower flexible gun of rear gunner. This gun could be operated as flexible gun by the gunner or fixed and controled by a pedal. The mounting is elastic for the gun sprinkles backward(french speciality! also on Potez, Bloch, Breguet...). I doubt about engine nacelle gun on DB-7-A
  10. until K-1 model, RAAF P40 was fitted with Sutton harness. K-10, 15 & N had US type similar RAAF typeTO1. May be similar on RAF Kitty III?
  11. In the AP 1565A Volume I - Spitfire I aeroplane Merlin II engine, there is nothing about de-icing system
  12. the depth from leading edge are around 11" (inboard gun), 18" (mid) and 24" (outboard) I don't think that Vought had wrong factory drawings of each part blast tube. lenght are 11"3/4 ; 18"11/64 & 24"9/16
  13. the barrel muzzle are far from leading edge so they are not visible
  14. BS_w

    Haze Paint?

    on this drawing the white undercoat was black shaded areas, however black undercoat was the unshaded areas. note, the black undercoat on leading and trailing edge at under surfaces. on these undercoat, the haze paint was applied according a defined reflectance
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