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  1. BS_w

    Identification Yellow

    I found this: Rotol, repair & service manual: "the four-inches yellow tip should be given two or threee coats of identification, yellow DTD.751/5" N.A.A (finishes for P51): propeller blade tip: identification yellow -14109 identification yellow enamel T.O. No 07-1-1: camouflage of propeller:...yellow lacquer shade No 48
  2. BS_w

    unusual P-47D photo

    It is a handle to lock/unlock the gun bay door at the rear, it is under a little door at the edge and it is red painted. There is another handle forward which lock/unlock the ammo bay door & gun bay door to remove it
  3. According french air ministry and Bloch factory, each MB 151 was camouflaged with following shades: upper side - kaki 4kg - gris bleu foncé 4kg - brun 4kg underside - gris bleu clair 10kg the delimitations was blended the cockpit area was "gris bleu", after dec 1939 it will be painted "bleu de nuit" (midnight blue) the wheel well and landing gear bay were same color as underside. All interior areas, normally not visible from exterior was painted "chamois"(8kg)
  4. Some airplanes receive US Army camouflage 41/43/42(?) then the Brown was applied over the olive drab 41 according the TLS scheme and lower surface was neutral gray 43. May be the case for some P40E? nota found on P40 "US Army camouflage" technical drawing - Curtiss june 1941 DWG 87-91-502: british TLS, see one of my previous post above
  5. @ Buz effectively, Curtiss applied the US Army scheme 41/42/43 since june 41. The other shade of brown, "dark earth" Dupont 71-035 would be used with "middlestone 71-069" for "desert camouflage" (P40K-1) at least for ac painted in factory
  6. according curtiss, the camouflage in factory was, P-40E: US ARMY scheme and P-40E-1, temperate Land Scheme. US Army scheme consist in NG 43 on lower surface and OD 41 on upper surface and MG 42 fringes along the leading and trailing edges of main plane, stabilizer/elevator & fin/rudder, except aileron. TLS scheme on P-40E-1 allocated to british, see below, DuPont ref paints, unfortunately no ref for Sky type S
  7. from technical drawings C & D models, gun blast lower turret front and rear plates .019
  8. These are "gun blast", plate in stainless (0.020") over a pad made in molded sponge rubber(3/16) the stainless sheet had roll edge (3/32 height)
  9. BS_w

    P-47D Leather Headrest

    It was a disk in paper base phenolic or parafined cardboard, dia: 1.382" and thickness 1/32"
  10. may 1939, quantities used for one MB 151(French air ministry, composition MB 151): camouflage - kaki: 4kg (camo lacquer, finish) - khaki - brun: 4kg(camo lacquer, finish) - brown/dark earth - gbf: 4kg(camo lacquer, finish) - dark blue gray - gbc: 10kg(camo lacquer, finish) - light blue gray - tête de nègre: 4kg....(priming quality) - dark brown - chamois: 8kg (priming/protection/finish) - light tan, used on hidden nor interior surface there is also the colors and quantities for piping code and markings and insignia. the cockpit area was probably "gris bleu" on early airplane then "bleu de nuit" on later(aft dec 39). wheel well was considered as exterior surface so it was paint in same colour as underside. colors shades known, refer to photography for repartition of these colors on the airplane
  11. it was written, on camouflage drawings(1938 mod 39) of MS 406, this nota: ' the topside receive brun and gris bleu foncé blotches over the kaki. The delimitation and repartition of these blotches are blended and given for information. These delimitation and repartition must be vary from an airplane to another airplane." thus prevent the memory of a camouflage patttern, it's the reason why the french camo is not identical on each airplane. Despite this nota, the MS 406 built at Toulouse receive a camouflage according one pattern. Potez 63 serie and LeO 451 had a camo pattern. camouflage Breguet 693(jun 1939), it' is written : "port side symmetrical to std side"
  12. we don't k,ow how these colours are digitalized(photo, scan?), if the white balance was made before the shot and if a grey chart was used. We can't be sure of accuracy of their chart I hope I will go museum to see the original chart and photgrphy each color with a greyscale chart. Bleu de nuit on D520 stiffener, the background is a grey neutral 18% and the white balance and exposure are defined on this background. Humbrol 189 - molak midnihgt blue - molak gloss sea blue. colors on 3D and on tamiya model 1/48 (MoLak paints= and Breguet 693, 1/32 scale at underside the grey shade is the "prime, surfacer 1200"
  13. OTC 31 radio could be fitted on D500. the antenna emitter was above the fuselage and antenna receiver at bottom. Some airplane had the receiver only, so probably there was the bottom antenna only. If the OTC 31 work as the RI 537, emitter and receiver could be use one unique antenna(top) by a switch, manual or automatic. For the airplane without antenna, perhap's for the flight training do not need to use radio
  14. there is an original camouflage colors chart at Air & Space Museum. This chart was printed in 39 and sended to each Headquarter to explain how use paint and what colors will be used. I could seen several colours on wreckages(D520, MS 406, SE100, Po 63, Br 693, Late 298, H75) - gris bleu foncé - kaki - brun - gris bleu clair(the early was darker than later) - chamois - gris bleu(interior cockpit D520 "early", late 298, SE100, Potez 631) - bleu de nuit(interior cockpit, D520 aft dec 39) The first issue of normalization was 24th dec 35, 2nd dec 36. Until the 3rd issue, dec 38, the army airplane will be overall kaki or tête de nègre(dark brown) according their day or night usage and navy airplane will be gris bleu foncé upperside and gris bleu clair underside. the original documents and technical drawings about paint scheme of D520, Br 693, MS 406, LeO 451, Po 63-11: - kaki - gris bleu foncé blotches on kaki - brun blotches on kaki the delimitation of these blotches was blended and the repartition of colours will be different from an airplane to the other. - gris bleu clair ...
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