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  1. the Kitty I had six guns(H87A3) or four(H87A2). There was not the outboard guns and the acces door was narrower than on A3. The design of ammo bay and gun bay doors were different on each model
  2. remember, on Mk V, behind the fishtail exhaust stack there is a gun heating hose
  3. the frames at the top of sliding canopy and rear vision are H section and effective on P40N-5 and up
  4. BS_w

    P-40 Wing Bomb Racks

    the shackles are located symmetrical, but the lighting and perspective of the flange give impression that they were asymmetrical
  5. On P40N-1, the wing had provision for six guns. Six were delivered but four mounted only. The wheels were 30" dia, smaller (27") will be fitted on N-5 and up
  6. BS_w

    P-40 Wing Bomb Racks

    HTH shackle used on N-5 and up
  7. I think that the wheel pocket was made of waterproof cotton duck because it was not a structural part and the canvas was not expensive like strategic materials (metal) and skilled worker time
  8. the "wheel pocket" protects the roller aileron and flap controls bearings and the pulleys from mud and dust thrown by the wheels. Can you imagine if a aileron could be wedged in flight? The pilot will not be very happy. that's why these pockets were essential, so I think that was never removed.
  9. according french air ministry specifications 1935(1st issue), 1936(2nd issue, the 3rd was 39), military airplanes of "forces aériennes de terre" will be overall "kaki" except the rudder. Airplanes of Aéronautique Navale will be "gris bleu foncé" on upper surface and "gris bleu clair" at underside except the rudder and elevator. May be the case of NiD 62
  10. until 1936 the french military airplane was paint overall khaki. This shade was lighter than khaki used later. the Breguet 19 of MAE shows the paint which was applied by Breguet 1932 before the donation to the museum. The paint became darker with the years.
  11. BS_w

    Identification Yellow

    I found this: Rotol, repair & service manual: "the four-inches yellow tip should be given two or threee coats of identification, yellow DTD.751/5" N.A.A (finishes for P51): propeller blade tip: identification yellow -14109 identification yellow enamel T.O. No 07-1-1: camouflage of propeller:...yellow lacquer shade No 48
  12. BS_w

    unusual P-47D photo

    It is a handle to lock/unlock the gun bay door at the rear, it is under a little door at the edge and it is red painted. There is another handle forward which lock/unlock the ammo bay door & gun bay door to remove it
  13. According french air ministry and Bloch factory, each MB 151 was camouflaged with following shades: upper side - kaki 4kg - gris bleu foncé 4kg - brun 4kg underside - gris bleu clair 10kg the delimitations was blended the cockpit area was "gris bleu", after dec 1939 it will be painted "bleu de nuit" (midnight blue) the wheel well and landing gear bay were same color as underside. All interior areas, normally not visible from exterior was painted "chamois"(8kg)
  14. Some airplanes receive US Army camouflage 41/43/42(?) then the Brown was applied over the olive drab 41 according the TLS scheme and lower surface was neutral gray 43. May be the case for some P40E? nota found on P40 "US Army camouflage" technical drawing - Curtiss june 1941 DWG 87-91-502: british TLS, see one of my previous post above
  15. @ Buz effectively, Curtiss applied the US Army scheme 41/42/43 since june 41. The other shade of brown, "dark earth" Dupont 71-035 would be used with "middlestone 71-069" for "desert camouflage" (P40K-1) at least for ac painted in factory
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