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  1. BS_w

    P-47D wings?

    - flap doors : B, C D to D10 - 3 reco lights under the starboard wing : not on B & D1 up to D10 - dive recovery flaps : D30 up to, the ldg light move near the wingtip. The rounded leading edge of aileron become sharped on late version
  2. BS_w

    P-40F 'Stud' and AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    There was two material for the seat. made in aluminium the seat was painted, or in stainless steel and it was bare metal. One of both seat could be fitted on F model depending their availability
  3. BS_w

    British P40B or C?

    This is a cockpit of the french contract, on a better pic we can see a letter on the engine controls. They are G for Gas, E for essence, and H for Hélice instead T/Throttle, M/Mixture and P/Propeller on US or british airplanes. All name plate were changed or over the raised markings(rudder pedal, trim)when Curtiss allocated these airplane to British Edit: on the third pic, the dial of fuel cock shows 5 ways, probably Off/Main/Wing/Reserve... and Belly? Et le D520? il avance?
  4. BS_w

    Bf-109 Propeller dimension question

    Curtiss Hawk had Curtiss Electric propeller?
  5. BS_w

    WWII aircraft wingtips Nav lights ??

    Yes, I agree with you. The modeller don't need to know how was the navigation light exactly, but enough to made it on his model Examples Spit: filament lamp/coloured cover Hurri, Lanc, Mossie...: filament lamp/coloured cover/clear fairing Seafire(late models): filament lamp/coloured fairing
  6. BS_w

    WWII aircraft wingtips Nav lights ??

    on Hurricane, under the clear fairing , what is green coloured is the cover which is over the filament lamp(bulb) below, the nav light assembly: socket+lamp holder and cover(lens) http://spitfirespares.co.uk/Lighting
  7. BS_w

    WWII aircraft wingtips Nav lights ??

    Army navy, aeronautical equipment, 1944 (but since 1931 it was same)
  8. BS_w

    WWII aircraft wingtips Nav lights ??

    in the Army Navy catalog of electric accessories, all bulb are clear and the cover(or lens) is coloured(P51...), then this assembly is sometime under a clear fairing.(P47...it's probably the case of Mosquito, Lancaster...) The clear bulbs are universal and could be used on any navigation light. On the Spit, the upward identification light had a clear bulb under a clear fairing but a red or green cover could be fitted for signalling purposes because there was not coloured bulb.
  9. BS_w

    Mohawk III 510 Sqn

    the interior side of the door which is normally visible without disassembly is coated in green color primer (left) as the interior of fuselage. the inside of the door(between the skin and the inner embossed plate) is coated with untinted primer(right) which is not visible both side of embossed plate(fuselage door)
  10. BS_w

    Mohawk III 510 Sqn

    http://p40hawksnest.co.nf/Curtiss/Types/P-36.html Below, the inside of windshield frame( primer tinted "green color") and inside fuselage door of french Hawk(No 151) At right, the background is grey, shade 18%, under the coat of tinted primer we can see untinted primer.
  11. per'haps there is some V, is this the gun heater duct behind the third exhaust?
  12. Seen on Supermarine drawing
  13. BS_w

    IDF lights on P-51 Mustangs...

    if the lights interfer with the bar of insignia on B & C models, it's not the case on D model because the ID lights are near the wing tip(lights are at 196" from a/c centerline on B&C and at 207" on D model) the 35" D insignia had it center at 24" from wing tip splice line(or 166" from a/c centerline)
  14. BS_w

    AZ (ex Heller) Potez 540 - engine gondola question

    From "notice descriptive et d'utilisation de l'avion Potez 540"