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  1. BS_w

    IDF lights on P-51 Mustangs...

    if the lights interfer with the bar of insignia on B & C models, it's not the case on D model because the ID lights are near the wing tip(lights are at 196" from a/c centerline on B&C and at 207" on D model) the 35" D insignia had it center at 24" from wing tip splice line(or 166" from a/c centerline)
  2. BS_w

    AZ (ex Heller) Potez 540 - engine gondola question

    From "notice descriptive et d'utilisation de l'avion Potez 540"
  3. BS_w

    AZ (ex Heller) Potez 540 - engine gondola question

    As you work on the Potez, i remember that the aileron is eleven millimeters too short,. it misses 3 mm at inner side and 8 mm at outer side. another problem is the number of the wing ribs is too high but it's not easy to modify it
  4. BS_w

    AZ (ex Heller) Potez 540 - engine gondola question

    support engin éclairant: parachute flare mount blue: lugs green : electrical wire (jrelease control) red: sway braces yellow : pyrotechnic lightings, seems like a tin can hanged in a stirrup.
  5. BS_w

    AZ (ex Heller) Potez 540 - engine gondola question

    EDIT: there were two flares on each outer side engine nacelle and at the rear tip of port gondola, there were two pyrotechnic lights(Holts)
  6. BS_w

    AZ (ex Heller) Potez 540 - engine gondola question

    it's the mouting to fit the flare bomb shackles. Two flares, Michelin BEC 1933, are mounted in line. EDIT
  7. BS_w

    Morane-Saulnier MS.230

    Sketches from original MS technical drawings full size 1/48
  8. BS_w

    Q: MB 200 interior colour?

    Probably black, midnight blue appears dec 39 and use for cockpit area except the D520 which had panel instrument painted in midnight blue also.
  9. BS_w

    RAF P-40s

    in the pilot's note H81A, the cockpit three views show a french cockpit updated for british. Every nameplate was remplaced and the raised inscriptions received a name plate over them. The engine controls were always stamped Gaz, Essence, Hélice instead Throttle, Mixture, Propeller. The front view shows 4 wing guns arming handles with inscription "MIT AILE ARM"(mitrailleuse aile armement) instead "GUN CHARGER"
  10. BS_w

    Question about Iranian P-36’s

    My model, WIP: http://lapatrouillesimple.forumgratuit.org/t101p75-p36-le-curtiss-model-75
  11. BS_w

    P-51D-20-NA cockpit equipment question

    I found that R34(Detrola in front) was effective on airplane D-1 & D-5 and/or 44-11153/11252; 11253/12152; 13253/14052; 14053/15752; 63160/63959 and R36( Detrola on RH side) on 44-72627 & subsequent; 44-84390 & subsequent and 45-11543/11742
  12. BS_w

    Q: MB 200 interior colour?

    Chamois appear during 1939 and it's a very light color. Until dec 39, the french air ministry stipule(1935 to 1939) a "flat, dark neutral color" for interior area, included cockpit.. before 39, Morane(230,406), Caudron(714) use "light blue grey" and Breguet(691/693), Latecoere(298), Dewoitine(520) "blue grey", interior cowling & wheel wells were same color as underside From dec 39, "Night blue" was applicable to cockpit area of all military airplanes in factory Before 1936, Breguet use "kaki" for interior of his Br XIX, but this "kaki" is light and look like "interior green 611" below, chamois paint on D520 wreckage(rear fuselage, interior)
  13. BS_w

    Hurricane wingtip lights

    Except during WW II, the tail light lens on some US & british airplanes, normally frosted white could be remplaced by red, green or clear lens(RESIN lens which had a narrow beam) for rear recognition(the light was emitted in limited angle)
  14. BS_w

    Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    As you wrote, the loop antenna was fitted after this plane(42-105011) was delivered to unit, the reinforcement plate in escutcheon shape is NMF still.. just forward this plate there is the upper identification light. Radio compass and it rotatable loop antenna will be fitted in factory from airplane 42-106029.
  15. BS_w

    Gun camera on P-40 - how common?

    your previous link contains no image, but yes, it's correct, the hole in the wing fillet is a cabin ventilation air intake