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  1. Between 42/43, certain Malta Spitfire had the IFF removed according Spitfire local modiffication No 4
  2. Hawker and NAA called them "rubbing strip" and they made of "corrosion resistant steel" and no need finish paint or primer
  3. it's most important to modify the incidence of the wing, rotate 2 degrees up the wing, the landing gear strut will follow the wing and the wheel will be slightly forward. The wing fillet will be higher. I think that the radius of the curve between the fuselage and topside of the wing is too small yet. Increasing the radius will give a bigger wing fillet.
  4. May be the wing fillet seems narrow because the lighting is above airplane? On this 3D render below, the wing fillet seems correct. One error, 3D modeller omitted the 2 degrees wing angle setting. The leading edge must be higher. I written to Dorawing to fix some other détails also.
  5. this airplane was probably the D520 (serial number 526)overhauled for CFP/Doret squadron
  6. the skin of d520 was made of duralumin sheet, it is not so shiny as alclad sheet which have pure aluminium on both side )alclad could be high polished). The render of these two material is different. the delimitation at the bottom of rear fuselage would be due to the overlapped joint at the botton and the discontynuity of the curvature. About the dark stripe on the wing, may be it is a amovible pad walkway; Chamois and Light blue grey do not exist in gloss paint but matt only at this period;
  7. IMHO? I don't think that these airplane were painted in chamois color. This color exist in M2 category(metal interior surfaces) only and used for hidden areas non exposed to atmospheric corrosion agents as cargo compartment, rear fuselage. In D520, the entire piot's compartment was primed with chamois paint then finished with a coat of medium blue grey(early ac) or night blue(late ac) M1 category(for metal external area) Thz idea of use chamois paint for desert camouflage on exterior surfaces is pleasant but I'am not sure of this choice for these reasons. at this period, the ac used as liaison ac was painted overall in aluminium, compare this photo and the D520 DC entire bare metal . The underwing reflects the shadow on the ground so it seems paint in dark color. The chamois is a very light shade, the contrast with the white is low.
  8. hoping that DoraWings will make MS 406 at 1/72 after the future 1/48 as it did for the MB 151/152/155 series. Their MS 406 will be more accurate than many current plastic models of this airplane.
  9. What I've found in RAAF archives about camouflage finishes 42/44 single engine, communication aircraft : RAF colours temperate land scheme DG/DE remain twin & four engine(all role): DG was replaced by Foliage Green K3/177 & DE replaced by Earth Brown K3/178 19 aug 1942 until feb 1944 - north western area (i) dry season, dec to april : Foliage Green & special shade Stone (ii) wet season, april to dec: Foliage Greeen & Light Green - North Eastern areas as (ii) above, actual scheme is Foliage Green/Earth Brown From feb 1944, uncamouflaged or camouflaged(Foliage Green overall) according the role.
  10. Excerpt from "insignia & markings, Curtiss 1941/43" On early Kitty... late, the fuselage roundels are different only note the ratio of Curtiss's RAF upper roundel, different of british, the red dia is smaller
  11. chamois colour appears since jun 1939, and as Denis wrote, was used for the hidden areas. Before 1939, many cockpit receive a coat of light blue grey(Potez, Morane, Dewoitine, Latécoère, Caudron...), from 1939, cockpit was primed with one coat of chamois and one finish coat midnight blue. Interior areas of Amiot 143 were probably light blue grey.
  12. Lockheed called it "glare shield", on all p38 models, material was canvas black dyed
  13. @72modeler, found in Kittyhawk I technical manual, the loading diagram gives(weight in pounds) H87A2/P40D - 4 guns .50 =309 - 2400rds=738 total 1047 H87A3/P40E - 6 guns .50= 463 - 1686rds=506 total= 969
  14. US oxygen demand mask, tube; 1"1/4 outside diameter
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