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  1. Hello lads. Today I have a little video of BA-64 that I have finished a while ago. Model is in 1/35th scale. It is a little car, quite easy and enjoable to build, so I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick build. Hope you'll enjoy the movie. And few pictures:
  2. Thank you Silenoz. I also think that it is a bit too long. I am trying to squeeze ep. 2 to less than 20. Thanks for the advice on the content as well. I will have that in mind
  3. Hi there folks. New project on my bench. I decided to present it via video and this is the first episode. In this little movie I did all the wheels and chassis assemble. I also built, painted and weathered an engine. It looks like it is going to be a lovely little vehicle. Part 2 is on the way. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD9fNZ7a7M8&t=16s
  4. Hello folks. Long time since my last visit, but I wanna get back. This time I have a finished model, but it will not be a gallery, but a little movie. Something new I want to try. Hope you guys will like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpI5_lVLVUk
  5. Hiya. Some weathering done. A I've mentioned in the begining, I'll try and change the ways of my weathering. I want to break the process to the smaller sections and do the weathering of particular section in one seating. All the filters, washes, streaks etc. This should help me pay attention to details and focus on smaller things which make the difference. We'll see what happens. First, it was driver's door. That's AK's filter and wash. After that i just used oil paints. Some brown colours mixed with white or black, then some white streaks and speckles. I did the same with side engine cover. To make it moore sooty I used more Black. Then, the upper cover. Lors of white speckles here. Then I moved to the back. Done the wash, because I have different plans for it. Also started painting the wood. That's Old Wood from AK with something like ten thousand different oil washes Then I moved to passenger's door. I wanted it to be different so I dedided to make the white dominate in this area. After that I did the front... ...and the fenders. Don't forget about the roof... Lotsa speckles here... The back... ugh... I wanted to paint it enamel black on a hairspray coat... That didn't go well at all... Lucky that it won't be visible too much. Put it together... Looks good. That is it for now. The cabin is pretty much done. It's just few finishing touches. Now the focus will go to back and furniture. Stay tuned. Thanks. Dawid.
  6. Hiya Looks like paint job is done. First, a layer of red primer paint. That was followed by rather handsome portion of hairspray. Afther that, I put Panzer Gray which was chipped. A lot. I want to have lots of layers. Next layer was a Dark Yellow. Of, course, I put hairspray before that. Next: some more chipping. Looks good for me. The final layer: white. I want to make impression, that truck was painted white after the war. Due to lots of use it nearly wore off. That's how it looks now. Hope you like it... Thanks for watching. Dawid
  7. Yes. AK's fuel stains and Mig's Fresg Engine Oil. They were speckled on or put directly on the pigments, so there;s that sooty texture,
  8. Ok, looks like I have some final shape of the project. Look for yourself. The cabin is closed and windows were masked with a tape. The fitting is not bab, but it's not Tamiya, so I recommend staying focused. Also I glued the balsa floor. Finally, the load. That's some furniture. They come from MiniArt's Furniture Set Still need some side fencing. I'm gonna put the truck on this cobblestone street. Finally have the final shape. And the primer's on. I really like that. Hope that you do too. Time for paint. Thanks for watching.
  9. Back with some more progress... I decided to weather the parts surrounding the engine. Why I did that? Someone might ask. The answer is simple. Training purposes. If I screw up something, I'd rather have it here, where it will not be visible than on some other, more 'open' project. So - it's just training. Never ignore an oportunity to train. I also continued work on interior with some pigments and drybrushing. I like the effect, I'll try some more of that in future. And that's the engine. Painted and weathered. Tested fiting. It's not bad. Everything goes well up to this point. As I've mentioned in the 'introduction', wood will be main poin of focus. That's balsa wood cut to replicate the floor on a back of the truck. And that's the back of the truck itself with some filler filling the gaps. Put some primer underneath. That's it for now. The work will intensify now, so stay tuned... Thanks for watching. Dawid
  10. Thanks boys. It was my first plane built after 15 years. I like it. We'll see how will other planes go
  11. Hi folks. Here's a little progress on a subject: The engine consists of 21 parts I think. Real pain in butt. Especially when it is not going to be visible. I got tempted to maybe open it, so it will be seeable. Still thinking about it. It really takes some patience to build it, so if you wanna build the truck closed, you may skip most of the build, leaving just main parts visible from underneath. And that's where it will seat. And some more details. The frame. Well, most of it. So far, the build is pretty much flawless. Tested the fitting. And putting the primer on. Tamiya's primer. Also, some more scratches inside of the truck... I want to make an impression of an old truck. That is it for now. Soon more progress... Thanks for watching. Dawid
  12. Hiya. My Ki-46 is finished. Had a lot of fun with the plane. It is first presented on this forum. Enjoy. Thanks for watching. Dawid
  13. Hi all. With my Grizzly finished I decided to move to next project. This time I wanted to change something in my way of building models. Up to this point my modelling was pretty straight forward. Bulding, painting, filters, washes, oils, chippings, streakings, pigments. In the end I had a nice looking model, but it is not what I desire. I wanna do a little bit of storytelling with my work. I wanna build a vehicle (scaled) that has been somewhere. I also want to be more aware of what I'm doing and how that affects the whole project. That said, I wanna break down my weathering to smaller sections rather than do it on a whole model. That way I'll see the difference and possibly understand the WHY of using some method. Also, with every new model I want to try something new or do something old differently. The main topic of this project will be: WOOD. Painting and weathering wooden structures. To do this, I chose ICM's Opel Blitz type 2,5-32. Here's some pictures. The boxart. First of all, I'm not gonna use shelter as my Opel will be a little bit post-war. That's what's inside the box. Not too many parts and rubber tyres. There will be some additions. Let's get to work. The plastic is rather soft, so work goes nicely. There are a lot of small or thin parts though, so pay extra attention to cutting it. Chassis is quite detailed. I also started with interior. I broke down building stage to four stages and I do the separatly: engine, chassis, shelter's floor and cabin. Engine is quite hard to build as it consists of 21 parts. Interior is the first thing that's gonna see paint. First: the primer. Door with details. Pretty neat. Floor. Interior is quite simple. The seat needed to be roughened up a bit in my opinion, so I did some folded tarps. That's paper towels soaked in PVA glue and water mixture. First layer of paint: steel. After that I put some chipping fluid on which was followed by some dark grey colour. Next stage was chipping with a brush dipped in water. The same happened with the door. OK, that will be it for now. Thanks for watching. Dawid
  14. On behalf of polish people: Thank You Great work on Rosomak, weathering very subtle but powerful. Top notch,
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