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  1. Thanks for the link, i found the exact thing im looking for, apparently it's called the "groupe de demarrage MEA CF 6"
  2. Hi fellow modellers, As the title states, i cannot find the designation for the ground power unit used for the mirage iii. I'd like to model it in cad so that I can 3d print it, but extensive internet searches have yielded no results. Please help.
  3. Hello gents, Could the mirage iii e carry a pair of matra/sneb rocket pods on each inboard wing station, for a total of 4 pods?
  4. Did the book happen to have any photographic references? I'd kill for a good picture showing all identifying markings
  5. Oh my, that's a lot of data, thank you. Are there major external differences between the iii and x? I believe they had different variants of the same herc engine.
  6. Where are you pulling this data from ? I don't suppose you could help me out with some serial numbers and other identifying features , I want to do any wellie biii that served in India. Any idea what's nestled in the starboard section of the bomb bay?
  7. Perfect!!! Jessore , India, just what I was looking for. Thank you good sir.
  8. Hi Gents, I'm looking for any Information regarding squadrons, numbers, etc of wellingtons that operated in the CBI. It was only recently that I stumbled across a picture of a burnt out wellington based somewhere in North east india. I was unaware that any even came to this part of the world.
  9. Martels are sea eagles but without the intakes for the turbojet? What kind of pylons would I need for martels?
  10. Thought as much, pity though, she would have looked good with those sea eagles
  11. Hello gents, I'm building the new airfix buccaneer S2C in 1/72 and I really wanted to mount a pair of sea eagles I stole from a Hasegawa sea harrier kir. However it dawned on me that the only photos I've seen of buccs and sea eagles were all from the RAF.
  12. Hmm, not sure what I did wrong with the pictures
  13. Long time lurker here ( at least 7 years, if not more). This is my first post ever here. I tend to start many but finish very few. If I successfully finish this kit, it will be the first in 6 years. So, on with it then... I have only recently discovered my infatuation with the Bucc. One would be hard pressed to call her pretty, yet there is something irresistibly attractive about her in spite of her almost water buffalo like appearance. The parts that attract me the most are those two magnificent, well rounded intakes and that curvaceous coke bottle derriere. I am so smitten that I feel the need to buy at least 6 more kits to cover all the variants I want to do. I am building this kit completely OOB. in order to expedite the build. The kit itself almost falls together , however I did use a smattering of putty, but that is mostly due to my own carelessness rather than any defect on the kit's part. Paint was Mr. Color EDSG all over, silver paint was vallejo metal. I painted the inside of the intakes EDSG instead of white, as I had seen photos of intakes in what looked like EDSG, brown as well as white. I managed to mess up the silver paint on the lips of the intake. This was an area I took extra care to mask prior to painting the EDSG, to ensure those gorgeous lips were neat and shiny, yet the liquid mask I used failed and allowed the EDSG to adhere quite firmly to the silver paint. Decals were a joy to work with, A little bit of Mr. Setter and Mr. Softer melted them into the panel lines. I used MIG Ammo light grey on the landing gear and blue on the inert bombs but they didn't seem to want to dry completely, this in spite of following the manufacturers advice and spraying several thin coats with a substantial interval. I am a bit confused as to what colour to paint the inside of the speed brakes, the instructions say EDSG, but I have seen some photos where it is a shade of grey. I stole a pair of sea eagles from the hasegawa sea harrier kit, however I's a bit confused as to what kind of pylons they are mounted on. The pylons that came with the hasegawa kit look nothing like what ive seen mounted on buccs. A quick search on the internet yields a few pictures that show two distinct styles on pylons used to mount sea eagles. I'm uncertain about which type to use. I would appreciate input from the Bucc experts here. Once the model is done I hope to make a portion of the deck of the Hermes for me to display my soon to be fleet of Buccs, harriers and RN Phantoms.
  14. By Beelzebub's beard, what did I just see??!!!! Bloddy hell!!!! That was a pure joy to behold. Beautiful, beautiful work.
  15. Wow, you ve got a whole lot of goodies lined up there, this should be interesting.
  16. Thanks Tom, I like it quite a lot too, beautiful aircraft, best design to come out of Britain.
  17. ooh, very nice, I love hunters, most elegant airplane ever made. Ive been searhing for PJ productions mod but I cant seem to find them. Where did you get yours?
  18. Wow, that's amazing, what parts did you scratchbuilt?
  19. Thanks guys. The stand cost less than .25gbp, an old wooden coaster and a toothpick
  20. Yes, finding decals can be a major pain. The hindi writing that you want does come in a few after market decal sheets, the harrier decal sheet by model alliance has 2 sets, it may just fit your il76. I think model alliance makes decals for several indian aircraft, including hunters, harriers, sea hawks and canberras. I believe begemot also has several sheets for Indian examples. Neil, The bases are basically a4 colour prints, they were a present to me from a fellow modeller. I suspect hannants may have them in stock, if not, you could always download a high resolution image off the internet and print
  21. Ooh, very nice. Would that be the sword kit? If yes, I have the exact same thing waiting to be built. Did you have any issues with that kit?Also, can you post some inprogress photos if you have any.
  22. Thank you fatalbert, all are in 72nd. The vamps are airfix kits, fantastic little buggers, got 2 more underway.
  23. Hello gents, Here are a few of my builds that are in progress. Im trying to get them ready for the 26th of January-Republic Day .Please excuse the rather sorry photos, I only have my cellphone camera to take photos with. The mig21 f13 is supposed to have the canopy posed open, but I keep breaking it off.
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