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  1. Simply stunning. This is one of my favorite helicopters since kid and you have made a beautiful model.
  2. I have this kit in my stash, I look forward to build it after seeing your great work, congratulations.
  3. Love this. Beautiful build of a mean looking jet.
  4. Stunning work and atention to detail. Great pictures, too.
  5. Great build and painting and that dolly is just as impressive.
  6. Amazing. Congratulations on a very realistic build!
  7. I really like the painting and finish you achieved. Thanks for posting the paints you used.
  8. Awesome Typhoon! Great build and paintwork. I really like the finish in the metallic parts.
  9. Thank you! It has been a great incentive all the the kind words from the fellow modelers here.
  10. Thanks. It was fun to try out some new things, for me obviously.
  11. Thanks, I really like the Ventura even if it isn't the most glamorous bird around!
  12. Hi, I just used some of those new Oilbrushers. Random dots of Dust, Dark Brown, Rust, Dark Blue,White and Black and I tried to blend all in. Then some pigments Airfield Dust and Dark Earth. It was my first time dealing with oils and pigments, but it was fun trying it out.
  13. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful build and nice history bit right there.
  14. Hi everyone! This is my attempt at Revell's 1/48 PV-1 Ventura. Lots of mistakes, but I hope to have learned a bit more. Nonetheless I had a great time building it. Here are some pictures and thanks for looking! P1030640 by iBranco PT P1030626 by iBranco PT P1030627 by iBranco PT P1030638 by iBranco PT P1030640 by iBranco PT P1030641 by iBranco PT P1030643 by iBranco PT P1030647 by iBranco PT iuri
  15. Hi everyone! First of all, let me apologize for taking so long, but, the family grew and time started to vanish quite rapidly! I did manage to finish the Mosquito and I think I learned a bit with all the errors and difficulties. This was my first attempt at camouflage and in building a WWII airplane. I think I'm hooked to these! So I leave with the pics and once more I'm sorry for taking this long. Coming next... A peek at the Pacific Thank you, all!
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