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  1. Simply stunning. This is one of my favorite helicopters since kid and you have made a beautiful model.
  2. I have this kit in my stash, I look forward to build it after seeing your great work, congratulations.
  3. Love this. Beautiful build of a mean looking jet.
  4. Stunning work and atention to detail. Great pictures, too.
  5. Great build and painting and that dolly is just as impressive.
  6. Amazing. Congratulations on a very realistic build!
  7. I really like the painting and finish you achieved. Thanks for posting the paints you used.
  8. Awesome Typhoon! Great build and paintwork. I really like the finish in the metallic parts.
  9. Thank you! It has been a great incentive all the the kind words from the fellow modelers here.
  10. Thanks. It was fun to try out some new things, for me obviously.
  11. Thanks, I really like the Ventura even if it isn't the most glamorous bird around!
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