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  1. Wow, I am absolutely blown away, what a stunning diorama! The attention to detail is incredible, thanks for posting pictures of this!
  2. Hi Graeme, Thanks, so it's Medium Sea Grey instead of Dark Camouflage Grey? I'm guessing that means the nose is still Dark Sea Grey...? Also trying to figure out what the band between the nose/body is supposed to be. Only been doing this a couple of years and my ability to match paint colours to photographs isn't great (read: pathetic!) Just need to know what on the paint scheme I need to cross out/amend so I have it spelled out for me, rather embarrassingly haha. Liv
  3. Hiya Thomas, Thanks for taking a look for me! I figured it would be easier to take some pictures of the bits confusing me, again it's probably just me being dim but it's worth getting this explained to me So my main confusion here is, looking at the top of the aircraft it says the nose should be Dark Sea Grey, and Dark Camouflage Grey just behind it. Cool, no problems. Except on the RSV (and LSV actually) it says to paint the nose Dark Camouflage Grey, but also to paint the side of the aircraft Dark Camouflage Grey as well, as you can see in the third picture there. This is reproduced on
  4. Hi gang, Not sure if anyone else is working on this kit, but I'm having trouble interpreting the paint scheme supplied with the build instructions -- seems like it's telling me to paint the same area of the aircraft two different colours, and also to paint the nose of the aircraft different colours (depending on the angle of viewing). If nobody else has this kit to reference what I'm talking about then let me know and I can upload a scan of the instructions...I may just be being dim but I've asked a few friends and they're all pretty stumped too. For those of you who do have the instruction
  5. Eurofighters are in my top five favourite aircraft, lovely job on this one, looks great!
  6. Good lord I'm definitely subscribing to this, I wish I had your stamina!
  7. Looks fantastic, just came across this and what a great effort, wow. Wish I'd found it earlier! I'll keep an eye out for more builds from you! Liv
  8. Flawless, breathtaking paintwork and that camo really is something. Great job, I'm definitely going to keep an eye out, can't wait to see more of your builds!
  9. Those hangar shots look like the real thing! Amazing job, really superb.
  10. Wow, absolutely incredible weathering job, well done! I'm in awe!
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