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  1. You have done a brilliant job on your Transall! As others have said, your weathering is fantastic. A fitting tribute to an old workhorse! Cheers Shaun
  2. Lovely build(s) there Ray...Your work on a tricky build (not to mention your scratch building) is awesome. Want to build mine for me??? Cheers mate Shaun
  3. A beautiful job Daryl! Cheers Shaun
  4. Thanks Nick I'll paint the nozzles and look for some numbers... Thanks again everyone for your comments
  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I have just noticed a couple if bits I need to fix up. Funny what you can see in a photo but not notice in real life! Hi Gazza Thanks for your advice...great suggestion.
  6. Hi all Latest completion- Harrier GR3 Another Kinetic OOB build- all good fun. Excuse the photography please. I haven't quite mastered the art of getting the main wheels and outriggers to touch the ground together- I've got plenty more Harriers in the stash to get it right!! Cheers Shaun Shaun
  7. That's not a problem...all you need is more decals and another kit...easy!!
  8. You link is to to #48067 not #48047...
  9. That has turned out beautifully! I wish someone would do a 1/48 kit... Cheers Shaun
  10. Harald at Hahen has confirmed that sheet #48047 has the decals necessary to make a Norm 83 scheme. Cheers Shaun
  11. Sorry...finger trouble. Norm 83 it is...
  12. Hi all I'm contemplating building a 1/48 German Tornado IDS in the Norm 93 scheme and having no joy finding decals for it. I'd really appreciate some advice on where I may be able to get such a set if one exists please. Thanks very much team. Cheers Shaun
  13. Another brilliant job Calum…a beautiful Skyhawk indeed! Cheers Shaun
  14. Brilliant restoration Tony...it has come up a treat..."per aqua ad astra"? Cheers Shaun
  15. You have done a beautiful job on your Huey!! Cheers Shaun
  16. A beautiful build of a magnificent aeroplane Bruce! Cheers mate Shaun
  17. Thanks Tempestfan As far as I understand, the MIG 21s were never officially operated by the Bundeswehr. Have I got that correct please?
  18. Thanks everyone for your advice (DEFA) and inspiration (completed models). I have one on the way and have also bought a resin cockpit upgrade which I have read is very good. Cheers to all Shaun
  19. Hi Diego That is fantastic- thank you! I have just ordered a set- thank you again. Cheers Shaun
  20. Thank you very much Modelldoc...that is excellent information. Regards Shaun
  21. Hi all I have developed an interest in building 1/48 scale versions of East German AF aircraft operated by the West German AF after unification and am chasing decals for a number of aircraft. The only aircraft that I know of being operated were MIG 21s and 23s and MIG 29s so would be happy to hear of any others. To date I have decals for a MIG 21 and MIG 29 (A and UB). I know that Italeri produce a 1/48 MIG 23 with West German decals but I would prefer to build a "big nosed" MIG 23 (MF/ML?), so I'd love to hear from anyone who knows of any such decals please.
  22. Outstanding work folks!! I can see the R nose in your link Mike. Thank you both for taking the time to help me out! Cheers Shaun
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