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  1. Thanks for your comments guys.The nose art is really great.This time Hobbyboss did a good job with the decal sheet.
  2. Hey guys, Another finished model.Started as a group build subject some 4 years ago,turned into comission build. F-105D Thud "Pussy Galore" 1/48 scale from Hobbyboss.Added cockpit PE set from Eduard,painted with Gunze acrylics and used AMMO washes and pigments.Sorry for the pics low quality but the model is a beast and its hard to take food pics with the smartphone. Cheers, Bruno
  3. I'm comparing quantity of plastic and amount of extras in the box against price asked.Why ia it not a fair comparison? Because the base kit from Revell is cheap? What about if we compare it to any Eduard Profipack kit of a WWII era fighter,or even one of their WWI biplanes? Both examples under 30 euros against the 40 euros plus shipping for the A2N3 kit. Product is to my liking of course.But a price higher than the Tamiya molds like the Ki-61 or the Spit Mk.1,its not to my liking at all.
  4. Thanks for the pic Mathy! I see that set 48478 has parts for the IP and even a small print sheet. But the complete set is not coloured. But better than having none of course. Yes, but those sets were not coloured which is a pity.
  5. Strange that Eduard never released it themslves,at least it doesn´t show up in their site. You got lucky congrats again on a great build!
  6. Great work! Amazing model! Did you use any PE in the cockpit? Apart from the Aires Aces II seat? I´ve been lloking for ages for a cockpit detail ser for the F-2, but Eduard never released one,only for the exterior. Beaver Corp and Platz released a cockpit set mas it´s sold out everywhere.
  7. Gunze has a dedicated set for JASDF Sea Camouflage, with the most accurate tones.
  8. Jeffrey, I get that, I really do. But they have to take into account the market prices. I´m not saying they shouldn´t put such a price tag on their kits, so they can cover production costs and profit. What I´m saying, and that´s why I compared it to Eduard releases, is that they could at least offer something more in the box that could make it more attractive for modellers to look beyond the high price tag. It´s an interesting release? No doubt. But is it worth 40 euros plus shipping (in my case total goes to almost 50 euros)? I don´t think so. An example: I bought the new Eduard Desert Babe Tornado edition for 43 euros (37,50 without shipping) and thats a whole lot more plastic, masks, resin and PE set in the box. That said, I can´t convince myself to pay 40 something euros for a kit with no extras in the box. And usually these small companies, struggle to have a wide distribution. I know for a fact for example that most of the portuguese model shops haven´t ordered any of the Wingsy Kits models, due to the projected final price tag they would have to charge customers. Only one online shop ordered the latest Sonia release and they are asking 50 euros plus shipping.
  9. 40 euros plus shipping for a small biplane kit, no PE, resin parts or masks? If compared with an Eduard Profipack release of a WWI biplane (between 11 and 15 euros) or even their last limited edition of the Hanriot HD.I (17 euros) that come with extras goodies, a price like this is a ripoff. I struggle to understand the reasoning behind these new companies and their price tags. Even considering the fact that they are releasing never before kitted subjects, I don´t get how they get to a price tag of 40 euros for a kit that has less than 60 parts and offers no extras whatsoever. Wingsy Kits and Clearprop are going the same way. Interesting subjects but high price tags and low availability. I´m not a marketing expert and I now they have to pay for new molds but still, I don´t think this is the way to go. It´s not like these brands are like Tamiya, that can stick whatever price tag they want to their kits and people will buy. Anyway, I hope they have success. I really like the subject, bur for this price tag, I´ll pass.
  10. Hey Harold.Thank you! I used splatter templates from Uschi van der Rosten. But there are other brands selling the same kind of pattern templates but easier to use,made of softer material.Uschi's templates are made of photo etched material,and hard to use on more curves surfaces.The engine covers for example,I had to paint the pattern almost inch by inch.
  11. Hi everyone, This is my latest finished model. A comission build and most likely the most complex build I have done so far. Used ZM cockpit photo etched set, Plus Model wire and wood decals from Uschi for the interior of the outer fuselage pieces. X-4 missiles were stolen from a Hobbyboss Me262 kit, as requested by the client. Gunze and Modelmaster (for base RLM 77) paints, and several washes and oils. Hope you like it!
  12. I will be building the CR yes, with desert camo and shark mouth. Sorry for the confusion with topic title. I´m not trusting KH´s instructions trust me! ehehe They say that Mr. Color C311 is Camouflage Grey when in fact C311 is a lighter grey like I mentioned, they can´t be trusted! And the built kit they have on their webpage, is painted with a greyish blue. To further thicken the plot, the Special Hobby kit´s instructions indicates a mix between Silver and White (about 90/10% ratio). The pics I´ve seen from the real plane, it seems KH got it right when they indicate Camouflage Grey, but the Gunze reference is wrong. And so far, the only brand I can find that has a Camouflage Grey is MR. Paint and the shade seems to be close to the color on the real plane pics. As for the Sand and Brown shades, I´ve figured them out, it will be Yellow FS33531 and Brown FS30219. Thanks for the links exdraken. I took a look at it but the Arabia Type A1 is used in Jaguar´s, right?
  13. Wow great! Another Fw-190 kit.... They should release a new Bf109 family...we are lacking those...
  14. Hi guys, I´m about to start building the Kitty Hawk Mirage F.1CT kit, with the desert camo and I´m a bit confused about the colors, since the instructions indicate mixing is needed to get the right tones of Sand and Brown, Also, for the underside which seems to be a dark grey, the instructions indicate Gunze enamel C311 Camouflage Grey,but C311 (or H311 if acrylic) is Grey FS36622 that is more of a light grey. And to add to the confusion, all of the builds I´ve seen online either from the Kitty Hawk webpage or the Special Hobby kit, the underside color varies from a dark grey to a kind of greyish blue. Can someone shed some light on the correct colors? Thanks, Bruno
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