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  1. Would be way worst if in 1/48. When building the ZM 1/48 Horten, I had to be extremely careful when cutting from sprues and cleaning all the engine and wings tanks pipework.Should be thick enough in 1/32.
  2. Yes,it seems GWH kit is way ahead.pics of the engine just gost posted,unbelievable detail! I hope it doesn't have the same parts breakdown as the Hasegawa one,with that nasty join mid fuselage.
  3. Yes,but considering the time it passes between they announcing a kit and actually releasing it, that P-40 wont see the light of day probably before 2027 or 2028. Like the Fw190,which I think they have shown a very early 3D mockup of just the fuselage and the first boxart of an A-4 some 4 years ago at the US IPMS Nationals. And first news of that release was 7 years ago! And they have done that with other releases. Surprisingly,they haven't taken the same heat and criticism AMK took for taking so long to release the Tomcat.
  4. I get your point but,AFAIK Dragon's 1/32 109s are state of the art kits and probably the best 1/32 109 kits around. Amazing detail and great fit.And when they were available,they cost a third of what a ZM 1/32 109 will cost,if prices are the similar to their previous 1/32 kits. You can always say that ZM 1/32 kits have a full interior etc etc,but all of that will be hidden in the end,unless you build it without the exterior. I also get ZM's choice,considering sales numbers. But there so many other aircraft they could have made new 1/32 kits of. The 190 yes,its appreciated,but not the 109. Mayb
  5. Yay...a never before tooled 1/32 109 and 190! Thank God a kit manufacturer noticed these forgotten aircraft...
  6. Eduard releases have become boring. Spits,Messys,190s,Mustang,Migs. Reshuffle and deal again. On top of that,limited editions have become like Profipack editions with a different top box and some extra decal schemes. Only interesting releases are limited editions of other brands reboxed kits, and even those lost quantity of goodies in the box but high prices are still the same.
  7. I didn't post the pics directly because I didn't want to brake any rules since they are not mine.Not sure if I could or not,sorry. But again,I'm not saying in ANY way that the missiles or the missile fins are flawed. Or say that the fit won't be perfect. I just pointed put that they could have made it as a single piece,like other manufacturers do. Specially when a big reason used by a lot of people use to justify the Tamiya kits high prices,is precisely the fact that they fit almost perfectly and are a breeze to assemble so,it would make sense that they would do it. And for me and maybe
  8. You can see the pics here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/305679949820?view=permalink&id=10158725968004821 I'm not saying the missiles are flawed in any way.The kit looks stunning and no doubt will be the best 1/48 Phantom available. I just don't get why they didn't went the extra mile and didn't tool single piece missiles,like other manufacturers already do. Tamiya is known for making state of the art kits with state of the art engineering and fit quality. But to still make missiles with separate fins and even cut in half.Maybe I'm being too picky but, maskes no sense to me. An
  9. Well,for me the biggest disappointment is the way that weapons are molded.I can't believe how Tamiya still chooses to do the missiles with separate fins. And some are even cut in half! I don't get why they can use slide mold tech like GWH and AMK use to make missiles a single piece. And they can afford it for sure,it's Tamiya,not a small company!
  10. Yes I know, re-tool might not have been the appropriate word. What I meant is, if they did a new Emily kit, more detailed and engraved lines, then they can do the same for the P-3 Orion or the Neptune.
  11. The Emily also had raised panel lines and they retooled it.
  12. How I wish they would re-tool their P-3 Orion!
  13. What is funny is that they chose to do a single piece fuselage precisely for the model that has a panel line running where the seam line is! LMAO
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