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  1. Indeed. I told him that. The night fighter would always have the FuG or the Lichtenstein radar. And even if it had the radar,it would need second man to operate it,and that would only be possible in the two seater.
  2. Thanks! Funny you mentioned that,I also had the same question but,the client is a big fan of Luftwaffe night fighter aircraft and wanted me to paint it as one,even after I told him that if the Ho-229 ever had a night fighter version,it would be the projected two seater variant and not the single seater. But he insisted,and he also insisted I used smaller and different crosses,supposedly more in line with night fighter aircraft crosses,according to him. And as the saying goes, "the client is always right". Had it been my choice,I would have painted it with the box scheme,for a day fighter. That speckled egg camo was a pain to paint,specially the RLM 77 base color,another demand from the client,a color that only ModelMaster has as a specific reference and a paint that was very hard to airbrush properly.
  3. Thanks! It is yes. The fuselage pieces are actually made of a foggy clear plastic in case you want the interior to be visible.
  4. Hi, I left the pieces unglued because it was a comission build and the client wanted it that way,so he could see the interior whenever he wants. The fit of the kit is very precise and tight,and even the paint layers can cause trouble when its time to assemble the whole interior after painting. And that part of the build can be nerve wrecking,as the all the internal sections are very fragile so,its important that there's no need to force nothing into place. If the whole structure is even a milimeter off,it will affect the fit of the fuselage pieces. As for the fuselage pieces,the seams will indeed be visible,not a big gap,but noticeable. Between upper and lower wing pieces and also between the nose and the main structure,although not as much as the wings. The engine covers fit nicely into place. The main thing is getting a precise ssembly of the whole interior. Almost forgot,care is needed when gluing and sanding the engine nozzle pieces. The pieces are very thin and hard to stay glued,something that caused trouble when filling and sanding the seams,they broke off at least three times. I would recommend getting one piece resin replacement for the nozzles,I think I saw those for sale somewhere. And the whole engine,once complete,is not easy to glue in place,due to the small attachment points. If one day I have to build the ZM Horten,I would rather build the 1/32,since its a sturdier build. If you need any more help,let me know. Cheers, Bruno
  5. Pity that in most countries price will be above that,and then there's shipping to add.That will probably put the final price over 55€. I hope it will be less when it arrives to EU shops. I'm really looking forward to this kit.
  6. I wonder if they picked up where Tanmodel,which apparently is MIA,has stopped.
  7. Well,next month you'll have their limited edition of the 1/72 B-25. But that one will probably be yet another overpriced limited edition without any real added value content. Even the decal schemes they chose aren't that attractive.
  8. Another overpriced "Limited Edition" of a B-25, that is nothing more than a Profipack like edition,with just the resin wheels and a couple more decal schemes. Long gone are the days when Eduard Limited Editions actually had added value content.
  9. Well,I get your point but,even with their track record,I'm sure that their eventually bad Cutlass,would still be better than the Hobbycraft kit. And a new tool would make new aftermarket parts appear too. And considering that right now you can't even find the Hobbycraft kit at a reasonable price,I'd rather have a new mold,even with errors. Same goes for their announced Su-25 Frogfoot.
  10. There goes the chance for the new Cutlass they had announced ages ago...
  11. Would be way worst if in 1/48. When building the ZM 1/48 Horten, I had to be extremely careful when cutting from sprues and cleaning all the engine and wings tanks pipework.Should be thick enough in 1/32.
  12. Yes,it seems GWH kit is way ahead.pics of the engine just gost posted,unbelievable detail! I hope it doesn't have the same parts breakdown as the Hasegawa one,with that nasty join mid fuselage.
  13. Yes,but considering the time it passes between they announcing a kit and actually releasing it, that P-40 wont see the light of day probably before 2027 or 2028. Like the Fw190,which I think they have shown a very early 3D mockup of just the fuselage and the first boxart of an A-4 some 4 years ago at the US IPMS Nationals. And first news of that release was 7 years ago! And they have done that with other releases. Surprisingly,they haven't taken the same heat and criticism AMK took for taking so long to release the Tomcat.
  14. I get your point but,AFAIK Dragon's 1/32 109s are state of the art kits and probably the best 1/32 109 kits around. Amazing detail and great fit.And when they were available,they cost a third of what a ZM 1/32 109 will cost,if prices are the similar to their previous 1/32 kits. You can always say that ZM 1/32 kits have a full interior etc etc,but all of that will be hidden in the end,unless you build it without the exterior. I also get ZM's choice,considering sales numbers. But there so many other aircraft they could have made new 1/32 kits of. The 190 yes,its appreciated,but not the 109. Maybe a great P-40,Hellcat or any other WWII USN or japanese aircraft apart from the Zero. And any of the ones I mentioned would sell a bunch,like their Ki-45 ou HS-129 sell.
  15. Yay...a never before tooled 1/32 109 and 190! Thank God a kit manufacturer noticed these forgotten aircraft...
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