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  1. I will be building the CR yes, with desert camo and shark mouth. Sorry for the confusion with topic title. I´m not trusting KH´s instructions trust me! ehehe They say that Mr. Color C311 is Camouflage Grey when in fact C311 is a lighter grey like I mentioned, they can´t be trusted! And the built kit they have on their webpage, is painted with a greyish blue. To further thicken the plot, the Special Hobby kit´s instructions indicates a mix between Silver and White (about 90/10% ratio). The pics I´ve seen from the real plane, it seems KH got it right when they indicate Camouflage Grey, but the Gunze reference is wrong. And so far, the only brand I can find that has a Camouflage Grey is MR. Paint and the shade seems to be close to the color on the real plane pics. As for the Sand and Brown shades, I´ve figured them out, it will be Yellow FS33531 and Brown FS30219. Thanks for the links exdraken. I took a look at it but the Arabia Type A1 is used in Jaguar´s, right?
  2. Wow great! Another Fw-190 kit.... They should release a new Bf109 family...we are lacking those...
  3. Hi guys, I´m about to start building the Kitty Hawk Mirage F.1CT kit, with the desert camo and I´m a bit confused about the colors, since the instructions indicate mixing is needed to get the right tones of Sand and Brown, Also, for the underside which seems to be a dark grey, the instructions indicate Gunze enamel C311 Camouflage Grey,but C311 (or H311 if acrylic) is Grey FS36622 that is more of a light grey. And to add to the confusion, all of the builds I´ve seen online either from the Kitty Hawk webpage or the Special Hobby kit, the underside color varies from a dark grey to a kind of greyish blue. Can someone shed some light on the correct colors? Thanks, Bruno
  4. Hi everyone, Finally got the time to get the Vengeance underway.The cockpit from the conversion set is way better than the kit´s parts, but on the other hand, the fit is awful and needs lot of cleanup. The cockpit floor for example is not wide enough to fit between the two fuselage halves, and I needed to add evergreen plastic. And the AZ PE set is not suited to the conversion set so, more work needed. Did the best I can and it didn´t turn out too bad.Next some matt varnish and then will close the fuselage. Hope you guys like it. Cheers, Bruno
  5. Amazing amazing job Thant! I have the same project to build, same scheme. Did you find the kit easy to build? Bruno
  6. Thank you Laurent! "The question was indeed stupid" said he while flogging himself...
  7. Seeing the canopy bits, I´m wondering,is it possible to build the kit with canopy open? If the question is stupid I apologyze, but I really don´t know how the pilots board the plane!
  8. The three tone camo consists of Gunze colors H309 Green FS34079, H37 Wood Brown and H66 RLM 79 Sandy Brown, which is the one you are asking about. Cheers, Bruno Thanks you all for the kind comments guys! Appreciated!
  9. Hi everyone, Finished this persian cat today. Fujimi´s Tomcat in iranian colors, painted with Gunze paints and wheatered with AK Interactive and AMMO by Mig washes and pigments. Hope you like it. Cheers, Bruno
  10. I´ve pre-ordered mine here in Portugal for 60 euros.Excellent price compared to HB kit. Just hoping the being a KH kit, it´s not as flawed has the HB kit.
  11. Hi everyone, Finished this one yesterday. Eduard´s Yak-3, painted with Gunze paints and wheatered with AK Interactive and AMMO by Mig washes and pigments. Hope you like it. Cheers, Bruno
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