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  1. Having flown that exact Sea King on and off for several years and on several rescues (well, the exact one the model depicts!) It's absolutely wonderful to see such amazing attention to detail so painstakingly carried out. Whst a wonderful tribute to such a fine aircraft. I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of a good few who flew with the call sign of Rescue 193 when I offer sincere and heart felt thanks for this masterpiece.
  2. That looks fantastic. I've had a look for a 1/72 fuel bowser but can only find Ww2 or Russian ones unfortunately. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Right, we've finally got back to work and progressed a little. Leo's grandfather was kind enough to make a base for the Hawk out of a slab of mahogany. Some other relatives are slightly upset that Leo and I have spoilt this immaculate piece of wood with what we've done on top, but this is what Leo's idea was from the word go, so I'm on his side. We've cut out and glued a few pieces of wet and dry paper to the top and then spray painted them, before ink washing the cracks and adding some modelling grass to the corner. We've still got to add some maintainers, chocks and a drip tray but we're getting closer to the end product. If anybody has got any good ideas on how to scratch built 1/72 scale chocks, we're all ears! Here's some pictures of the progress, proving that Leo does some of his best work during those late weekend mornings in pyjamas, or in his Christmas jumper:
  4. Well, the model itself is finished - Leo's idea to add a pitot cover was fantastic, a friend recommended using a chocolate wrapper to keep it super thin and in scale. Leo painted it red and I put the stripes on, and we did all of the decals together. However, Leo wants to put it on a mini diorama base, and fortunately one of his grandfathers is a woodworker so a custom built base will be with us in a few days, ready to add some grass and paint some concrete on before possibly adding a figure or two. I've still got some old 1/72 WW2 Airfix RAF personnel in the loft which might do the job - they're soft plastic which isn't great, but as long as we paint them in modern, green coveralls and without headgear they'll hopefully look good. Anyhow, here's the model as it is:
  5. Hello Guys, Thanks for the steady stream of encouragement for Leo, it's always appreciated. It's also great to hear that this is sparking off some fond trips down memory lane for some people. I found a couple of photos from a week or two back of some work in progress (don't worry about the second photo - that's my hand, Leo doesn't have two right hands of which one is big and hairy) and also an update of where things were up to last night. There's still a few decals to go, perhaps another ink wash, and then the base. I'm just glad that we can report on some progress to justify the generosity of Beard, who donated the kit to Leo!
  6. Sincere apologies for not staying on top of this one, we've finally got back into progressing the Hawk and I've realised that the few photos I did take have disappeared! Anyhow, here's where we're up to at the moment. Even with the very simple paint scheme, we're finding it to be a more complicated model than the Hurricane (especially as Leo wanted it with its wheels down and cockpit open, as he has aspirations of making a display plaque) so I'm doing quite a bit more of the model this time around. Anyhow, here's where we are so far:
  7. Hello Chaps, I'm about yo start a Revell NH90 which I plan to paint in French navy colours. The instructions say the two tond camoflague is made up of matt light blue, and matt light blue mixed with white. This is a little vague, could anybody please star me towards the correct blue for an air brush pre mixed acrylic? Ideally vallejo bug not that fussy in my old age. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  8. It certainly Is! But I'm afraid it's a cop out! It's a Corgi die cast which I think might make me a bad person!
  9. Hello Chaps, I completely forgot to write this one up in the Work in Progress section, but here's my pretty much completed 1/72 Ka-27 Helix-A, a Russian Navy ASW helicopter which sits somewhere between a Wildcat and a Merlin in modern RN parlance. The kit is from Zvezda - it fitted together pretty well, but it's littered with inaccuracies and came with 4 useable decals. I'm not a big fan of a million tiny decals, but this is very much the other extreme. So all in all it was a pretty average kit in terms of recommendations, but would greatly benefit from another look at aerials and appendages, and especially those little hand rails on either side of the aircraft which are way, way off. Anyhow, here's Russia's entry for the Ugliest Aircraft of All Time:
  10. Dear Chaps and Honoured Members of Leo's fan club, Apologies for the delay in reporting, but the day job has recently hit me for 6 and Leo, my five year old son and the hero of this saga, is now back at school. However! The great news is that his enthusiasm for model making has not diminished since his first build of the 1/72 Hurricane and he has regularly been pestering me to get back to work. Progress has been very slow but steady with a few sessions scattered here and there over the past couple of weeks, and recently interrupted by the dreaded news that he has now discovered Warhammer war gaming. There goes my life savings. Seriously, £22.50 for a single 1/56 scale sci fi plastic soldier!?!?!? But I digress, here's a picture of him with the two kits which were kindly donated to him by one of Britmodeller's very own - Beard. Again, thank you so much! Below is the work so far. Leo has painted the cockpit, dry brushed the instrument panels and done an ink wash before then glueing the fuselage, wings and tailplane together. He's started the first coat of shiny red paint, which I'll get a photo of soon. As always, thanks for the truly HUGE amount of support Leo has had during his introduction to the hobby! The hobby which he regularly continues to tell me is his 'hobby for life' - his words!
  11. Thanks very much, everyone! It was a lot of fun to build together. Leo is now patiently (ish) waiting for his arrow red paint to arrive for his Hawk. In terms of the bits I did, during the build I ran a dry paintbrush over where Leo needed to apply glue so he could copy me but other than that, he clipped the parts off the sprues and filed them all down - except the really thin parts which I did. I painted some guide lines on for the camouflage, but he then painted the two coats on top of these leaving me to just do some neatening for him at the end. The only bits I painted alone were the canopy and the tail wheel. The smoke stains on the lower wings were done by blobbing a bit of dark ink and then scrapping a line straight backwards with a cotton bud, which again Leo did by himself after a quick demo. The decals were largely a two person job with us taking it in turns to either hold the decal paper or position the decal, but Leo did all of the micro-sol coats on top of the decals whilst I did the varnishing. So, after all that, I hope I got the balance right for helping him along without crowbarring my way in to hijack his project! He certainly seems very happy and is regularly ambushing visitors to the house to insist they come and inspect the Hurricane, so as long as he's happy then it's a job well done!
  12. Gorgeous job with such a distinctive yet overlooked aircraft. It looks fantastic. What's your technique for radio wires? The only time I tried was with cotton and superglue and after a couple of weeks the mast warped and the wiring sagged.
  13. Nearly forgot to post this picture! The whole point of the entire process!
  14. Hello All, This is the finished article that my son has been working on for the past week or so. It's his first ever model aircraft, having only painted a couple of wargaming archers before in 1/56. I tried to help him with bits he was too nervous to attempt, such as the canopy and the lines in between colours, but most of it is his own handiwork, following instructions and guidance from me on the sidelines. Thanks to everybody who has followed the progress and given him such a massive amount of support during the build! Here's the build thread:
  15. Finished! Here's the proud little fellow with his first completed project! I hadn't even finished taking the photos when I was hit with "Dad, can we start the Hawk now?" Ready for Inspection link:
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