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  1. I'm in. Have several to choose from, but only some odd armour has survived the 40+ years since they were built. So proof of original build will be provided
  2. Of course I have to support a GB like this. I have lots of kits that fits. Norwegian F-16s, Gladiators, P-36s, Swedish Drakens, Tunnan, S-tank in 1/35 and 1/72, Finnish Buffalo and even a Northrop N-3PB that operated from Iceland (in Norwegian service). So a lot to choose from. The easy thing would be to go for something from IKEA.... Will certainly vote for this one and hopefully have the strenght to actually start a build AND finish it. Count me in.
  3. Absolutely stunning!!! The weathering and the little stains of fuel and oil is perfectly spot on. It's like seeing a real RNoAF Falcon.
  4. Been a while since I put some text on these pages but I've followed the forum more or less steadily. And it's absolutely well spent money to do a little donation. Please keep this site running.
  5. The two tanks came out very fine. Congrats on a beautiful BlitzBuild.
  6. Thanks. And the can is luckily from CZ, not US And good luck getting some beer in the norwegian shops on a sunday...
  7. That's a fine way to finish up a, as I understand it, very bad kit. Looking forward to the finished result.
  8. Thank you. Beet root and liverpaste is actually much better than it sounds. And it's healty too, someone told me
  9. And then the pictures were in the gallery. This has been a GB with some interesting (and really Blitz) builds. Thank you all taking part in it. Here is the pic that didn't make it into the gallery and a pic of an inhabitant of the area I visited for the pics.
  10. Panzer Pz38T x2 Started @26. aug 2017 11:40CET In the gallery @27. aug 2017 14:46CET
  11. I think I call this done. Last paint camo on without problem. The Italeri German Panzer acrylic paint was used for 98 % of painting. Some Revell / Airfix (Humbrol) acrylic was used for some of the details. Now I need to find a nice place to do the Gallery shots.
  12. You're really going for it this weekend. Nice to see a good old truck being buildt.
  13. Agree with you on the breakfast. Oatsporridge is a good start, if you leave the bananas out (each to his own). I guess the macro function of the camera will be used, it was a very small kit..
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