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  1. RNoAF F-16A pre-MLU, 1980-1990. Fujimi kit, 1/72 scale. This kit is finished as Fujimi had planned it, using Vallejo and Italeri paints and mostly Humbrol brushes. Finished ofF with Humbrol Clear and Humbrol Satin Varnish. The colours are a bit darker than they probably should have been but they will stay like that. Finally a Norwegian F-16 on the shelf.
  2. Ok, so the F-16 is done and ready for the gallery. Vallejo and Italeri colours, Humbrol Clear before the decals were applied and Humbrol Satin varnish from spraycan to give it the final finish. 658 served both in Bodø and at Ørland during the pre-MLU years (-80 and -90s). To bad that the decals didn't include the squadron fin-flashesthat the RNoAF used during that period. One pic here, the rest in the gallery.
  3. Or June 7th to keep it in line with important days to be remembered in Norway .
  4. Thank you very much Vingtor. I should actually be a little ashamed because I happen to know at least one person that has painted small and large patches of the outer surface of the Norwegian F-16s. But I haven't got around to ask him of the colorcodes for the paint. But I am pretty sure you have good and correct knowledge of that subject. And I have been around and up close the F-16s enough to know that there are a lot of shades of grey (The light does it all, indoor / outdoor / sunny / overcast and so on).
  5. Yes I'm aware of that. The nose radomes seems to be of different colors, depending on age and usage I guess. By any chance do you have good color codes for the main airframe, radome and missiles? FS-code, Humbrol, Revell and so on ?? I would really appreciate that.
  6. On to the final lap of this GB. Decals on, they needed a good couple of minutes in the water to get loose, but were ok to work with. The kit is probably some years old (Scalemates say it's from 1985), that may be the explanation. I'm going for 4x -9 missiles, 2x Penguins and 2x Dollytanks. Matt varnish next and some pics for the gallery tomorrow.
  7. One week extra, ok, just rushed my F-16 build a little. Well, gives me the time to try and get some decent photos tomorrow
  8. And it's in the correct place Ammo drum for the gatling is just around there.
  9. I have done a bit more on the F-16. And it's been more building / painting than updating of the build thread. Cockpit went together ok, wings and fin are on. Several layers of grey have been tested, the instructions called for FS 36270 but I was not pleased with it. After trying several different greys I have now settled for Italeri FS 36300 (4762AP Flat light ghost grey). It looks ok to me. Grey come in, as we all know, several shades and will look very differently in different light conditions. So I'm not to fussy about getting the absolutely 110% correct code
  10. And if you are in a hurry, leave the bottle in the ultrasonic cleaner for a while and the mixture will be perfect
  11. As far as I know there are no reinforcment plates on the sides of the intake (station 5A and 5B). If this Flickr photostream is public you will have all the reference photos you need.
  12. Looks like my Ford S-Max........
  13. If I read you correct you seem to have an overflow of 1/72 Falcons in the stash? Well, I'm almost there myself, not an overflow but I have the Hasegawa Tiger Meet double with both A and B model so the seats and the interior could be put to good use there. I actually need to keep it easy as I may be running short of time. Most of march will be spent working or sleeping ( maybe put in some sleep at work??? ) Easter break may fix it!
  14. A little more progress. Stocked up with some shades of grey. I have decided to not use the extras, the seat and the stuff for the canopy interior. Going to use the included parts and decals. Put on some grey for interior and some more for the external loads. Hope to get some more done over the weekend, maybe getting the fuselage and the wings together.
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