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  1. Hi, this is not the buy & sell area. To use that you must have 100 real posts. In addition this is now the second thread you have started on the F-89 Thx
  2. Hi, I've just taken a punt on buying one of these kits as it was going relatively cheap! Has anyone built this kit and what advice would you give because there are only a few Youtube videos available and none of these appear to be very illuminating? Also. what aftermarket items are available?
  3. Mastercasters make a set of Auxiliary Intake Doors in 1/48 for the Airfix TSR-2. Does anyone have any information on how to assemble this set because no instruction were supplied with this set (MST48033). Also. does anyone have some detailed photos of these doors?
  4. What's happened to Mastercasters as their website has disappeared? Does anyone have an idea where I can get hold of a set of Mastercasters 1/48 TSR-2 Aux intakes???
  5. I've just had a bit of an revelation about the basis for the TSR-2 GSE Truck/tug etc because it occurred to me that one could use ether the Pinzgauer Vector or the Alvis Tactica vehicles as a basis for this GSE truck!! This concept surely needs to be looked at again because of the requirement of increased mobility!
  6. Hi Mastercasters make a set of resin engine intakes/ Auxiliary Intake Doors (MPN 48033) for the Airfix 1/48 TSR-2 and they have been sold directly from their website and also through Hannants! However, this set is currently out of stock and it's uncertain if and when they'll be available again! So, Does anyone know where I can get hold of a set?? Regards
  7. Hello, Does anyone have any information on the Bluewater Missile which was a proposed missile that would have come in 2 varieties:- a) Surface to surface Missile Air to surface missile The Surface to Surface version would have been launched from the back of a truck (possibly the good old Bedford RL), whilst the Air to Surface version would have been launched from the TSR-2. in ether case it was intended as a tactical strike that may have had a Nuclear or conventional warhead! Does anyone have photos or information on this project etc.??
  8. In these pictures of the nose gear one can see the black towbar spigots attached to the nose wheels, once attached to the wheel the towbar yoke fingers/prongs are passed over the spigots and locked/ clamped in place as can be seen in the above photos. how are these spigots attached to the wheel???
  9. Hot News!! You don't have to scratch build a set of ladders because Neil at Aircraft in Miniature (AIM) is in the process of releasing a PE set of ladders in 1/48! This set contains 2 ladders and 4 handles, which are glued in the raised or lowered positions. Neils says that these ladders should be available frim Hannants in the near future!! These ladders were shown in various u-tube TSR-2 videos in the same blue as the towbar after XR219 maiden flight and during various flight teats!!
  10. Hi all! Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated!! Did BAC get anywhere with making any prototypes of the stores and are there any photos of thing like external fuel tanks, bluewater missiles, Pylons in exsistance?? Also, as a newbie to this site I'm trying to feel my way around!! How do I attach a photo to a comment?? Regards Simon
  11. Hi John, How are the tow-bar spiggots attached to the nose wheels??? Are they screwed in or clipped to th nose wheel??? Also, there are some very intriguing ideas and concepts in the GSE and one wonders why they never caught on because they wound be useful on ops etc; of particular interest is the GSE Vehicle/ truck because with space at a premium, shlepping around the countryside with all that extra baggage in tow is a real pain!! One final and unrelated topic I'd like to find out about is about external stores, were any prototypes made i.e. fuel tanks, pylons, po
  12. Thanks for photos, they're of great interest!! Can't wait for towbar information!
  13. Does anyone know where I can lay my hands some information on the TSR-2 tow-bar e.g. photos etc, I need to find information on the yoke or head end of the piece of equipment because all the images are very blurred. So, does anyone have any photos of the yoke or head end of the this tow-bar? Also, does anyone have any information/ images of this tow-bar attached to the nose-gear of a TSR-2??? Another thing that I'd like to find photos of is detailed pictures of the crew boarding ladders because I'd like to find out some information as to why there appears to be several types used?? in some
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