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  1. "Gordon told me he has lost his modelling mojo recently - a sad state of affairs." How does that work. I'll have to look at Hannants web site for "MOJO" as I've never had any!!!!
  2. Just the way I like them.....dirty , dirty ................
  3. Sorry I couldn't make the meeting and I'm disappointed your Banana didn't get 1st place. Who won? Was it that pesky Tank Builder Gordon from Peterhead?
  4. Deleted - political diatribe removed.
  5. Thanks Dermot, Which part of Ireland are you from?
  6. Gorgeous! I'm working on exactly the same kit just now and I'm hoping it can even come close to your cracking build.
  7. Ha ha! Your quite right! Maybe he got them blown off in the prop wash!!
  8. Are you entering it in the September competition ? Its excellent and bound to win! Well done Nigel!
  9. They are excellent suggestions Jon. I'll have to try Tamiya Smoke. Indeed, I'de love to wean myself off enamels all together and try full time acrylics. Good luck with your future flying boat and keep me posted on how you get on. Kindest regards, Marags
  10. Dear Modelfreak, Thanks for your kind words. I mentioned how I did the sea in post 12 of this thread but it was essentially an experiment with modelling clay which I bought on Amazon. Thanks again, Marags
  11. Dear Jon, Thanks for the high praise! I also agree that it does look a bit dry. I'll splash a little satin or gloss varnish on it to simulate water. Thanks for the great suggestion, Kindest regards, Marags
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